The White Man’s Burden!

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More than a century of progress in international relations!

The Western World, is now well set into its latest USA-led, Sinophobic campaign. It is designed to limit Chinese economic success and preserve the American economy from otherwise seemingly irresistible competition.  New Zealand and Australia should not bet the farm on American success!

In the course of some research on that exclusive, Anglo-Saxon club that is the Five Eyes Alliance, I came to the realisation that the composition of the OECD is also strangely colour-biased.

 I stumbled across the two letters to the UNHRC detailed below. (Remarkably, the USA is not one of the signatories of the ‘First Letter.’ The reader must draw their own conclusion for this anomaly.)

The white protest

Much more detail. The conclusions drawn in this article are based on the very dubious proposition that the ‘White’ accusations are valid. Long as I have searched, I have found little to justify accusations clearly designed to preserve the privileges of the’ rules-based-order’ that have accumulated to the the former colonial powers,

Of the members of the Five Eyes, only the spying-ring-leader, the USA, has not signed the first letter of protest – New Zealand and Australia have both signed – as have other major NATO allies. Not only has New Zealand signed this letter to the UN but, together with the other main western protagonists,  has recently begun concerning itself more directly in Chinese domestic affairs with letters of protest to the Chinese government about its alleged human rights infringements  in Hong-Kong and Xinjiang.

(At this point it is necessary to add a most significant and welcome amendment to this blog. Just a week after it was posted, this most significant event took place. Mahuta speech New Zealand’s new Foreign Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, has clearly signaled to her Anglo-Saxon partners that NZ no longer views the world through the same Sinophobic lens that is so distorting their vision of reality and national interest. The outrage in London’s conservative press demonstrates just how little the UK is prepared to acknowledge that New Zealand’s situation and interests are quite different from those of the mother country with its now vanished, but still nostalgically yearned for, colonial empire.)

All signatories of the first letter are members of the OECD. (“The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an intergovernmental economic organisation with 37 member countries, founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.”)  Of those 37 of the World’s most wealthy countries, all but four regard themselves as predominantly white, are predominantly Christian and have a history of colonial aggression. The religious exceptions are Turkey, Israel, Japan and S.Korea: the non-colonialist exception is S.Korea.

At least New Zealand’s letter-writing campaign would appear to be based on ignorance and disinformation deliberately fed to it by a sophisticated American propaganda machine. For New Zealand, credibility is enhanced through the Five Eyes, a made-to -purpose conduit for the passage of misinformation, tailored to bend New Zealand and Australia to the USA’s vision of its own national interest.

The chart could be interpreted as illustrating another instance of white nations’ belief in their inherent and traditional superiority and entitlement to talk down to lesser nations. The only non-white signatory of the first letter to the UN was Japan (a virtual colony of the USA, whose businessmen had conferred on them the title of ‘honorary white’ by the former Apartheid regime in South Africa.)

Though there were some notable abstentions, Russia, Belarus and Serbia were the only white nations to participate in the second letter. It would appear that the signing of the first letter was intended to demonstrate commitment to the Western Alliance in its US-led confrontation with China. The second letter has the hallmark of a hastily implemented and not very effective Chinese, diplomatic counter-attack.

Of the twenty-two bleeding -heart signatories of the ‘first letter’ deeply concerned at the infringement of the rights of  Uighur Muslims, only Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia and Luxembourg have not contributed armed personnel and bullets to  America’s killing-field in Afghanistan. So far, between them, these remaining eighteen signatory nations, plus their American leader, have removed the right to life from over 100,000 of the Uighurs’ co-religionists and immediate neighbours in Afghanistan.

It is noteworthy that slave labour and persecution of Moslems should be the rallying cause of the West. Why are no Muslim countries signatures on the first letter? In the second letter, there are twenty Muslim signatories expressing their sympathy with and approval of Chinese government actions in Xinjiang. The question is begging to be asked: do the Christian nations care tuppence what Muslims think? According to this American officer, western forces will remain in Afghanistan indefinitely with the intent of fermenting unrest among China’s Uighur community and restricting its economic progress. Wilkerson Sanctions on their province’s main crop, cotton, should be viewed as part of the same conspiracy.

(Stop press: Biden has just announced that the USA will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan ‘by the 20th Anniversary of 9/11’ – five months later than Trump had formally agreed with the Taliban. Perhaps Biden will have more success at overcoming furious domestic opposition and meeting his target than did Trump in his attempted withdrawal from Syria! A fortnight after Biden’s announcement the accuracy of Wilkerson prediction is justified by rumours of a plan to replace current US troops with the insertion of around 15,000 US ‘civilian’ ‘contractors.’ – spooks, Turkish special forces etc. The anguish of Afghanistan will continue, while the perpetuators continue to pontificate about Chinese human rights abuses!)

As no one chooses the ethnicity of their parents, white solidarity can hardly be attributed to racial pride. This blog is not about the workings of a loathsome and illogical racism, conscious or unconscious. Look instead to utility! This white alliance of the Five Eyes and NATO, currently straddles the world using its control of capital and economic institutions such as the IMF, to force late-comers to the global economy to open up their economies to penetration by the western capitalist system.

By accident of history, white Europeans were the first nations to industrialise. Their surplus production called for new markets and new sources of raw materials. Hence, the rapid expansion of their empires. In the hay-day of their exploitation of colonised peoples, these fortunate nations acquired a reserve of capital that allowed them to establish and retain dominion over those less fortunate.

These advantaged nations now see that dominion as being threatened. China, by giving a practical example of how a non-capitalist system can be constructed to the benefit of all, and not just to the wealthy elites of a privileged group of nations, is guilty of threatening the bean feast and giving hope to the wretched and exploited. Little wonder that it must be stopped!

Given the urgent need of global cooperation and collaboration in the face of climate change, nuclear weapons, pandemics and endemic poverty in so many nations, western hypocrisy seems matched only by its brutality and stupidity. The criminal class is represented by no means all, but by a critical mass of the Fourth Estate  paid to feed Soma to the white masses and their leaders. There are other culprits. Too many of the West’s political leaders, have themselves swallowed the pills and are now high on their own propaganda. No doubt, some among them are unforgivably self-seeking, choosing  to take advantage of the apathy of their bemused charges to line their own nests with power, prestige and in some cases, enormous wealth Soma

Looking at the vast geographical separation of New Zealand and Australia from the Atlantic heartland of white colonialism, it becomes apparent just how far out on a limb and exposed these two nations now are. Perhaps, New Zealand’s saving grace is the relative, but increasing success of the integration of Aotearoa’s colonial and indigenous peoples.

Australian and New Zealand governments, as  members of the Five Eyes, as NATO ‘partners’ and as member of the select group of wealthy OECD nations, by choosing to make common cause with the White Club are working not only against the flow of history as it turns towards an impending Asian, rather than western century, but also against their own self-interest.  By so blatantly supporting the white alliance, these governments endanger the social integration and harmony of their own communities. That harmony will be essential if they are to find the resilience to survive the multiple problems coming down the track in the opposite direction.

Perhaps these two governments should look seriously at dropping their other memberships, now apparently deployed against their major trading partners and geographic neighbours. They could instead declare their neutrality, that they want no part of confrontation and interference in other nations’ domestic affairs. They would be welcomed by other multilateral groupings, such as the G77, seeking  to enhance the role of multilateral institutions and protect their members from exploitation by the powerful.

Sinophobia is not just a modern phenomenon. This site offers a fascinating illustrated guide to the ‘White-man’s burden’ and the centuries-long, cultural conditioning the citizens of white nations have been subjected to.  It is an interesting site that not only indicates the powerful pro-colonial exploitation consensus, but also that by the start of the Nineteenth Century,  there were already, many voices raised in protest.

Imperial Cartoons

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