Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. PART II

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Given the timings of the Christmas holidays, I have decided to bring the posting on this blog forward by a week. Post-Christmas blogs will be delayed accordingly.

As will be apparent to any of my readers, after my experiences with the Wilfreds, my respect for Immigration NZ has been at a low ebb for some considerable time. When, about a year ago, Richard Wilson, the local, South Island INZ enforcer, told me to my face that there was zero chance of Carolyn ever being allowed to meet with her husband on NZ soil, I did not believe my confidence in the integrity of INZ could sink much lower. It did though.

Steven Vaughan, an ex-senior policeman and now, INZ’s Manager of Enforcement and Intelligence, wrote a letter to Harmon, in the full knowledge of the failure of every attempt Harmon had made to get legal documentation that would allow him to leave NZ for a third country in which he could be reunited with his wife. He also knew that Harmon, for obvious reasons and under constant threat of extradition to the USA, refused to enter another country illegally. After INZ had issued an unenforceable deportation order and made several other attempts to find a legal route to get Harmon out of the country, Vaughan now wrote to Harmon simply telling him to leave NZ, no matter what. After the failure of INZ’s attempt at coercion by using his wife as a tethered goat in the USA’s Canadian hunting-ground, Vaughan was now resorting to inciting him to commit an unlawful act in another nation’s jurisdiction.

As any former policeman should be well aware, such incitement is in itself a criminal act. I lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman which, as I had anticipated, given the Ombudsman’s previous performance vis a vis INZ, was soon swept under the carpet. I’ve had subsequent communication with the Ombudsman on another aspect of the Wilfred case. The correspondence has now been terminated with prejudice:

Our ref 474103 (Complaint ground: 474106, 482170) Contact Penelope Eathorne

Dear Mr Steadman

I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence of 4 October 2018 and as previously advised, I decline to respond in any substantive fashion.

I have finished with this matter. Yours sincerely

Peter Boshier Chief Ombudsman

Sadly, the Ombudsman’s Office represents a key element of NZ’s democracy and, as at present constituted, is in urgent need of a constitutional rethink. Perhaps a later blog will go into more detail.

But wait! Is it still possible to have an even lower opinion of INZ! The answer is ‘Yes.’

However, with reluctance, I have just deleted the next 500 or so words. The loss will alter the balance of what follows, but will at least lessen the burden of your Christmas reading! The story, the appalling story I have just deleted, complete with a remarkable ‘coincidence’ and fully updated, will be posted on this site towards the end of the February, by which time the main character will be beyond any further retribution from Immigration New Zealand and other of its allied agencies.

One often reads that for intelligence agencies ‘there is no such thing as coincidence.’ No doubt that advice is for the guidance of wise men and only the slavish observance of fools. Coincidences do exist, but nevertheless, they should be treated with a certain amount of scepticism. I will treat the reader to five such and leave it to them to make up their own mind.

First Coincidence. As just stated, I am afraid you will have to wait for the first of these.

Second Coincidence. Though Harmon had become stateless in 2006, the Wilfreds had been allowed to get on with their lives in NZ unmolested by any form of government interference. In 2009, Sir John Key (a former senior executive on Wall Street and now a property owner in the USA) formed an ardently neo-liberal, pro-US Neocon, government. At the end of November 2010 he held a summit in the Solomon Islands with Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, and would be presidential candidate. Harmon’s testimony of Clinton corruption is damning. Had it been publicised, it could have ruined Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

In the first week of February 2011, immediately after the PM’s return from the Solomons and the NZ government’s summer holidays, Richard Wilson’s predecessor, John Hastilow, served Harmon with a deportation order. Happily for Harmon, due to lack of travel documents, the order could not be enforced. Unhappily for him INZ was then driven to resort to crueller methods. By chance, in 2017, while seeking a copy of his FBI records to aid an attempt at legal entry into Canada, Harmon learnt that, unbeknown to him, an arrest warrant against his name on a trumped up charge, had been issued in an El Paso court room a month or so after the INZ deportation order was served. Harmon had not been in the USA for more than ten years, but even so, had he arrived in any other jurisdiction he could have been arrested immediately and extradited. The parallel with the recent Assange leak tells all. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/16/us/politics/julian-assange-indictment-wikileaks.html

Third Coincidence. Within two weeks of Hillary having lost the US election to Trump, Sir John Key, most unexpectedly, resigned from NZ politics on the grounds that he wished for more time with his family. https://khakispecs.com/?p=2849

On the 8th November, I tuned in to TV3’s Newshub for my daily dose of traffic accidents and uplifting tales of American Police heroism and others such. Instead, I hit pure gold. The first item was an interview with a sweating Minister of Immigration, Iain Lees-Galloway. When, earlier this year, this indolent buffoon had come to talk to the Blenheim C of C, two of us local businessmen, had presented written pleas for Harmon and Carolyn to be reunited, with the hope that the Minister would keep to his word and find time to read our letters on his flight back to Wellington.

No such luck! Instead his Associate Minister, Kris Faafoi, replied. (This is a typical such reply from the Associate Minister. Having lost track of the dates, I am not sure if this reply related to our petitioning his boss in this particular instance – but in any case it is well-illustrative of the worthy fellow’s concerned and diligent attitude.)

Off ice of Hon Kris Faafoi

MP for Mana

Minister of Civil Defence

Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

2 2 FEB Z01B

Hugh Steadman

By email: hugh@prenzel.co .nz

Associate Minister of Immigration

Dear Hugh

Thank you for your email of 26 October 2017 and the following submissions up to and including 17 February 2018. I also acknowledge the letter, dated 3 July 2017, and information provided by David Ballantyne, Solicitor at Canterbury Legal.

I have carefully considered your representations . I advise I am not prepared to intervene in this case.

Mr Wilfred should continue to explore options to obtain entry permission to another country and remain in contact with Compliance Operations regarding any departure arrangements.

Yours sincerely

Hon Kris Faafoi

As section 11 of the Immigration Act 2009 applies, I am not obliged to give reasons for my decision.

On the TV3, 8th November newscast, the clearly out-of-depth Minister stated that his decision to allow a residence permit to Karel Sroubek, a professional kick-boxer (a migrant category much in demand by the NZ economy) a Czech fugitive from Interpol, currently in an NZ jail for importing $370,000 of Ecstasy, was “One of the most difficult decisions…” he had ever had to make. Later in the interview he admitted he had only read the summary and not the full report presented to him by INZ and that he had taken ‘about an hour’ to reach his decision.

It was such a glaringly ludicrous decision that one couldn’t help suspecting that he had been set up for a fall. “Yes Minister, just sign here and we will see to everything.”

Fourth Coincidence. The view that Lees-Galloway might have been set up was reinforced by a report in The Daily Blog, the second most read blog in NZ. This reported that Karel’s former partner was now living with a senior National Party official. https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2018/11/14/wait-what-a-national-party-member-is-now-in-a-relationship-with-karel-sroubeks-ex/ Is that true and, if so, is it merely a coincidence? No matter what, it would appear that the Minister was incomprehensibly negligent and incompetent.

It was however the second item on the newscast that really drew my interest. Here the NZ public were regaled with a piece of genuine fake news. A Mr Peter Elms, Assistant General Manager of INZ, was interviewed and given the opportunity to warn the people of New Zealand that their generosity was being taken advantage of by ‘certain overseas students’ who had enlisted in NZ tertiary institutions with a view to helping their home nations research and develop, in George Bush Jr’s immortal phrase, “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” However, the people of NZ need not be afeard. The ever- vigilant INZ, competently aided by other government agencies (the SIS and GCSB?), were onto the case of the dastardly students and were taking all necessary steps to block their sinister activities.

Peter Elms enjoys photo-op with a client.

There followed a well-balanced interview with the outraged lawyer of one of the students, whose studies had been suspended and who had been studying water-engineering. I later corresponded with the lawyer and it was exactly as I had surmised. The affected students were from Iran. With that knowledge, the item became real news, rather than faked scare-mongering among the public.

It had not been Newshub’s fault that the students’ nationality had not been released – it was at the students’ own request, as they were fearful of their own government’s reaction (an indication in itself that they weren’t up to nefarious activity on behalf of the Iranian government.) It should be pointed out that there is no indication that Iran is conducting any programme for the development of WMD – other than clearly disproven attempts by the Israelis to plant false evidence in the US in order to persuade the USA to attack Iran.

Similarly, the students’ lecturers appear unable to find any possible link between the students’ NZ university curricula and the development of WMD. Based on the assumption that INZ has good reason to avoid giving any evidence to support such absurd allegations, it is safe to assume that the WMD research for unnamed foreign powers is purely a flight of SIS and INZ fantasy.

In contrast to the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, it is not the current NZ government’s policy to attempt regime change in Iran through sanctions and the destruction of its economy. With INZ’s eager cooperation in their deliberate disruption of Iran’s overseas educational programmes, it would appear that the SIS and GCSB are taking their orders from Langley rather than from the Beehive. This would be a private initiative from within the NZ intelligence agencies, which, just as in the case of the Wilfreds, appear not to owe their primary loyalty to the NZ government – or at least to the current government, with its Pinko tendencies. More will be written on this subject in the next blog.

Fifth coincidence. Is it a pure coincidence that on the same night of November, the news was taken up with two separate Immigration matters? Was the one timed to emphasise the incompetence of the government and the other to emphasise the competence and reliability of the safe hands of INZ and the security services in which the nation should place its trust?

Part III of this blog will look at how NZ has allowed a group of senior civil servants to seize control of aspects of its foreign policy. How they have come to adopt a mind-set in which NZ, has to continue fighting the, what should have been long-defunct, Cold War, alongside the USA and other such of its ’natural allies.’ The battle for economic supremacy that NZ is being pressured to join, is against the growing Asian economies on which NZ’s livelihood is becoming ever more dependent and with whom NZ’s culture and its national interest is becoming ever more entwined. In short, how are these treasonous, or ignorant servants of the nation being allowed to lead the nation up the garden path towards a national disaster?

The answer to the question is in NZ’s media, which has become increasingly dysfunctional as it keeps both public and leadership misinformed as to the realities of the changing world around them. Depending on space available, this might be dealt with in Part III. However, a Part IV to this blog may be required to do the subject justice.



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