The Zombie Apocalypse

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Intimately tied to the concept of the modern zombie is the “zombie apocalypse”; the breakdown of society as a result of an initial zombie outbreak that spreads. This archetype has emerged as a prolific sub-genre of apocalyptic fiction and has been portrayed in many zombie-related media after Night of the Living Dead. In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread (usually global) rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization. Victims of zombies may become zombies themselves. This causes the outbreak to become an exponentially growing crisis: the spreading phenomenon swamps normal military and law enforcement organizations, leading to the panicked collapse of civilized society until only isolated pockets of survivors remain, scavenging for food and supplies in a world reduced to a pre-industrial hostile wilderness. Wikipedia.

The Islamic State and the Zombie. For zombie, read Islamic fundamentalist, whose mind has been infected and taken over by a form of mania and who is now ready to conduct random killings as a ticket to Paradise. The best informed commentators are currently warning President Hollande and all the other western leaders that reacting to IS bombing outrages with avowals of relentless war, is to fall into the enemy’s trap of accepting battle on the ground of its own choosing. Endless war waged by the West and its hangers-on, accompanied by the inevitable civilian casualties and suffering involved, will only alienate many Muslims who are, as yet, undecided and lead them to believe that the IS claim that the Christian west is waging a crusade against their religion, is indeed true.

A battle for minds. IS’s stated policy is to draw increasingly obvious demarcation lines between the army of the righteous and those outside it.  The strategy holds that the good Muslims will soon find themselves discriminated against by an increasingly hostile society and thereby become ripe for recruitment into the cause of the faithful. Clearly, by today’s increasingly humanitarian values, the Islamic State represents the attempted destruction of the global civilisation’s values generally deemed most worthy of preservation. If those values are to be preserved, what lies ahead for the global community is a battle for minds – both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Stoking the furnace. Here is my list of the factors stoking the current furnace of hate and destruction and for which solutions need to be found:-

· The continued possibility, as exploited by IS, for a Muslim believer to interpret the Islamic scriptures as an instruction from Allah to become a death-dealing zombie and go forth and kill.

· The ease with which non-Muslim societies can be pushed into self-destructive and self-fulfilling Islamophobia.

· The West’s refusal to accept that the motivation of its Muslim enemies is not simply an acute attack of religious mania, but a reaction to the manipulation of Moslem countries by the West to achieve its economic and other geo-political goals.

· The deployment and encouragement by western powers and their allies of Islamic fundamentalism as an instrument for obtaining their own secular, ends.

· The Western powers’ search for their economic advantage no matter what the cost to Middle Eastern society.

The Koran as a licence to kill. For a long-term resolution of this problem, the first line of battle has to be theological. The zombies need to be persuaded that they are misinterpreting God’s instructions. Here is a very accessible Newsweek, article written by an American Moslem academic, which I posted to a friend of mine, a mature student of philosophy at a New Zealand university. His mother is French and he is currently having difficulty in regarding Moslems as being in every way as Human as he is. The fact that the writer seems to know little of international relations, (claiming that Russia invaded Ukraine) does not mean that his ideas on Islamic theology are not worthy of consideration. What he says about the stunting of Islamic theological development is appreciated by many Muslim thinkers and is an obstacle that needs urgent attention.

There is no God but God

Sinking into Islamaphobia.

This is the reply I received from my friend:-

“You keep neglecting Christianity’s ability to distinguish between state and religion – “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” – Islam does not have this. Furthermore, the majority of Christian faiths are no way near as barbaric as Islam is, even at its most moderate.

And although Jews are just as nuts and racist, they at least are not looking to convert anyone, and they just want Zion and that’s it – Islam is all about conquering and converting. And that is undeniable: Islam means ‘submit’! And do not forget that no other faith commands its disciples to blow themselves up. No Arab Christian has blown themselves up, despite being oppressed, too. There are 13 countries in the world where being an atheist is punishable by death, and these are all Muslim nations. It is a particularly evil religion, and it makes its adherents more callous than other faiths, and this empirical study came out the other day, showing this:

Furthermore, it is they who classify themselves as Muslims – nobody is imposing this on them. So, this isn’t like anyone is being tarred with a brush involuntarily. This is not like skin-colour.

I’m always amazed that the more left winged someone is, the more they defend the adherents of Islam, whose values are most at odds with liberal ones! Haven’t you realised that they hate people like you more than arseholes like Rumsfeld and Bush? Stop defending bigots.”

And this was my reply:-

“Great rant! Actually the first suicide bomber was the Polish catholic who assassinated the Tsar of Russia and I guess the kamikaze pilots were Buddhists. Islam, like Christianity, is also a religion of the Book – persuade me that even modern day Christianity is not fundamentally homophobic, sexist and outrageously ‘backward’ in many respects. Certainly, the occasional Rabbi can be found to pronounce that the stealing from, or killing of gentiles (read Palestinians) is not a crime in God’s eyes. Islam’s saving grace is the same as that of both Judaism and Christianity: there are lots of people born into these three religions who have an attitude to their religion similar to that which you and I have to ours!

Don’t cherry-pick your facts to suit your opinions. Have a look at how humane and peace-loving the Christians were 1400 years after the death of Jesus! At that stage Christianity too, was unable to distinguish between state and religion. If in 1400, you had declared to the Pope, or his inquisitors, that you were an atheist, you too would have been sentenced to death. ‘Islam’ does not mean you submit to me; it means I submit to God. Religion is like skin colour – you almost inevitably inherit it from your parents. Don’t be amazed by the left-wing defending Muslims against phobic bigots – because the Left is less inclined towards bigotry and intolerance than is the Right.

Religion is one of the tabs by which we categorise both other people and ourselves. In a conflict situation, such as the one currently being deliberately created by the strategists in Tel Aviv and the fanatics in Riyadh and Raqqa, we can be foolish enough to react in such a way as to drive those currently mildly- or non-religious Muslims into a religious identity corner.”

Outside an American mosque

Westerners need to realise that they are being deliberately manipulated into anti-Islamic attitudes and conduct. This process first became obvious around the time of the downing of the Twin Towers. The standard bearer of hate has been the Zionist ideology. Israel has pursued a deliberate policy of persuading the West to view Islam in the worst possible light, to weaken Islamic countries, while accepting that Israel was its natural ally in the Middle East and one that should receive maximum support in its endeavours to conquer and occupy Arab lands.

Recently, IS has joined Israel in its endeavour to increase Islamophobic opinion in western societies. IS, as stated above, is endeavouring to swell the ranks of the faithful in preparation for the final apocalyptic showdown between the faithful and the infidel is fought.

Acceptance by the West that this is not purely a religious war, but one based on justifiable secular grievances.

This was the letter written by Ignacy Hryniewiecki, in February 1881, on the eve of his and his Tsar’s deaths. Written by the first bomber to blow himself up on a suicide mission, it is instructive.

‘Alexander II must die. He will die, and with him, we, his enemies, his executioners, shall die too […] How many more sacrifices will our unhappy country ask of its sons before it is liberated? It is my lot to die young, I shall not see our victory, I shall not live one day, one hour in the bright season of our triumph, but I believe that with my death I shall do all that it is my duty to do, and no one in the world can demand more of me …”

This could have been a Palestinian writing this suicide note. It was the Palestinians who first brought the concept of suicide bombing into the post-WWII Middle East. Most of these initial suicide bombers were motivated, not by religion, but by very similar political motives to those of their Polish predecessor: the only difference between Palestine and Poland was the nationality of the occupying power. The Palestine Liberation Organisation was a secular, not an Islamic movement. We should also bear in mind that the backbone of IS’s strategic planning is provided not from the ranks of religious fanatics, but from that irreligious bunch, the former officer corps of Saddam Hussein’s military and intelligence services. It is not Islam but the mixture of political grudge with religious justification that holds such potential lethality.

The cynical use of Islamic fundamentalism to secure Western secular objectives.

· The House of Saud has long propagated the extreme Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam around the world. This is on the basis of an understanding it has come to with the religious leaders of the sect. They would put their theological prestige behind the monarchy in return for the monarchy’s enforcing their version of Koranic law in their kingdom, while supporting the spread of their intolerant sectarian faith around the globe.

chop square
Let God’s will be done!

· To retain the reserve status of its currency (which, after Nixon abandoned the gold standard, is now underwritten by Saudi oil) America has consistently given diplomatic and military support to this retarded monarchy as it has been allowed to spread its poison throughout the Islamic world.

chop bush
My turn next! (Read it how you will.)

· To triumph in the Cold War and expel the atheist communists from Afghanistan, the Christian Americans used Saudi funds and Muslim extremists from around the globe, to wage jihad against the Russians.

· The USA subsequently followed this up by using Jihadists, backed with Saudi money to destabilise Chechnya. There are indications that the Jihadist movement among the Muslim population in China’s western provinces has received encouragement from US agencies and that similar steps are afoot in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

· To gain strategic control over Iraq and prevent Iran gaining control, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf statelets have deliberately funded, armed and promoted sectarian strife in Iraq and Syria.

· NATO (particularly France) Saudi Arabia and Qatar openly supported the al Qaeda rebels in eastern Libya and joined their campaign to overthrow Gaddafi. (Agencies in the US government then set up rat-lines through Turkey to transport some of Gaddafi’s weaponry to the new Jihadist organisations they were sponsoring in Syria.)

· To unseat Bashir Assad and thereby reinforce the gap between Russia and Western Europe, the USA has deliberately nurtured, or avoided harming Islamist rebel factions – including IS. IS was the most likely to succeed in toppling Assad but, in American/Israeli eyes the least desirable of the factions to replace him. Hence America’s conspicuous ambiguity in its attempt to combat IS.

· Israel has been providing medical facilities and weaponry to Islamist fighters on the other side of the border between the Golan Heights and Syria. Its aim is that the next Syrian government will be sufficiently weak or biddable to allow the legal incorporation of the Golan Heights into greater Israel.

· In a divide and rule operations, in Israeli occupied Palestine, Hamas, which now appears to be being cannibalised by a new IS franchise, was originally sponsored by Israeli security agencies as a sectarian counter to Yasser Arafat’s secular PLO.

· Turkey has been using IS as a useful tool to curb the independence aspirations of the Kurds. At the same time it has been supporting other rebel groups in the hope of replacing Assad’s secular Baathist party with a sectarian, Islamic government along lines similar to its own .

· France has been making money by selling weapons to all comers in the Syrian conflict, irrespective of their fanatical beliefs.

· Finally, and more controversially, someone, be it in Israel, in Saudi, among elements of America’s deep state, or whoever, used Muslim fanatics to bring down the Twin Towers and generate this period of clashing civilisations. There is no way that that most complex and brilliantly executed coup, which had all the hallmarks of an inside job, was organised unaided, by an old man sitting in a Himalayan cave and unable to use his cell-phone in case he got whacked by a drone.

Western exploitation and abuse of Middle Eastern countries.

The West’s exploitation and cynical abuse of the Middle East, particularly its insertion of an Israel that has chosen a policy of confrontation, rather than one of reconciliation with its neighbours, is the cause of a massive sense of historic grievance. This provides the foundation on which IS and al Qaeda have been able to build. This earlier blog gives just some of the background.

Enter the Bear. With Russia’s entry into the fray and the recent outrages in Paris, the USA is at last being forced by global opinion (and Putin’s prodding) to make public show of effective action against IS. For the first time, after a year of turning a blind eye to IS funding itself to the tune of an estimated daily $3 million with the transport of cut-price oil into Turkey, the USA has attempted to interdict the flow. It can now be anticipated that similar steps will be taken to tie off IS’s other other funding streams.

putin kissed
My Hero!

It has taken so long to tackle the flow of oil, because the Turkish government and also, probably the CIA’s black funding account, were taking a cut from the trade. Furthermore, powerful lobbies in the US government have continued to defend IS as a useful ally in their battle to unseat Assad and see him replaced with a more compliant stooge. The original motive was (and still is) to undermine Russia’s energy supplies to the EU with a pipeline through Syria carrying Qatari gas to Europe. Now, with the recent discovery of vast oil reserves under the Golan Heights, Israel’s long-standing intention to legalise and make permanent its illegal occupation, has been given greater urgency. Ex-Vice-President Cheney, a man not without lobby power in Washington, is a director on the board of the exploiting company.

The Caliphate is now doomed. Irrespective of what happens to Assad’s presidency of Syria, it now looks increasingly likely that the Islamic State’s caliphate, into which so much Islamic yearning has been invested, has finally over-reached itself and succeeded in provoking what will become an effective counter-attack from the post-enlightenment secular states. Contrary to the Caliph’s hopes, this response is unlikely to fulfil IS’s founding apocalyptic prophesy of a final grand battle between the heroic forces of fanatical Islam and the crusading unbelievers. On the contrary, the tumour will be cut-off from its nutrient stream, the territorially based Caliphate will atrophy and the dream will end – not with a bang but a whimper.

There are budding IS offshoots that have gained control of fractured territories in places such as Libya, Yemen, Nigeria and Afghanistan. However, none of these can benefit from the theological and historical authenticity that IS in Iraq has been able to claim. Iraq has in the past been the seat of a glorious caliphate and has the geographical proximity, and a plausible potential, to occupy the Holy Places in Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina. Perhaps, more importantly, none of these franchises stand to benefit from the hugely mixed motives and conflicted policies that have bedeviled and dampened the hostility of the international community to the rise and progress of their franchisor. They therefore pose less of a threat to global stability and are more vulnerable to international counter-measures.

Zombie attack

The imminent danger. It is at the point when IS in Syria and Iraq disintegrates and as the particles of the decayed tumour metastasize around the world, that the danger to the global community will multiply dramatically. Free of all hope to establish the doctrinal necessity of a territorially secure country, IS supporters should be able to merge seamlessly with those of al Qaeda already located around the world and already prepared and committed to terrorist actions throughout western populations. The Zombie apocalypse might well be upon us – unless some urgent thought and action is taken.

Remedial Action. How does one cure a Zombie? Ardent religion is a form of mania. The mind has to be unbalanced to simultaneously believe a.) That all life and all lives are aspects of God’s creation and b.) That God is giving you, his obedient servant, instructions to usurp his (Allah is male) prerogative and frantically rush about destroying others of his creation in as brutal a manner as you can manage.

What has to be done now, at this very late stage in the unfolding disaster, is rather different to what should have been done before the destruction of the Twin Towers. Now, to extricate the West from the mess it has got itself into, there is probably no alternative but to use military force to break up the hard core of IS and isolate it from its claims to a permanent home territory. Having destroyed the claims of IS to control any significant areas of Middle Eastern real estate (and with it the hopes of assorted secular powers that its continued existence would work to their political benefit) the fragmenting Zombies have to be picked up and either destroyed or detoxed before they can do further damage, infect others and become endemic.

Easier said than done. However, that is not all that needs to be done. The concerned nations need to get together (perhaps under UN auspices) and work out an agreed plan to tackle each of the multiple factors I have listed above  – one by one. That of growing Islamaphobia in the West is perhaps the most important to be addressed. At the same time, Islamic theologians need to accept their responsibility for the up-dating of religious dogma. The fully justified sense of grievance that percolates through Moslem societies has to be removed. Only the states that gave rise to the grievance can put in train the policies that will be required to redress it.

The matter is urgent. Humanity urgently needs to get the twin problems of Islamic grievance and violent Islamic fundamentalism out of the way, in order to concentrate on the major problem it faces – rapid climate change, which threatens the continuance of all of God’s creation. If civilisation, in any recognisable and habitable form, is to survive, the global community urgently requires enhanced institutions of international mediation and the development and enforcement of international law. Perhaps it is at the level of the United Nations Organisation that the main diplomatic and political effort needs to be concentrated.

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