The CIA plays King-maker as the US Constitution founders.


Signing the Constitution

Blog No. 105.

Introduction. This is a long blog of over three thousand words. It contains as many as twenty hyperlinks of which several are U-tube clips, one of which is over two hours long. If you can find the time to read and watch all this, the same terrible truth will dawn for you as it has for me over the past few months. Previous blogs referring to the Harmon Wilfred story are Nos. 90, 96 and 101. Harmon Wilfred, trapped and isolated in New Zealand, persecuted by the NZ government, with his story, suppressed or ignored by the NZ media, holds the key to authenticating multiple and most disturbing truths, which are routinely and deliberately discredited in the western media, as the ravings of ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Forthcoming election. The American presidential election draws ever closer. The polls see Hillary, as the less unpopular of the two candidates, leading by one or two percent. However, as the contenders enter the final strait, their advertising campaigns will pick up and Hillary’s vastly superior funding resource is likely to increase her lead. In short, it now looks as though, only a black swan event will prevent the Hillary Clinton team from entering the Oval Office. Even then, the Clinton team has the resources available to strangle most black swans before they can flap their wings.

It is hard to imagine what sort of event could derail Hillary’s campaign. A couple of months ago, I was in full agreement with my friend and business partner, Harmon Wilfred, when he argued that the information he had about the Clintons, once it entered the public domain, would make Hillary’s election impossible. In the past two months, I have come to realise how extremely unlikely this is to happen. Harmon’s story can be told over and over again, but no one will pay any attention.

Turning two blind eyes to the Elephant in the room. The evidence of acute corruption has been offered to senior officials in the Trump campaign and even brought to the notice of his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and daughter Ivanka. It has been offered to Marsha Blackburn, a Republican Congressman who had had her request to the FBI for an investigation into Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash” (see below) allegations, turned down. It was then offered to Peter Schweizer himself and the Government Accountability Institute, which he chairs. At the same time, it was offered to the Preet Bharara investigation. Every Republican senator and congressman has been informed of Harmon’s case and though, in the Blackburn, Bharara and Schweizer, instances a slight nibble was felt on the hook, no hook has yet been taken.

Two camps. Those keeping their eyes clenched shut, fall into two camps: in one camp there are those who are either too frightened of the stick the Clintons and teammates are capable of wielding, or are already subverted by the mega-mountain of carrots they have on offer to obedient rabbits. The other camp consists of those, who are too patriotic to believe that such a terrible truth could apply to a country they are conditioned to respect and even, adore. Alternatively, if they do believe in the truth revealed by Harmon’s story, they are too frightened to make public their acceptance of it and thereby, by revealing CIA secrets, risk being accused of undermining national security.

Despite the magnitude of what he now realises are the odds stacked against him, Harmon keeps on trying to bring his story to the notice of the American public before they make a fatal error. This is a press release he issued last week.

The Wilfred Press Release.

“The CIA / Clinton Foundation Covert Money Laundering Connection

Recent reports show the Clintons amassing funds of up to three billion dollars with at least two billion having been received since the Clinton Foundation’s inception in 2001. “Where did the money come from?” Is it a coincidence the Clinton’s also formed a CIA multi-billion dollar covert funding partnership in 2001? Harmon Wilfred, as a CIA “asset” and unwitting architect of this cash cow is convinced the Clinton portion of this partnership is being laundered through the Clinton Foundation.

Harmon & Carolyn 2
Harmon & Carolyn Wilfred. New Zealand, August 29, 2016

 In 1997 Harmon Wilfred was contracted by the CIA to establish a covert, multi-billion dollar funding project in concert with the Clintons (the Clinton Presidency). He was told the purpose was to provide humanitarian aid in Central America.

Wilfred later discovered the real purpose of his mission was to provide funding for CIA Black Ops outside any government accountability or congressional oversight. He informed the US Justice Department; only to be told at a meeting in Toronto, by Bill Clinton’s personal attorney, Gregory Craig, that the President was directly and personally involved and therefore the Justice Department would, or could, do nothing.

In February 1998, Wilfred was arrested in Canada on trumped up extradition charges from the US, intermittently incarcerated in maximum security prisons in Canada and the US in 1999 and 2000, and then released back to Canada by a US federal judge due to a violation of The Hague Commission Treaty between Canada and the US. In early 2001, with continued harassment by the US, like Edward Snowden, Harmon and his Canadian wife, Carolyn Dare Wilfred managed to escape to Hong Kong. From there they continued their flight, finally arriving in New Zealand in August 2001.

By 2004, the charges against Wilfred in the US had either been dismissed or had expired by statute of limitation, leaving him with no criminal convictions. In March, 2005, Wilfred officially renounced his US citizenship to protect his freedom and personal safety. He is now essentially exiled in New Zealand as a stateless person. He has been forcibly separated from his three children for 18 years and now, from his wife, who was forced out of New Zealand to Canada in September 2015, purportedly under US/Clinton influence.

With the 2016 US Presidential election now in play and the bona fides of the Clinton Foundation being openly challenged in the US media, Wilfred has sent an open letter to Donald Trump outlining the Clinton’s role in this massive covert racketeering and money laundering scheme. He has good reason to believe that another Clinton presidency will mean the end of all hope of restoring his family and regaining his freedom.

Wilfred says, “The coincidental timing of the first CIA/Clinton covert funding and the creation of the Clinton Foundation as well as the common personalities, high level political connections, national security implications, and the preponderance of the accumulated evidence more than justifies an investigation to ferret out the Clinton Foundation money laundering connection. In any case, I believe my evidence alone may justify criminally convicting the Clintons. It’s now time to call the Clintons to account and end my family’s 18-year nightmare”.

Underpinning Wilfred’s evidence posted on his web site are the following historical documentaries and articles listed and linked on the home page:

  • ‘Clinton Cash’ ( by Peter Schweizer and the Government Accountability Institute. An expose’ on the corrupt “pay-for-play” scandal between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Foundation
  • The New Clinton Chronicles,’ by Larry Nichols. Investigations into the alleged criminal activities of then Governor Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton 

Part 1 (,

Part 2 (,

Part 3

Part 4

  •  ‘The Mena Connection’: by former CIA Operative, Terry Reed. Exposes the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra and drug running. Reed reports in his documentary that by helping the CIA set up its secret “black” operations involving the Clintons, he unwittingly compromised his family’s safety, ultimately forcing them to become fugitives. This is the same terrible pattern of Clinton/CIA retribution used against the Wilfred family.
  •  ‘What the World Must Not Know’: by Hugh Steadman. This is a recent article in the New Zealand blog Khaki Specs focusing on the Clinton conflict and providing some guidance through the Lumina Diem web site from the reader’s perspective.

Wilfred is in communication with Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and author/director of the book and documentary “Clinton Cash”, as well as Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn’s Congressional probe into the Clinton Foundation. He is also in communication with the office of US Federal Attorney for Southern New York, Preet Bharara to assist his current criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

For questions on this press release, please contact Harmon Wilfred

E-mail:, Toronto Freephone* to New Zealand 416-342-6061

*Please note the time difference to New Zealand when you call Harmon’s Toronto number. The best time to call is after 3 PM EST which is after 7 AM New Zealand time (next day).”


The CIA/Clinton team. The key to the problem is that it is not just Hillary Clinton running for the Oval Office, but also her allies (or handlers) in the CIA, who intend to share the office with her. No one, other than Harmon, and that was only after he had viewed the ‘Clinton Cash’ documentary, has made the connection between the Clinton Foundation and its use as a money laundry for the CIA’s multi-billion dollar notes. More significantly, no right thinking American (or, as in NZ’s case, American ally) wants to admit to such a possibility.

Freedom of speech – so what? One cannot but be impressed by the freedom of speech which is enjoyed by American citizens. Faced with that awful freedom, the elites, who have so much to hide and who control the government and the media that should function as a watchdog over them, have worked out effective strategies to impair the American public’s ability to hear. I would challenge anyone to watch the U-tube clips referred to at the bottom of Harmon’s press release, all of which are freely available over the Internet, and then name any other country in which one of the starring Clinton duo, with this sort of information in the public domain, could have any chance whatsoever of winning a democratic election to the highest office in the land.

Terry Reed says it all. The Terry Reed story ‘The Mena Connection’ is a perfect example of the case I am making. Terry’s story is the prequel to Harmon’s. The only difference is one of scale – Terry was involved in an operation that gave the CIA and Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, access to hundreds of millions of slush dollars. Once the CIA/Clinton team had made use of the proceeds of their impressive cocaine business to elevate the governor of one of the nation’s most backward states to President of the USA, their ambitions rose with the same tide. Harmon’s operation would now give them access to tens of billions of slush dollars.

Collage from the coming Tom Cruise Mena movie ‘American Made.”

This collage offers advance notice of a film, starring Tom Cruise that is currently being shot by Universal and which was initially titled ‘Mena.’ The name has recently been changed to ‘American Made.’ It was scheduled for release in January 2017. It has now been put back to September 2017, by which time, should it be Hillary in office, one can assume that the script will have been subject to review.

Incredible? To an outside observer, the whole story might well seem too fantastical to be believed. All those other, third party reports of CIA involvement in drug running, the enormous scale of the operation and the brazenness of its execution, seem too extraordinary. However, as a fairly conscientious observer of international affairs, I would admit to being inclined towards belief rather than disbelief. This is not only because of repeated reports of other CIA drug profiteering activities in countries such as Turkey and Afghanistan, but also because of what must be the enormous cost of multiple CIA interventions in overseas, wars, coups and media distortion; all in operations that are executed without any Congressional oversight or budgetary provision.

While several have had suicide committed, the  question (hardly begging an explanation, as the explanation is all too obvious) is why, in that litigious country, have none of these presenters of highly defamatory alternative truths been sued for libel? It is not as though those defamed lack the funds!

Personal experience. However, in this instance, I am not simply an outside observer. For ten years, I have had close personal contact with the Wilfreds, have seen the evidence they hold, and consequently, have not the faintest shadow of doubt that their testimony is truthful. The fact that it so closely tracks the previous ordeal of Terry and Janice Reed confirms not that Harmon’s testimony is true, but that the Reeds’ testimony also is true. Further confirmation is offered by the what appear to be exceptional lengths gone to by successive New Zealand governments to cooperate with the CIA and/or other US government agencies in exacting retribution for Harmon Wilfred’s whistle blowing.

Constitutional theory… Recently my bedside read has been “Grand Strategies” by Charles Hill. Hill is a distinguished American career diplomat and academic, who, with awesome erudition, follows the history and development of western political thought from classical Greece, through classical Rome and the European Enlightenment until, what he sees as its apotheosis in the American Constitution. The segregation of governmental responsibilities into the counter-balancing powers of the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature, with the whole, subject to the democratic voice of the governed, as expressed through the polling booth and the media, was intended as a perpetual motion machine of just and pragmatic government.

… and practice. We are the unfortunates to live to witness two thousand years of accumulated western intellectual development being negated by a small coterie of gangsters, who are in the process of stealing the American constitution. Reading Harmon’s story and looking at the current US presidential election and the choices available to voters, it is all too clear that something has gone horrifically wrong with the Founding Fathers’ intent. There is sufficient evidence to argue that the Executive, in the form of the CIA, teamed up with the President, has managed to make serious inroads into the once impartial and, to the Executive, what ought to be impenetrable domain of the Judiciary. To illustrate this, there are the multiple failures to conclude FBI investigations (most particularly, the recently aborted investigation into Hillary’s exposure of state secrets on her private server, which might yet come back to bite her) and the unjust and apparently prejudiced behaviour and decisions of the members of the judiciary. Harmon’s encounters with Colorado State Attorney, John Suthers, the run-around given to Sibel Edmonds and the prosecutions of Terry and Janice Reed and the subsequent, off-hand dismissal of the case they brought against their oppressors, the multiple ‘suicide’ findings in regard to Clinton related deaths, all stink of fish.

Awesome power of the CIA/Clinton cartel.  Elements within the CIA have acquired four levers with which to usurp the authority of the American constitution:

Slush funds. Firstly, they have unlimited slush funds, with which to buy individuals and institutions. My previous blogs dealing with the Harmon Wilfred story, give an indication of the tens of billions of unaccounted for funds, now available to those CIA executives, who are in on the deal. In the case of Bill Clinton’s election, the CIA selected to place in office the presidential candidate most amenable to its corrupting influence. We are now seeing the same pattern emerge in regard to his wife.

Enforcement: Secondly, they have fear with which to assert their authority. The CIA’s clandestine enforcement arm eliminates the disobedient or inconvenient, and controls or suppresses any subsequent investigations. For both internal disciplinary and external enforcement, the CIA has its long-standing specialised ‘cleaning’ department. This is well illustrated in ‘A Timeline of CIA Atrocities’ ( by  Steve Kangas. (  Kangas was a former Army Intelligence Specialist and journalist who also died ‘mysteriously’ of ‘suicide’ in 1999 while working on a book exposing CIA covert activities.

I rely on Harmon for my knowledge of how the cleaners function within the internal network of CIA assets and agents. After the controversy following the JFK assassination, any sitting President considering action against the core interests of the CIA, would have to harbour a suspicion that his or her own life might go the same way as Jack Kennedy’s.

Of course, lesser sanctions, such as imprisonment on framed charges, character assassination or career destruction can also be applied. In Harmon’s case the chosen sanction has been permanent alienation from his children and now, with the NZ government’s connivance, enforced separation from his wife.

In the early stages of the current phase of the CIA’s takeover of the US government, as the young Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton, was being groomed for a higher purpose, there seems to have been a spate of suicides and accidents among his business and private-life contacts and those in his entourage. One of the conveniently departed even went to the lengths of shooting himself twice in the head. I am frequently asked “How come those, such as Sibel Edmonds, Terry Reed and Harmon Wilfred have not yet met with similar lethal events?”

Dead people
Dead people (I have not checked out all their stories!)

I don’t think we need rejoice that the cleaners appear to be less active now than once they were. On the contrary, the continued survival of these pesky whistle-blowers is an indication of the confidence that the CIA now has in its ability to ensure that their blathering goes unremarked by the general public. Only a suspicious death might risk bringing their largely ignored stories back into unwelcome limelight.

Should Hillary become President, their physical safety might not be so assured. From what I understand of her character, she is fully capable of the extremes of vindictive behaviour. Having the power to add prejudice to the current retribution, she might be unable to resist the temptation.

Blackmail. It is interesting to note that, according to the blurb on the film ‘American Made’ (see hyperlink above) the Bush brothers, Jeb and George, flew the family’s private plane into a DEA sting operation and were filmed with several kilos of cocaine in their possession.  The DEA hadn’t realised just who was in the net! Subsequently, the whole event was hushed up, all evidence vanished from the scene and the film footage’s location is now unknown. There is more of the same here: Given all the other coincidences and the basic premise of this blog, it seems not unreasonable to assume there is truth in this story. Similarly, it would seem a safe assumption that the DEA’s footage was obtained by the CIA and would have been able to assure the cooperation of both the Senior and Junior Presidents Bush in whatever scheme the CIA had in mind (for instance, the Twin Towers? Volume 47/4: read the PDF on high-rise building  collapses.) Certainly the possession of such footage would have given the CIA great confidence is supporting the Bush Junior bid for the presidency.

In a time when the CIA has access to total surveillance of anyone of interest to them, endless opportunities for blackmail enforced compliance exist. Media proprietors, politicians in America and overseas, members of the judiciary etc. are all obvious targets. The memory banks are infinite. You want a new President in some country: who have you got so much dirt on that they will perform for you in return for your assistance in getting them into office? You want a country to join you in a military escapade in Iraq: what have you got on their Prime Minister? You want a vote on the UN Security Council: what have you got on the ambassador?

Control of the Media. The Terry Reed documentary gives an example of how a CIA operative-cum-Time Magazine reporter was employed to destroy both Reed’s credibility and career. There is so much information available on this subject that I will quote one hyperlink You don’t have to watch the video; you need only read the final quote (in red at the bottom of the text) from an editor of the NY Times: Google ‘Udo Ulfkotte’ or ‘Operation Mockingbird’ for further info. In the words as cited, of John Swinton, former New York Times Chief of Staff, “There is no such thing at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it….”

CIA control and manipulation now extends into social media as well

CIA-Owns-Everyone-of-Any-Significance-in-the-Major-MediaThe prospect of Hillary. As Harmon says, in the case of a Hillary Clinton presidency, the ‘free world’ will be led by a criminal gang. It will be contemptuous of and fully able to extract itself from, inconvenient democratic control, while it sets about maximising its wealth and power. If its own, national constitutional law means so little to it, how much less does international law signify? With the CIA as co-conspirator with the president and the guaranteed obedience of the Pentagon, the rest of the world may well be brought to a choice of compliance with unacceptable demands, or war.

War and its prevention will be the subject of the next blog.

Was it “Mena, Mena, tekel, parsin” written on the wall at Belshazzar’s feast in notification that the days of his empire were numbered?!




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