Time to break free: breaking America’s stranglehold Part I

Blog No. 185.

Today is Saturday 28th of March – the third day in which New Zealand, under the exemplary leadership of Jacinda Ardern, has been in lock-down to slow the spread of Covid-19.

I don’t know how best to chronicle despair. There must be so many of my fellow beings who feel despair because vile circumstances are being deliberately forced on them by others of my fellow beings. The despair I feel, as I live in very comfortable conditions in a modern house on a hill, surrounded by Marlborough vineyards, is the acute frustration of being able to do so little about the despair and suffering inflicted on others.  The despair is amplified by my awareness of how little the sufferings of others seem to concern the vast majority of humanity. The vast majority of otherwise compassionate humans are tranquilised into silence, as they placidly go about their daily business, content to have their consciences lulled by the lullabies of justification sung to them by lying media and their politicians, likewise duped and desensitised.

There is scarcely a voice raised in protest as the citizens of the ‘Christian’ west’s democracies condone the extraordinary criminality that has gripped the international system since the ending of the Cold War.

I spend the first hour or so of each day reading through my emails and the sundry articles brought to my attention by like-minded friends and internet buddies. I will select just four of today’s articles for comment. The first one was a plea from the UN Secretary-General António Guterres. He pleads for UN members to bring their militaries home, stop waging wars beyond their national boundaries and concentrate instead on solving the Covid-19 crisis.  Guterres

 Would that the plea, which will be ignored, could be an order! Guterres’s plea has to be seen as being primarily aimed at the USA and its NATO allies. Here is an instructive list of military bases established beyond national borders.  Military Bases There are five Chinese bases outside China’s borders. There are nine Russian bases outside its borders (the same as Turkey and India.) France has eleven and the UK has seventeen. The USA has bases in thirty–nine foreign countries. These crude statistics alone give a rough indication of how responsibility should be allocated for the total of conflict and suffering Guterres is referring to.

Though Israel only has one overseas listening post (in Eritrea) it has multiple bases in the occupied Golan Heights. Its contribution to global misery comes through its air strikes on Syria and Iraq, its assassination squads, which operate in many countries, the encouragement it gives to the Saudi Prince in his aggression against Yemen, and the influence it exercises over the USA’s foreign policy. This it does through its deep penetration of the US media and entertainment industries and the financial penetration of the democratic system by its fifth columnists. These, prioritise their loyalty to Zionism over their loyalty to the welfare of their fellow American citizens and of humanity in general.  Thus Israel can afford its blatant contempt for the UN and international law as it shelters confidently under the USA’s military and diplomatic shield.

As I write this, I shudder at the thought of what will unfold in the Gaza strip with its mal-nourished inhabitants imprisoned behind Israel’s blockade, now penetrated by Covid-19.  Screw the poor A quote from Israel’s Minister of Defense, Naftali Bennett, speaking for Israelis, not for Palestinians: “We will bring in ventilators from every corner of the world, cleverly and with cunning.” One has to ask which other countries’ populations will be deprived of ventilators by Israel’s cunning? We can assume that here, Guterres’s appeal will not be heeded and we can also assume that the ventilators will be for the benefit of Jewish Israelis rather than for Palestinians. There are already reports of the wealthy western nations buying up the Covid PPE reserves from  third world nations, who are kept desperately short of money and whose leaders are open to inducement. And sure enough the Mossad is fully engaged Mossad scores

In the meantime, the third of the glum emails in today’s batch shows how the USA continues to inflict sanctions on those nations already hard pressed by the Covid-19 epidemic. I am informed of yet another round of US sanctions against Iran inflicted at the height of its Covid crisis. This time they are relatively unimportant as there is so little the US can do to increase the damage already being inflicted by its sanctions. However, clearly the unempathetic and even murderous intent is still there. More sanctions

In this time of acute global crisis, the USA continues to abuse its privileged position in global trade and economic structures to weaken the immune systems and reactive abilities of the populations of those nations it regards as disobedient to its imperial demands. This is a capitalist view of the sanctions regime Through capitalist eyes Note that those populations targeted are ‘sponsors of terrorism,’ which in most cases should read as ‘resisting US demands.’ The article also makes the claim that ‘economic sanctions provide an immediate way for the U.S. to crack down on rogue countries without putting lives on the line.’ Thus are the American public lulled! Even the then Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, didn’t deny that the sanctions imposed on Saddam Hussein’s regime cost 500,000 Iraqi children their lives. Extract from 2001 CNN interview:-

Lesley Stahl:  on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.” The thought occurs that perhaps the writer was only referring to American lives? Does the writer consider that others have lives of no value?

Nor is the Investopedia’s list of sanctioned individuals and nations exhaustive. This is the official US government’s list of nations it is victimising in this abuse of power Official list

Will the UN be able to rectify this situation? I would think not! The UN Human Rights Council’ formal condemnation of UN members breaking international law by waging economic warfare will be ignored. This just underlines the urgent need for UN reform.  Appeal

The fourth bundle of sad tidings came with news that the USA was seeking to extradite the democratically elected President of Venezuela – for ‘narco-terrorism,’ rather than for the crime of which he is guilty; thwarting the USA’s attempt to replace him with its lick-spittle and failed appointee, Juan Guaidó. Narco-terrorist

The narco-charges are all fake and, seeing that the CIA was founded on the funds it raised running cocaine and heroin into the USA, further evidence of the most cynical hypocrisy. True or false?

Tomorrow is another day and that too will bring yet another similar batch of news concerning the inhumane suffering NewZealand’s friends and allies are prepared to inflict on others less fortunate and of the risk-taking and insane belligerence and greed our alliances drag us into.

It would appear from the above instances and from many of the 184 Khakispecs blogs that have gone before, that the USA, its deep state and its multiple secret intelligence agencies are seeking global domination. That domination is not only of other peoples’ states, but their resources, their thoughts, their relations with other nations, the oceans, the sky above them and infinite space beyond.

Khakispecs’ last blog was on Tony Kevin’s persecution. His story really brought home the extent of America’s global penetration into the minds and bodies politic of nations that have no geo-political necessity for going along with the sort of monstrous nonsense described in this blog.  If allowed to continue undampened, the USA elites’ vaulting ambition is likely to lead to the obliteration of our species.

Perhaps the Covid -19 experience might arouse mainstream America and most particularly, its journalists to reconsider their direction of travel. Some journalists not seeking career preferment among the major, deep state owned media outlets, certainly have a picture of what is happening. Spoiling for a fight 

This rogue and demented nation, whose leadership the leaders of the other ‘free world’ nations have for too long been blindly accepting, has to be forced back into its boundaries and made to revert to becoming the cooperative and valuable member of the community of nations that once it was. If the American people, ruled by identical parties joined at the wallet, are unable to take on the task, others must make the attempt.

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