What the World must not know:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Mitsubishi bankBlog No 96.

“Gregory Craig’s response to the facts presented was pretty straightforward.  He said, (and I quote with some paraphrase), “Of course the Mitsubishi  bank note deal was real and of course the US Government is corrupt.  It has always been this way and that’s just the way it is.  What do you want me to do Harmon, get them all fired”?    And then he laughed and said   “The best thing you can do for you and your children is to make peace with your government”.   Craig also supported the threat that came out of the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office under John Suthers authority,   “If you take this information to the US Justice Department they will ignore it and you will never see your children again.”  Extract from Lumina Diem Summary. Gregory Craig was acting as the Clintons’ personal attorney.

In a previous blog, https://khakispecs.com/?p=2118 I gave some detail of my friend and business partner, Harmon Wilfred’s life odyssey and of the eighteen or so years of conflict he has found himself involved in with authorities in the USA, Canada and now, New Zealand.

As explained in my previous blog, the Wilfreds have recently been forcibly separated on orders of the New Zealand government. Given the evidence, it is hard to reach any conclusion other than that this latest round of persecution is at the behest of the USA government – or of elements within it working to the Clinton camp’s instructions. Both Harmon and those several of his friends, who are familiar with his story and his situation, have reason to fear for the Wilfreds’ security, should Hillary Clinton become President of the USA.

Harmon therefore decided to do whatever he could to bring the information he possess about the Clintons’ corruption into the public domain. This took the form of an open letter to Donald Trump, which was followed up by attempted telephone conversations with Carl Paladino, Trump’s New York campaign manager. Receiving no acknowledgement from that quarter, the Wilfreds have subsequently written not only to all Republican Senators and Congressmen but also to multiple news outlets ranging from Fox News to Russia Today; from the Panama Papers’ ICIJ (International Coalition of Investigative Journalists) to Glen Greenwald; from Sibel Edmond’s National Security Whistle-blowers Association to the US ‘Government Accountability Project’ https://www.whistleblower.org/our-history-and-mission To date, the effort has met with no success. There has been no take-up of the story and only one polite acknowledgement from the editor of a far-left blog in which he made too many excuses, as to why he couldn’t touch the story, for any single one of them to be credible.

self-censorshipAt a time when it should be a matter of extraordinary public interest, Harmon is attempting to say something to the world about the conduct of the Clintons, when in office. Yet Harmon’s attempts have gained virtually no traction.

I can think of several possible explanations. The first is that the individuals, media and institutions approached, simply believed the story too fantastical to be believable. Secondly, they could be either owned or penetrated by US government agencies or individuals, which for whatever reason, support the Clintons (opposing Trump being one such reason!) The third is that they are terrified of the consequences of crossing those powerful interests in a matter that goes to the very heart of the existing structures of political power.

The fourth explanation is the reason for this blog. It is that those that did take the trouble to click the Lumina Diem www.luminadiem.com hyperlink, found the website far too complicated and eccentric to justify serious study. I had read it, or at least most of it, when I first met Harmon ten or more years ago. Since that time, I have drawn my evolving knowledge of his circumstances from our frequent meetings.

This week, ten years later, I reopened the website for a second time. It is clear to me that no one could lightly discard the evidence presented as having been either fantasised or falsified – it all rings too true. In addition, I know of several interested parties, who have done due diligence on a selection of the facts presented. All the claims tested in searches of SEC, US and Canadian court records, have been confirmed as correct. Furthermore, the extraordinary contortions the NZ government has put itself through and its current potential expenditure of political capital, can only serve to draw attention to the reality of a fire beneath the Lumina Diem smoke.

Nevertheless, working my way through the website in chronological sequence, I can fully understand why a reader, interested only in researching the story of the CIA, Bill Clinton and the Mitsubishi notes, could lose interest.

Lumina Diem is Harmon’s story of his twenty-five year battle against injustice, corruption and political malfeasance. It started as a conflict between Harmon and Colorado’s local and state governments’ ‘good old boy’ network of corrupt politicians. Subsequently, other players have been drawn into the melee to the point where the dramatis personae now include not only the Federal government in Washington, but also the governments of Canada and New Zealand.

The core of the Lumina Diem site is held in the top left menu of the home page. It consists of 34 ‘Case History Sections’ with an index and three introductory chapters. At the centre of the home page are a series of press releases covering the period 2004 – 2015, headed by the recent open letter to Donald Trump.

A detailed resume of the case is set out under “Background Summary,” the second item on the left hand, drop-down menu on the Lumina Diem homepage. Likewise, the fourth item, ‘Case History Outline’ rewards the reading.

The truth has not (yet) set Harmon free – on the contrary, it has locked him up. His struggle to tell the truth has to date cost him his family, his children, his homeland, his livelihood and his personal freedom.

The basic story is as follows:

  • Harmon is working as a property developer in Denver, with his first wife and their adopted son. In the stress of the USA’s 1987 property crisis, Harmon files for bankruptcy. Though he settles with his creditors and escapes bankruptcy, his wife divorces him and retains custody of their only child. Massive alimony is awarded against Harmon, despite his now being without any job or financial assets.
  • Harmon remarries and while still living in Denver, comes across evidence of a massive fraud being conducted by the government-owned, Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and providing pork for among others, senior figures in the federal government. His attempt to bring this fraud to public notice through the courts fails due to lack of funds.                                         https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resolution_Trust_Corporation
  • A couple of years later, Harmon moves his family to Colorado Springs to start work as an asset manager for the Colorado State Pension fund. In that position, he realises that his new employer is heavily involved in the RTC’s massive, nation-wide, fraud.
  • Harmon reports the  state pension fund’s involvement in the RTC racket to the Colorado District Attorney, John Suthers. Suthers sits on the information and does nothing – so Harmon takes his complaint to the FBI in Washington. The result is that Michael Witty, the pension fund administrator and Suthers’ close friend, is convicted with an 18 year prison term in 1998. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Suthers
  • In 1996, during the pension fund investigation, and quite apart from it, Harmon is recruited for a financial services contract with the CIA to help set up and negotiate, a $6 billion note drawn on the Mitsubishi Bank of Japan in the late 1960s by the government of Guatemala. Harmon is told the money will be used to develop Guatemalan infrastructure projects after the devastating hurricane in 1988. (It ultimately transpires that most of the proceeds are destined to bye-pass the Guatemalan treasury and be diverted to use in CIA black-ops and into private pockets – including that of the then President of the USA, Bill Clinton.)
    John Suthers
  • Harmon’s note is the first of ten more, much larger sums, to be authenticated and transacted. (Where might all this loose change come from? Go to Section 7 and read up Norbert Schlei and the Japanese M-Fund.) Harmon’s task is to blaze an under-the-radar trail, along which negotiation of the other notes could follow. Harmon’s company, Arcore International Funding, will receive a $20 million ‘thank you’ payment on successful completion of the contract, which he is to share with another CIA contractor, Michael Austin. Until payment comes through, Harmon is very hard up and has to borrow relatively minor sums of money on the security of the anticipated reward.
  • In the meantime, Harmon travels to Canada on Mitsubishi Note business and meets and falls in love with Canadian heiress, Carolyn Dare, whom he ultimately marries.
  • When Harmon discovers that his wife, as a recorded child abuser, has broken an agreement to maintain a nanny recommended by his attorney and social services for the safety of his children, he files for divorce and takes immediate custody of his two minor children on grounds of child abuse and her mental instability.
  • Suthers, anxious to avenge his jailed pension fund friend (and partner-in-crime?) and also to cauterise any further potential leaks into the corruption around his office, trumps up charges against Harmon for failure to show for a custody hearing in El Paso County (of which Harmon was not informed) and circulates false allegations that Harmon had abducted his children. Using influence in Washington, Suthers manages to get Harmon imprisoned for three months in Canada, pending extradition, and have his children forcibly returned to their abusive mother in the USA.
  • On a $600,000 bail, guaranteed by his father-in-law, Harmon is released from his three month imprisonment in an underground Canadian dungeon and appeals against Suthers’ attempt to have him extradited back to Colorado.
  • As it was Suthers who ordered Harmon’s arrest, the Canadian police hand over to him all Harmon’s personal effects, laptop, files, etc., which they had confiscated at the time of the arrest. The Mitsubishi Note deal is therefore compromised. The Mitsubishi Bank, as it had arranged with the CIA it would do in case of the affair becoming public, promptly disowns the note and declares it to be a forgery. The SEC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Securities_and_Exchange_Commission acts quickly to support the Bank’s claim. Subsequent developments would indicate that Suthers used his knowledge of the Mitsubishi Note as leverage to enter league with the Clintons and the CIA for personal benefit and further punishment of Harmon’s indiscretions.
  • The Mitsubishi note, having been publicly declared fraudulent, was meant to drop below the radar so that it could be privately resuscitated and those, who had been planning to enjoy the proceeds could continue as planned. The only weak link in the chain, who knew perfectly well that the note was not fraudulent and who hadn’t received a private invitation to the impending feast at the trough, was Harmon. He had to be silenced.
  • Given the SEC’s pronouncement, Suthers can claim that Harmon had been peddling fraudulent bank notes and borrowing money on the strength of it. As the note is not false, (and ultimately gets transacted) this case never gets to be tested in court and is quietly dropped. In reality, Suthers now has access to knowledge that is probably worth a lot of money and would have, should he have wished to make use of it, given him huge leverage in Washington. The fact that shortly thereafter he was magically assigned (and not elected to) the position of Colorado Attorney General and is currently, Mayor of Colorado Springs would indicate that he probably did.
gregory craig
Gregory Craig, the President’s attorney
  • When Harmon gained his freedom from Canadian prison on bail In October, 1999 Gregory Craig, Bill Clinton’s personal attorney, requested a meeting with Harmon in Toronto. The meeting and the correspondence on either side of it appears to have been an attempt to obtain Harmon’s silence and cooperation in covering up the reality of the Mitsubishi’s note’s validity and, in return, allow him to regain custody of his children.
  • Ultimately, Suthers’ knowledge of the note is probably what proves to be an insurmountable obstacle to any such deal.
  • Harmon now wishes to clear his name of the false charges brought against him in El Paso County.
  • After a plea bargain (which Suthers reneges on) Harmon drops his appeal against extradition and volunteers to return to Colorado to clear his name in court. With a promise of fair treatment and a fair hearing, he surrenders himself to the Canadian police and is immediately flown in manacles and belly-chain on a commercial flight to Colorado, where he is promptly imprisoned and suffers acute anxiety that he might be scheduled to disappear.
  • Thanks to a quick acting lawyer, the case is aborted due to the violation of the Hague Commission Treaty in his case, with the threat of a serious diplomatic incident between Canada and the USA. Harmon returns to his wife in Canada with the charges dropped and the file sealed (as it remains to this day.) Plan A to ensure Harmon’s silence had failed.
  • On a tip-off from Langley that his life was in danger, Harmon and Carolyn leave Canada in a hurry and, with a stop-over in Hong-Kong, seek asylum in New Zealand. Such asylum is not granted and their persecution continues.
  • One of the team working on the note commits an unlikely murder/suicide.
  • Harmon works out his frustration by developing the Court of Public Justice. https://www.courtofpublicjustice.com/ To-date, lack of funds has seriously impeded this interesting idea’s further development – Harmon plans to see it resurrected.

The whole odyssey is related as an epic of injustice. The initial impression is that the Lumina Diem site is going to be concerned with little more than a series of painful divorces, child custody battles and the outrageous, but probably unexceptional, routine corruption and greed, such as John Grisham leads his readers to expect from the American justice system. Unsurprisingly, the Lumina Diem site fully reflects the fact that the fate of his children is of far greater and immediate concern to its author, Harmon, than the misdemeanours, no matter how grievous, of the President.

For those students of international affairs, who persevere, notice of the odyssey’s impending mutation from a John Grisham real life drama into a John le Carré documentary, first appears in Section 6, in a letter from Harmon to Gregory Craig. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_B._Craig

Craig was personal counsel to the Clintons. It was on Craig that Bill relied to conduct his defence against impeachment, following the personal gratification he received at the lips of White House intern, Monica Lewinski.

I quote the Craig letter in full, as it gives a good introduction to the story, of which details and evidence emerge as the reader delves deeper into the site. It would appear to have been written at a time when Harmon was still in his naïve and patriotic phase and could not imagine that the President of the United State was anything other than an honest toiler for the benefit of the nation.

It may be in former President Bill Clinton's (and his wife's) interest to help keep the Democratic party together for the next convention.
Bill Clinton, former President of the USA and Harmon’s bane.

Harmon L. Wilfred
Suite 344 • 356 Ontario Street • Stratford • ON • Canada • N5A 7X6
TEL (519) 275-2928 • FAX (519) 275-2943
October 19, 1999


Guatemala Funding Summary

In June of 1997, I travelled to Boca Raton, Florida to meet with the Trustee of Bay State
Trust, Ms. Marilyn Perry, in order to assist in the identification of humanitarian and
infrastructure projects to be funded for the country of Guatemala. During the year
previous to this meeting, I had assisted as one of the financial intermediaries in the
introduction of the parties for the purpose of the sale of a bank note owned by the
country of Guatemala to a client of Bay State Trust. The proceeds of this sale were to
generate funding to support the projects being examined. I then proceeded to Toronto,
Ontario, Canada in mid-June, 1997 as a part of my continued itinerary that involved the
identification of additional projects requiring funding for other developing countries. I
have had no direct involvement in transacting or authenticating this bank note. My role
in this transaction has been purely as an intermediary, introducing the parties, and then
monitoring the progress. The transaction ultimately was turned over to the US Federal
Reserve in the spring of 1998 wherein I was told that US President Bill Clinton was to
play a key role in the final negotiations, announcement, and presentation of the
Guatemalan funding. Ultimately, my desire is to assist the Guatemalan government in
organising and completing the much needed infrastructure projects.

Upon information and belief, this bank note, Mitsubishi International Deposit of
Commercial Obligation, Certificate No. 47029, is one of a series issued by the
Mitsubishi Bank of Japan, beginning in 1967, wherein their original intended use was for
economic development of certain Central American countries. Unfortunately, the
coupons have since been used by the US Central Intelligence Agency for decades to
finance covert activity in Central America. Therein lies much of the controversy around
the transaction itself. It was my understanding that confidentiality requirements were
such that the Mitsubishi Bank would refuse to recognise the instrument as valid if the
transaction were made public. In recent years, approximately eleven of these notes
have been assigned by their respective Central American countries to the US Central
Intelligence Agency for the purpose of securing additional humanitarian and
infrastructure funding. The problem is, I now have reason to believe that major
benefactors of this transaction now turn out to be certain elected public servants and
employees of the US government, including but not limited to officials and agents of the
CIA, personally.

I have been told quite directly by very reliable sources that if I don’t
keep my mouth shut and my head down, I will quite certainly forfeit my life.
This money belongs to the country of Guatemala, and God knows, they need it now
more than ever, to fund restoration as a result of the latest hurricane. Frankly, I no
longer care about the US government’s personal motivations or need for confidentiality.
President Clinton was supposed to have announced this funding publicly as a
contribution to Guatemala on behalf of the US back in March of 1998. I was arrested in
Canada while here on business with my children in February of 1998 on fraudulent child
custody charges. Thereby, documents regarding this transaction in my ex-wife’s
possession were made public (fortunately, none with President Clinton’s name on
them). In order to cover the transaction and avoid exposing the origin of the Note and
thereby breach the terms set up by the Mitsubishi Bank of Japan, and exposing
President Clinton’s involvement, I am told that some “high official” in the US
Government ordered the bank instrument declared fraudulent by the Mitsubishi Bank of
Japan and the SEC.

Since then, I am told by reliable sources that the original
instrument has now been covertly reconstituted into 15 billion dollars in US Treasury
Bills for continuance and completion of the transaction. My last information indicated
that the commitment to Guatemala is 5 billion US dollars, paid at one billion dollars per
year for 5 years—a far cry from the 15 billion dollars now available! Every attempt
made by me to discuss the truth with the SEC through official channels, through my
Canadian attorney, has been thwarted. I am not even entirely sure that the SEC and
their agents are not involved. Certainly, my greatest reservation in revealing this
information has been the personal safety of both my children and myself.When I was
incarcerated in February of last year, I was told through a contact of the CIA to stay in
jail and to keep my mouth shut until after the deal funded. Thereafter, I would be set
free to pursue the normal process of custody of my children. Since that direction, I was
told by the SEC that the CIA has presented an affidavit denying official involvement in
the transaction. It also has become apparent that the involvement of the officials and
agents of the CIA may have been for their own personal gain, and certainly not in any
official capacity. It was unfortunate for them that my personal misfortune may have
exposed them. Because of the documents already revealed in the extradition action in
Canada, I had no choice but to reveal basic information on the transaction, but certainly
not President Clinton’s involvement. Now, after a year of my being either held in a
Canadian jail, or being out on $600,000 (CAN) bail due to the magnitude and character
of the Note transaction revealed, this transaction may still not be funded and these
people have continued to hold captive my children and to threaten my life to gain my
continued silence and co-operation.

In September of 1998, I was told by an operative of the CIA not to pursue the custody of
my children or to challenge the fraudulent charges launched against me by the El Paso
County DA, John Suthers (see attached legal summary). The charges Mr. Suthers
generated against me very conveniently ended up assisting the CIA operatives involved
as principals in the Note transaction in holding me in Canada until the deal is funded.
Now, it appears that their intention is to dispose of me quietly through the legal action in
Colorado. No one expected that I would successfully resist Colorado’s request for
extradition through an appeal in Canada. Needless to say, I am still under the
extradition proceeding for these ridiculous charges, after 20 months now, and my
children are still living in an abusive home in Colorado under John Suthers’ “political”
jurisdiction. I am certain that when Mr. Suthers figured out what he had stumbled onto,
in the process of carrying out his personal vendetta against me, he was quite pleased,
especially as he was able to utilize his political influence in the US Justice Department
to get these unfounded charges across the border in order to initiate the extradition
action in the first place. These state and federal officials have kept me under these
fraudulent charges and have held my children and threatened me in order to extort my
silence long enough. At this point, I am quite confident that they have no intention of
rescuing my children, dropping the charges, or, for that matter, letting me live to the
point of a trial, once they get me back across the border.

Mr. Craig, I am now prepared to provide to a US Federal Prosecutor for investigation of
this transaction, all my documentation and the names of all the individuals involved,
including the principals and their attorneys controlling the off-shore trusts, the attorney’s
controlling the conversion of the original certificate to T-Bills, information regarding the
final distribution of funds in this transaction, the known US government agents involved,
and the known locations of all additional evidence and documentation. However, my
information may now be somewhat dated as these people are experts at covering their
tracks, so I am not suggesting that this will be a piece of cake. My greatest reservation
in this approach is the possible repercussions upon me and my family. All I ask in
return is your promise to insist that the US Justice Department approach this situation in
such a way as to protect me and my family from any possible retribution. It has never
been, nor will it ever be, my intention to do anything illegal.

I have every intention of providing you with enough information to gain your complete
confidence. However, for security reasons, I feel it mandatory to provide this
information to you only in person. I am taking an incredible risk by even sending you
this much information at this time. However, someone of significant influence who
cares about justice in the US Judicial System needs to know the truth about this entire
story. I believe that someone is you. I am willing to meet with you at our scheduled
meeting in Toronto on November 13, 1999 with full documentation. Thereafter, it is my
desire to meet with representatives of the US Justice Department as quietly as possible
through the offices of Mr. Alan Gold. Meetings have already proceeded earlier this
year between President Clinton and the officials of Guatemala regarding the relief
funding with word that this transaction has since either closed or is eminent to close. If
we wish to accomplish catching the perpetrators before funding is secreted to
anonymous off shore accounts, I would suggest that we do not delay.


Harmon L. Wilfred

Section 7 goes into far more detail on the Mitsubishi notes transaction – half an hour spent on this page, while going through the PDFs in the left hand column, opens eyes wide and gives a good feel for the potential international implications of Harmon’s case.

Further sections dealing with the Mitsubishi note aspect of the Wilfred odyssey are 17, 19, 20 and 27.

If the reader continues through the press releases in the centre of the home page, it will become immediately apparent how the American, Canadian and New Zealand governments continue to cooperate to negate Harmon’s human rights, to discredit him and prevent his knowledge of the corruption at the heart of the Western power structure being broadcast.

In the Wilfred’s case, be it through sympathy or fear, there seems to be an apparently, universal compliance with the USA government’s wishes, by other governments, the media, and the blogosphere. This degree of control and influence over information and the extent to which human rights need not be respected, bodes ill for the future of western society.

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    WOW This is shocking! The old quote about power corrupting selems a perfect fit.
    I Commend Harmon for his integrity and courage in pursuing this mess of skullduggery.
    FEAR of retribution is controlling the situation.

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