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Blog 173. “Every citizen should pick up a paddle.”

As I indicated in my previous blog, having now returned to my keyboard, I am redirecting my energy.

Were I simply to pick up where I left off and continue with the Khakispecs blog unchanged, I would not have been short of themes to write about. In just four months the international situation has been as action-packed as ever. I could write about Venezuela and the spineless conduct of the majority of EU nations in their support of this latest manifestation of US exceptionalist bullying. I could write about the Christchurch massacre and the dereliction of duty by NZ’s Langley-dependent Security Intelligence Service, or the apotheosis of Bonking Boris and the inadequacies of the British constitution in the face of Brexit. I could write about the deliberately baiting of Iran by Israel and its fellow travellers in the corridors of Western power, as they endeavour to bring about further profitable chaos to the hapless inhabitants of the Middle East. And so on and so on.

In short, there is no shortage of material to write about, as humanity teeters on the edge of the cliff. Those, who can be bothered to search out a more accurate version of the truth about the stories above than that contained in their Main Stream Media, should have little difficulty in finding it elsewhere in the blogosphere. Efforts by me to elaborate on them would be mainly redundant.

The international, anarchic march of folly is what my blogging over the past four years has been attempting to chronicle. My personal purpose in writing the Khakispecs blog was to gain clarity of my own mind as to how the geo-political world functioned and the direction in which it is heading. Alas! There is nothing in any of the recent developments, which would lead me to amend the conclusions I had drawn. The world continues to be ‘managed’ by those in power, as a jungle in which might gives right – and in which the vast majority of the blinkered powerless, remain apathetic in the face of the looming climate change and global warfare being inflicted on them .

It is time to join those, who are already attempting to do something about this perilous situation.

The first step, has been to make available a blueprint through Amazon Kindle The book is modestly priced (US$4) but will remain inert and ineffective without the targeted marketing campaign that awaits the allocation of appropriate time and funds. The second step will be to now establish a robust presence on social media and launch a campaign along the lines set out in the book. The ultimate goal is to add Paddle Now’s effort to those of the several others groups working to reform the United Nations Organisation and instigate a viable system of global governance.

Achieving any of the goals set out in “A country like New Zealand could save the World,” will call for the mobilisation of a still largely complacent NZ public. To allow the initial enlistment of a small, expandable leadership cadre, an aim, a manifesto and an action plan needs to be articulated and agreed on.

Here is a proposed long-term aim – open to suggestions as to how it might be amended:

“The aim is to bring into being a self-financing United Nations Organisation with a constitution giving it authority to legislate on, and then enforce, rulings on the maintenance of transnational peace and environmental well-being.”

And here is a suggested manifesto:

“Anyone alert to the world around them will be aware that rapid climate change is now under way. That it should be ignored and remain unaddressed, is to the short-term benefit of certain privileged elites. However, should it continue to remain inadequately addressed, within several generations it will, for the vast majority of humanity and for most life on Earth (selfish elites included) spell extinction.

The current International system is based on a concept that nation states should be fully sovereign and that the most powerful of them should have the ability to ignore, or plunder, the interests of the less powerful. The rudimentary system of global governance is not constituted to be able to rectify the social strains between nations that will be imposed by rapid climate change. These, combined with the recent advances in weapons technology and economic conflict, will accelerate the approaching social collapse.

For both the individual citizen and their nations, the necessary changes to the existing norms of economic life and international relations will prove difficult and painful. Attempts to bring about the required massive reformation of cultural behaviour and consumption patterns, will encounter vigorous resistance – both at the community and the international levels.

For the individual; you will be called on to implement the, now well-publicised, steps to be taken to minimise your physical impact on the finite material resources of the planet. At the same time, you should also be active in maximising your moral impact on the political decisions made within your society. Activism is the rent for that portion of the planet’s resources you consume – to be paid on behalf of future generations.

There are literally thousands of different socially active organisations intent on ameliorating the human condition. You have an obligation to become active in at least one of them. In turn, these organisations, no matter what their primary concerns within the societies in which they operate, have a duty to advocate reform of the current international system of governance. Take up your paddle!”

The current United Nations Organisation is in desperate need of reform, or replacement by an organisation better suited to the task of saving the planet from the environmental destruction and life-destroying conflict now confronting it. The next blog is intended to set the first peg in the ground.

“Every Kiwi should pick up a paddle.”


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