Trump’s election null and void? Part II


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In my previous Blog No. 117, I covered the Clinton/CIA campaign to overturn the electoral decision that placed Trump in the Oval Office. It is interesting that even Obama, now acknowledges that Wikileaks acquired the emails as a result of ‘leak’ and not of the ‘hack’ that the US media and intelligence agencies are so heavily promoting in their attempt to name Russia as the culprit.

I cut that blog short, when, just days before his inauguration, what seemed like a major new and potentially devastating initiative was launched by Trump’s opponents. This took the form of a series of reports allegedly from an alleged former British MI6, intelligence operative, apparently with high level access into Putin’s government. It is claimed that he was initially hired for this purpose by Republican presidential candidates competing with Trump who, when they were forced out of the race, handed their ‘source’ over to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Here is the full document that was finally revealed to the US public after allegedly, having previously been doing the rounds of the FBI, intelligence agencies and sundry media persons for several months. It basically claims that Trump is a traitor to the USA and an asset of Putin’s government. For good measure, it also claims he is a sexual fetishist, who desecrated the state bed in a Moscow hotel, once slept in by President Obama, by having a couple of whores piss on him while he lay in it. Both Trump (and the Russians) have totally rejected its claims. I particularly enjoyed Trump’s dismissal of the two whores story with a “Ridiculous! Everyone knows my aversion to germs.”

Belgium, Brussels, 19 May 2013. Two gay-man dressed as women pee against a wall during the parade near Central station. About 80,000 participants at the Belgian Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community and demand equal rights. Belgium celebrates its 10th anniversary of gay marriage and seven years of the opening of adoption in same-sex couple.The dodgy dossier has subsequently been thoroughly debunked by multiple well-informed bloggers. Here is one such As the Saker claims, there are indeed glaring holes to be picked in the reports. Not least of the flaws in the report is the claim that Russian talent scouts picked out Trump as a future presidential candidate, worthy of cultivation, more than three or four years before the notion that he might indeed be a presidential candidate had entered his head (and five years before any of his enemies took seriously the notion that he might actually become President.)

It would now appear that no informed observers are taking the dossier seriously. Even James Clapper, as Director of National Intelligence, in the week before he left office, having first ensured they were widely distributed, appeared to discredit the contents. The report’s author should perhaps be credited for importing a new idiom into the American vocabulary. Perhaps in future, when referring to such egregious examples of fake-news,  ‘a bucket of whores-piss’ should replace ‘a load of bull-shit?’

Nevertheless, given the huge publicity the release to the media generated, and that the vast majority of those exposed to it will not have the knowledge to assess its accuracy or otherwise, the damage to the prestige of the US presidential office will be significant. Just as Trump’s calumniation of Obama on the subject of where he was born, caused Obama significant grief during his presidency, this far more serious allegation, that Trump is a Russian agent, will continue to haunt his presidency. No doubt, from the point of view of the deep state actors, even if this manufactured scandal doesn’t suffice to prevent Trump entering office, it will force him to be less friendly towards the Russians and exert himself to demonstrate that he is not soft on defence and its budget allocations.

Clearly it is of interest to trace the authorship and provenance of this dodgy dossier. It is not easy to do, as there is so much secrecy and ‘fake news’ involved. Having read multiple stories around the events, some sort of probability seems to emerge: this is my best bet. The CIA was engaged early on in the piece (where would the neo-cons go, without CIA assistance, to be able to plausibly claim they had found an ex-MI6 operative still hard at work in Kremlin circles?) Both the CIA and its neocon supporters in the Republican Party were desperate to keep Trump out of office and the CIA was eager to get Hillary into office. The dodgy dossier would have been a fall-back position should all the other schemes detailed in Part I of this blog, fail.

Judging by the amateurism of its execution, it must have been arm’s-lengthed and entrusted to a B or C team with credible deniability, should the mission backfire. It looks as though the CIA’s recently-established, Ukrainian franchise was tasked with the mission. The fact that it was John McCain, the sworn enemy of both Trump and Russia, who was entrusted with delivery of the dossier to the FBI (and that the FBI evidently had already been given a preview before its formal delivery) reinforces this suggestion. McCain is an ardent supporter of and frequent visitor to the Ukraine. Had Obama not fallen out with Netanyahu, no doubt a former Mossad agent would have been the quoted author. As it is, MI6 have had to carry the risk of ridicule (no doubt, to their annoyance.)

McCain1Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Just as the politics and plots of the Roman Empire and its Byzantine successor were legendary for their labyrinthine complexity, so in Washington does history, in fast-forward, seem to be repeating itself. It was four hundred years between the fall of the Roman Republic, with Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon, and the Emperor/dictator Constantine 1st disbanding the Praetorian Guard, which had been implicated in so many violent changes of Emperor.

It is hard to put one’s finger on the point in time when the American Republic was lost to the military/intelligence establishment controlled by a deep state elite. Eisenhower was already complaining about its power, but perhaps it was with the assassination of JFK and the confidence inducing impunity with which it was conducted, that the American Republic was lost. Subsequent Presidents were on notice that they were there by permission of deeper powers and could not deviate too far from the agenda favoured by their masters. If Trump manages to disband, or even bring his Praetorians back under Presidential control, his name will go down in history alongside that of Constantine.

The decline and fall of the American Empire has not yet advanced as far as had that of Constantine’s Rome. I hope I am wrong, but at this stage, my money remains on the Praetorians of the deep state. Trump is unlikely to succeed in the herculean task of cleansing the Washington stables that he has so courageously set himself. He will either come to heel, or be replaced before his anticipated eight years in office are seen out.

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