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U-2 Reconnaissance aircraft awaiting mission

Blog No. 109.

I think we are overdue for an update on the Syrian situation. I refer you also to my previous Blogs No.70, 77, 78 & 94. Blog No 70, started the series with a specific warning about the extent of the misinformation being deliberately generated in the Western media. Blog No 77 dealt to the basic causes of the conflict, specifically American intentions when embarking on their planned regime change. Blog No 94 which again deals with the media’s deception of Western publics, was posted in June. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge. In the main structural argument contained in this blog, I have made assertions that are not yet fit for proof in court of law. However the preponderance of evidence gathered in the past two years of writing blogs on Middle Eastern affairs, convinces me that the interpretation given below of events happening on the ground is by far and away the most plausible available.

To understand and become alarmed at the sorry state of global governance and the western alliance’s lack of respect for the rule of international law, one should note that Bashir Assad’s government in Damascus occupies the Syrian seat at the United Nations and in law is the sovereign government of Syria. The countries which Assad recognises as allies, such as Iran and Russia have his authorisation to deploy armed forces within Syria. Turkey, the US, Britain, Canada, Denmark and Australia are all acting without Syrian government authorisation and contrary to international law. Those killed by their warlike operations  are in effect, murder victims. (Now that the US is allowing the families of victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi Arabian government, a most interesting precedent will be created for future  actions being lodged against those western governments responsible for the illegal deaths of Syrian family members.)

In recent weeks we have seen an heroic effort by the Russians and the Obama Administration to negotiate a Syrian peace agreement. Given the military advantage gained by the Syrian government over the past year, thanks largely to direct Russian military intervention, such an agreement, of necessity, entailed the abandonment of the original American goals.

The Syrian peace-deal, as negotiated by the Obama Administration, would have been interpreted as a defeat by senior echelons in the CIA and Pentagon, who have ambitions not only to overthrow Bashir Assad in Syria but also, the far grander objective of overthrowing Putin in Russia.

By now, the CIA will be fully confident of its ability to ensure that a second puppet Clinton will replace the more cautious and less belligerent Obama in office. It would appear that the CIA’s war party has decided to jump the gun and has by-passed, while still in office, the soon to be out-going President and Commander-in-Chief. His subordinates have deliberately destroyed the peace agreement that had been so laboriously hammered out under the President’s instructions. (Such mutinous behaviour is not without precedent – the Gary Powers U-2 spy flight was also conducted by the Pentagon in direct disobedience to President Eisenhower’s instructions, with the intention of sabotaging moves towards an East West accord.)

At least two of these A-10 Warthogs were part of the raid on Deir a-Zor

On this occasion, the sabotage was effected by a premeditated, two-hour long, air assault carried out by American (and allegedly, by Australian, Canadian and Danish) aircraft on a small Syrian Army garrison, which had been besieged on an airfield by Islamic State forces for the previous three years. Within ten minutes of the air assault finishing, IS forces assaulted and annihilated the shattered garrison.

Debka Files, usually an arm of Israeli government propaganda and often of dubious accuracy, reported that Israeli intercepts had recorded conversations in which the Americans were coordinating the assault with the local IS commander on the ground. In this instance, the timing of actions on the ground would seem to confirm that the CIA faction and IS were back in their original collaborative mode, with the Islamic State, as was the case originally, being viewed and performing as a CIA asset.

The Pentagon immediately claimed that it was a lamentable accident and that their intelligence had been unaware of the presence of the Syrian army garrison for the past three years. Russia didn’t believe a word of it and even the West’s mainstream media found its credulity at over-stretch with its readership starting to raise the odd awkward question.

Destroyed aid convoy: rebel enclave, Aleppo.

To distract Media attention away from its deliberate attempt to destroy the peace agreement, a false-flag assault on an aid convoy into the besieged sector of Aleppo was mounted. Western readers are asked to believe that the Syrians and their Russian allies allowed the aid convoy to pass safely through the lines under their control and waited until after it had arrived in rebel held areas. Then, in order to maximise the adverse PR they could obtain, the Syrian and Russian air forces destroyed the convoy in a brutal air attack.

Waving the false flag, a huge and well-coordinated media assault was then mounted – with Samantha Power, at the UN, expressing America’s shocked outrage at this latest example of Russian ‘barbarism.” Power’s posturing was duly reported by the faithful media throughout the Western World, while the murdered Syrian garrison of Deir a-Zor disappeared from public consciousness. Even in New Zealand, National TV has almost nightly clips of the ‘barbarians” handiwork with small children being pulled from wrecked buildings by heroic White Helmets (a UK and US sponsored rebel civil defence force and a key arm of anti-Assad propaganda.)

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 03: United States Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samantha Power, speaks during a UN Security Council meeting on March 3, 2014 in New York City. As tensions between Russian's occupation of parts of Ukraine intensifies, the Security Council has continued to meet in an effort to find a solution. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Samantha Power addresses UN General Assembly

As a consequence of the above shenanigans, the Kremlin has realised that it had erred in believing that it had a reliable negotiating partner in Obama and Kerry. They decided that, de facto, the war-faction had already seized power in Washington and that attempts at a negotiated settlement in Syria were doomed to fail.

Hillary will only take over the full reins of power in January 2017. Bashir Assad and his allies have until then to resolve the crisis. That will only be possible by scoring a military victory in Aleppo. Directly as a consequence of the Pentagon’s deliberate sabotage of the peace agreement, a full scale Syrian and Russian assault has been launched on the rebel enclave in Eastern Aleppo. The assault on the US supported rebels holed up in East Aleppo and their hostages will inevitably be brutal, but a government victory will bring the end of the whole war closer, thereby reducing the total number of casualties that are yet to be inflicted.   The CIA and Pentagon, as they watch their protégé rebel groups being crushed, have responded by upping the ante. Now the blogosphere is full of talk of nuclear war between Russia and the USA.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter speaks at a news conference at the Pentagon in Washington to release the Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military, May 1, 2015. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas - RTX1B53K
Ash Carter: United States Secretary of Defense: Hawk to Obama’s chicken.

Here are some hyperlinks to add flesh to my bald assertions above: Alastair Cooke. A former British diplomat and intelligence officer on the Islamic leanings of America’s allied ‘moderate’ rebels. James Carden, former State Department official, on how the US opts for force rather than negotiation. Al Jazeera reports the US/NATO attack on the Syrian Army. Moon of Alabama on the aid convoy incident. Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Minister Walid Al-Moallem; address to UN General Assembly. Hostile Associated Press journalist interviews President Bashir al-Assad. The other side’s point of view from the horse’s mouth!

And the threat of nuclear war:

Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions with Russia

 “Or was it a mistake?

I apologise, but am unable to give credit where due for this piece – I’ve mislaid the detail – but the quotes make it worth the read.)

Recall that Russia intervened in the Syrian civil war a year ago on the side of its longtime Syrian ally, President Assad. Russian forces have been bombing ISIS, but they’ve also been bombing allegedly “moderate” jihadis supported by the United States (again, aka “Syrian rebel forces”). This fact sticks in the craw of Washington officialdom.

So when earlier this month Secretary of State John Kerry brokered the cease-fire with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov… there was a substantial contingent in the Pentagon that threw a hissy fit. Cooperate with the Russians? Forget that.

We know this because in late June there were already signs of U.S.-Russian cooperation in Syria… and anonymous U.S. officials cried foul to The Washington Post. “For many inside and outside the administration who are frustrated with the White House’s decision-making on Syria, the new plan is fatally flawed,” wrote reporter Josh Rogin.

Once the cease-fire was in place last week, The New York Times published an editorial noting that “the agreement also has powerful critics inside the Obama administration, including Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.”

Then the editorial moved on to this remarkable sentence: “On Tuesday, Pentagon officials refused to say whether they would comply with their part of the deal…”

Huh? Presumably, if President Obama’s secretary of state negotiated the deal, it has the backing of the president. The Times’ editorial board appeared nonplussed at the notion the military would defy the president’s orders.

None of this, of course, proves the attack on the Syrian army happened “accidentally on purpose,” as the saying goes. But as the septuagenarian Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen pointed out this week, Gary Powers’ famous U-2 spy plane was shot down by the Soviets at a time in 1960 when President Eisenhower had ordered an end to such flights… but CIA chief Allen Dulles had other ideas. In other words, there’s precedent.”


And here is a post script – inserted 8th January 2017. The heavily censored CENTCOM report into the incident has been released and reveals that there was indeed a Pentagon conspiracy to undermine Obama’s Syrian peace moves. It appears that in this instance the habitual cover-up was thwarted as a consequence of the plotters having decided to share the  guilt with their NATO allies – who must be over-joyed to find how they were conned..

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