Time to break free: Loosening America’s stranglehold. Part II: Exterminism.

Blog No.186.

The Situation.

A nation’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic is an indicator of how it might cope with the future and more dire challenges that rapid global warming is about to inflict on humanity. The Anglo-Americans, responsible for the cult of individual rights and the spread of neo-liberal capitalism have created an economic system that has clearly demonstrated its inadequacies when compared to the sense of civic duty, communalism and acceptance of discipline of Asian nations. At a time when our whole species is on the brink of disaster, it is time for an ideological change away from neo-liberalism and capitalist self-seeking.

Many generalisations are made below. I am assuming that the readers are well-enough informed not to find them outrageous. If challenged, each one of these statements can be supported by solid evidence.

The world is effectively forced into perpetual conflict by members of an elite that forms approx. 1% of the American population, whose accumulation of wealth has made them extraordinarily greedy and selfish. They are aided and abetted by their compradors:  similar, but less powerful elites in other democracies. While milking the global cow, they sit on a three-legged stool.

The first leg of the stool is the untrammeled power such towering peaks of wealth bring the elite (the deep state.) This enables the elite to control the American election process and those elected. It thus ensures that legislation and executive action suits its own selfish aims and ambitions.

The second leg to the stool of elite domination is the control it exercises over the mass media and with it, the prejudices and paranoia of whole populations. Without this control, the public would not accept situations and actions which, being human and social animals, they would likely consider repugnant and not at all in their own, long-term interests.

The third leg is its control of secret intelligence agencies. Perhaps, one should say ‘symbiotic relationship with’ rather than ‘control’, as these agencies have worked their way into positions in which they have the ability to act outside anyone’s control and have become integrated components of the deep state. The multiple secret intelligence agencies of the western world are dominated by the USA’s deep state through its Five Eyes relationships and through multiple other direct ‘professional’ links between such as the CIA, Mossad, The German BND, the French DGSE, Sweden’s SÄPO, the UK’s MI6, etc.

It is perfectly logical that nation states should wish their political leaders to be as well informed as possible about the environment in which they have to make decisions. That is the ostensible role that intelligence agencies were established to perform. However, in reality, with (certainly in the case of the CIA) access to illegally generated and laundered funds and the temporary tenure of the naïve politicians with whom they have to deal, these permanent and ever-growing institutions hold a different view of their proper function. They see their role as being to further the elite’s aim of full spectrum global dominance. This involves spreading disinformation to largely naïve populations and their elected leaders and instigating and participating in criminal executive actions such as assassinations, sabotage, blackmail, subversion, false flag operations, organising coups d’état, money laundering and drug smuggling.  As all these actions, for reasons of ‘national security,’ are carried out in complete secrecy; they can also be carried out with total impunity.

Salient conflict-generating actions on the international scene, such as the continued globalisation and expansion of NATO, are eagerly accepted by the minions employed by the security estate as furthering the enhancement of their careers and the fattening of their budgets. Through the eyes of the elites, NATO expansion means more profits for the military-industrial estate that they control. It also means EU expansion under the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Stabilisation and Association Policy (SAP) that it entails. EU expansion means wealth increasing opportunities as the new member states are gouged and forced to sign SAP agreements on entry to open their public sectors to private takeover by nations wealthier than theirs.

What makes this situation of runaway, American elite dominance so particularly dangerous for humanity at this juncture of time, is not only the increasing risk of accidental nuclear annihilation, but also the potential spread of an elite ideology of Exterminism. Fortunes have been made, as a result of the well-documented, disinformation campaigns of such elite- owned industries as big tobacco, big oil and big pharma. These ensured that sales continued despite the long-term damage done to the consumers.  This callous cynicism is an indicator of the potential for a far more dangerous ideology to take hold.

In the industrial age, the traditional role of the mass of humanity was to provide the goods from which the capitalists could make their fortunes. Those fortunes depended on those same masses acting not only as producers but also as consumers having the wherewithal to make purchases and keep the system and the profits flowing.   With the advent of AI and automation, the production role of the masses will decline. Through elite eyes, the citizen in the street will become little else than a consumer that has to be provided with a state handout (Universal Basic Income) so the wheels of the capitalist society keep rolling.

The risk the massed populations run in continuing to allow such untrammeled power to these elites, is that the time might come when the elites feel they have sufficiency for their personal needs and come to resent the endless requirement for hand-outs to their less-advantaged fellow-citizens. Once AI and automation reach the point where all the elite’s wants can be provided for, the continued demands of the mass of citizens could be seen as impinging on the elite’s enjoyment of their rightful rewards. As over-exploitation of the world’s natural resources runs its natural course, the mass could come to be viewed as disposable competitors.  Even worse, the elite might come to believe that despite all their accumulated power and associated security, the masses of underprivileged could come to articulate their discontent, threaten the elite’s continued privileges and even its existence.   

An increasingly heard interpretation of the USA’s hostility to attempts at mitigation of climate change is a view that, in the not so long run, such change will ensure the extermination of surplus humanity, thus leaving those in a position to buy protection from the global disasters, free to enjoy the spoils of their crime.  No doubt, conspiracists will already be claiming that some initial leadership reactions to the spread of Covid-19 are a further indication that this ideology is starting to gain traction. If this is not yet a conspiracy, it could be seen as the inevitable consequence of a neo-liberal system which places profits before people. US health

Guardians of the Galaxy be warned: the evil empire has you in its sights. Star Commander Trump needs bringing back to his allotted patch on Earth. Today’s news carries a report on The USA’s attempt to colonise other planets and celestial bodies without any form of consultation or agreement with other inhabitants of Earth. Space race Humanity has an urgent need to restrain the American elite’s overarching ambition and greedy selfishness The next blog will further explore that question.

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