Thank you Mr Trump, Mrs May & M. Macron for proving my point.

Yuri & Yulia Skripal before their collapse – is the man in the mirror the poisoner?

Blog No. 150.

The Skripal apparent false flag and the Douma apparent false flag: the most likely explanation for this western indulgence in these acts of aggression and the dangerous failing in the current global system that they illustrate.

“In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralizing. Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment it is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism.” Oscar Wilde.

My recent several blogs in the series ‘NZ and the rule of International Law,’ have been devoted to the existential threats facing humanity and the possibility of their being avoided. The three threats specified have been Nuclear War, unmitigated climate change and the atrophy of the rule of international law. I have indicated that a fundamental reason for the development of these threats is the failure of the western model of electoral democracy. One of the main reasons for the failure of these democratic institutions has been the failure of the Fourth Estate. (1.)

The MSM (Main Stream Media) instead of fulfilling it proper function of holding politicians to account, has become an instrument of propaganda for the hidden agendas of global elites. These elites have good reason to keep the population in ignorance of their motivations and objectives while they hide behind the politicians, whose elections they have often and largely paid for.

The west has allowed its media to become dominated by a few major corporates that are in turn dominated by a cabal of big finance, manipulative secret intelligence agencies and the other players in USA’s shadow government. This phenomenon of the mass manipulation of western populations and the thinking of their leaders has become ever more apparent since the launch of the Project for the New American Century (2) and PNAC’s entry into its realisation phase with the election of Bush Jnr. and the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Deploying the corrupted MSM as it storm troopers, this ‘Shadow Government’ has both blinded and subjugated the western world to its intent. It is placing humanity’s continued existence in jeopardy with its continued pursuit of the vain (in both senses of the word) dream of unipolar global domination.

All the above is a great ‘conspiracy theory’ to be readily derided by those bound within the MMM (Media Manipulated Matrix – my neologism!) of conventional thought. However, after today, the 14th April 2018, thanks to the conduct of Mr Trump, Mrs May and M. Macron, rejection of the propositions put forward in my recent blogs should be that much more difficult.

As I write, in the six or so weeks leading up to the posting of today’s final blog in the International Rule of Law series (Blog No.149) which was concerned with proposed reforms to the United Nations Organisation, an extraordinary series of events is taking place. These highlight the threat of nuclear war and the urgency of the need for the development of a system of enforceable international law.

Today, as I sat down to start writing this blog, I heard the news that Trump, May and Macron have launched what appears to have been a very limited missile strike against Syria. At least it appears not to have been the full, bloody invasion of Syria that many mad-dog voices in the USA had been clamouring for and that the Russians warned of in March. (Had they learnt of it through their intelligence channels or is that they were working on an informed hunch based on their knowledge of the MO of a serial killer?) (3.) Its extent appears on first reports to have been sufficiently limited to avoid the development of the hot war between the USA and Russia that many had feared might emerge from the reckless brinkmanship of the past several weeks and which could easily have escalated into a nuclear Armageddon.

In previous blogs (4) and (5) I gave details of two previous occasions on which the West had sought excuses to overturn the legitimate Syrian regime by waving the false flag of a chemical gas attack as the justification for military intervention. Here is the next: Yuri Skripal, a former Russian security officer, who had betrayed secrets to MI6, been sentenced to a prison term and then released in order to be exchanged for some Russian agents arrested in the USA, had been resettled quite openly in Salisbury. On the 4th March, he together with his daughter, Yulia, who was on a short visit from Russia to visit her father, was found on a bench in the centre of Salisbury suffering from some acute form of poisoning.

Both were taken to hospital for treatment, whereupon the British government promptly and without due investigation, announced that they were victims of a Russian attempt to murder them using a new class of chemical agent, Novichok, which was ‘five times more lethal than military grade nerve agents’ and which ‘could only have been manufactured in Russia.’ Britain demanded a display of solidarity from its NATO allies in its punishment of Russia for this first chemical attack on European soil.

Britain expelled Twenty-three Russian ‘spies’ from the Russian diplomatic mission, the USA, sixty, the ever eager-to-please Ukraine, expelled thirteen and other NATO countries, with ever more apparent reluctance, expelled several more. Belgium, which hosts the juiciest espionage target of NATO HQ on its soil, could only find one suitable candidate for expulsion. Russia retaliated in kind and consequently, at a time of increasingly stressed relationships between Russia and the West, long-established channels for mutual communication and trust have been seriously compromised. (6.)

New Zealand was pressed by the mother country to expel Russian diplomats and join the allied display of solidarity and unsubtly threatened with adverse trade consequences if it didn’t. Nevertheless NZ was unable to find any Russians, who qualified for expulsion

In the meantime, both the victims of this alleged high lethality agent (which normally kills with ten minutes of skin contact) are on the road to recovery and are being held incommunicado by the British government. The British have claimed in turn that the poison was administered by the Russians contaminating Yulia’s suitcase before she left Moscow, by the toxin being concealed in the ventilation system of the Skripals’ car, by being added to a gummy substance stuck on the door-handle of their Salisbury home and by being added to a box of chocolates and/or a bottle of Vodka. It all has a strong sense of déjà vu as Mrs May attempts to follow Tony Blair’s lead in producing yet another dodgy dossier to justify an unjustified act of aggression.

Though Theresa May and her foreign secretary, Boris Johnson claimed that the chemical could only have been produced in Russia, they refused Russia’s request for access to the samples. Furthermore, it transpired that the original developer of Novichok was now living in the USA and had published a book on the subject of how to produce (subsequently suppressed on orders of then Foreign Secretary, Hillary Clinton even though the formula has been patented in the USA.) (7.) It also transpired that Porton Down, Britain’s chemical warfare centre, just eight miles from the scene of the crime, possessed samples of the chemical. Further technical details on the nature of the poisoning continue to emerge (8.) It would appear that, whatever it was, there is still no evidence, other than wishful thinking, that it was of Russian manufacture, or administered by Russian agents.

No one could find a sensible motive as to why Russia (on the point of a presidential election and the prestigious hosting of the World Cup and which could easily have eliminated Skripal, while he was in its custody) should suddenly chose this inopportune moment and most spectacular and ineffective way to attempt his murder.

In fact the whole episode smelt strongly of false flag to anyone who stopped to think. However the MSM clearly didn’t, or was instructed not to. It went into overdrive to create massive anti-Russian hysteria among western populations. This is the third blatant western attempt to call the chemical warfare ‘wolf.’ There are now signs on social media and utterances of European politicians that some of the western population and at least a few of its decision-makers were, and now even more so, beginning to feel doubts about this hate-Russia charade. Respect for Britain within EU policy making circles is probably now, and deservedly, at an all-time low.

Other than the general ‘hate Putin’ campaign that the USA launched after Russia’s successful intervention in Syria’s MI6 and CIA sponsored civil war, (9) why should Theresa May’s government, have chosen this moment to indulge in this spectacular?

I now enter the world of surmise. My interpretation of events is based on the PNAC background and the conviction that there remain powerful and controlling elements within the USA working towards the break-up of defiant Russia. The medium-term objective is the digestion of Russia and its assets by the western financial system that they own. Their subsequent control and occupation of Russia’s border with China would allow them access to that ultimate target in their campaign for full global domination. Could these be the sort of mind games that the super-wealthy, living the lives of Greek gods in an Elysium of indolent privilege, can indulge in? Could a case be made that some of these bored intellects are indulging in that ultimate decadence, a real-life game of ‘Risk’ or ‘Illuminati’ and laying stakes on the outcomes? (10.)

My guess is that both Trump and May have fallen into a trap set for them by MI6 and its senior collaborator, the CIA. Neither of the two politicians has enough technical knowledge to enable them to refute the evidence given to them by their intelligence agencies. The CIA remains desperate to regain its control over the Syrian battlefield in which it has been humiliated by Russia and from which Trump, very sensibly, is anxious to depart.

The false-flag Skripal affair, together with its carefully planned campaign in the MSM, was designed to condition NATO populations for a major uptick in hostilities against Russia in Syria (and later in Iran, Ukraine and the Korean peninsula.) The three western nuclear democracies, the USA, Britain and France, were all at a similar stage of the democratic cycle where their leaderships were on the verge of electoral defeat. Trump had his problems with Russiagate and Stormy Daniels, May had hers with Brexit and a resurgent Labour opposition, while Macron had reached the lowest levels of popular approval with strikers marching all over France. What better time could there be for the tail to wag the dog? (11.) The three western leaders were initially eager to bite into the apple of rescue proffered to them by their intelligence agencies. But then came second thoughts.

Even as the MSM tried to keep to the script, the blogosphere and social media started running out of control. Serious doubts were raised about the veracity of the Skripal story. It would have been with relief that Mrs May was able to involve herself in the carefully orchestrated, self-righteous aggression against Syria and allow the new media spectacle to drive the growing Skripal embarrassment into the background.

Unfortunately, as so oft with the best laid plans of mice and men, things in Syria were going astray. The USA’s frantic attempts in the UN Security Council to delay the Russian and Syrian government’s re-conquest of the Ghouta rebel enclave failed. Consequently, the time available to organise the false flag gas operation intended to initiate the much wider re-entry of the USA’s armed forces into the Syrian battle, was compressed.

When the planned gas outrage finally came, it was a rushed job. Not only had the deep state drivers not yet had time to fully ensconce their attack dogs, Bolton and Pompeo alongside a President (who was clearly lacking in zeal in confronting Russia and seeking world domination) but the more prudent ‘adult’ General James Mattis, who had a better appreciation of the military dangers, was still influential. The gas attack was not only badly botched in its execution (having had to be reported on without actually having been carried out?) but it came so late in the battle that it seriously called into question Assad’s possible motive for having indulged in it. (12.) The MSM started to falter in the line.

Gas canister allegedly used in Douma attack

These two short video clips show senior British personnel spoiling the official story despite the best efforts of the media to silence them. Peter Ford, a former British ambassador to Syria, refuses to allow a BBC interviewer to silence him (13.) British General Jonathan Shaw, former British forces commander in Iraq, has his interview with Sky News cut short when he veers from the script. (14.) Here is a sixteen-minute, Russian version of the same false flag story including an interview with a former British First Sea Lord. (15.)

Expecting a western attack on Syria, the Russian’s issued a threat, which was well in their military capability to follow up on, that it would consider in retaliation, an assault on the platforms from which that attack was mounted. It at last started to dawn in the West that a potential Russian attack on the US fleet in the Mediterranean, or the British airbase in Cyprus, was likely to involve NATO in significant casualties and a war that could rapidly escalate into a nuclear exchange. In short, the western alliance was being driven to the edge of a precipice.

Be impressed! Off to attack a non-existent chemical facility.

To save face, the three western powers still had to mount a token attack on Syria’s almost certainly non-existent chemical warfare facilities, but, at first sight, it would appear to have been in coordination with Russia and on an understanding that there would be no further military risk-taking – at least in the immediate short-term. At the end of the day, those advocating the Project for the New American Century will have experienced a significant setback and the political front-men will become ever more suspicious and resentful of their activities. That doesn’t mean to say that the attempt to dismantle the Russian Federation will be abandoned, but a theatre in which Russia has less military advantage will be chosen for future confrontations.

At the end of my series on NZ and the International rule of Law, I could not have asked for a more graphic illustration of the validity and urgency of my arguments. The western nuclear powers regard the UN as a useful propaganda platform, but, beyond that, irrelevant in the prevention of their waging aggressive war when it suits their purposes. This is what a group of international lawyers have to say about the incident. (16.)

The alarming fact is that today, there is no central agency with the power to prevent a civilisation-destroying global conflict. The Main Stream Media is always ready to unquestioningly support the powers that be (where the money is) and work to maintain the MMM on which their masters’ ambitions depend. The vast majority of western populations and the leaders they elect, brought up in the MMM, are incapable of distinguishing between fact and fiction and are thus readily led over the cliff by a few of evil intent. (17.)

The British unwritten constitution is so grievously flawed that it would allow the political expediency of a self-interested PM to involve the British nation in a global military conflict without consultation with the nation’s elected representatives. The current model of western electoral democracy appoints fools and blackguards to positions of the highest responsibility. Western intelligence agencies have more power than elected governments and need urgently to be brought back under control.

All in all it would seem that the new New Zealand government, in refusing to be drawn into the conflict against Russia, has acquitted itself well under the pressures it has faced. At the same time it has announced a major initiative to help all the people of the world face the challenge of climate change by its banning of further offshore oil exploration. This represents a major economic (and political) risk taken by the Labour led coalition for the general good of all humanity. Urgently required, is a centralised global authority to ensure that New Zealand’s voluntary sacrifice is not used by another nation to take up the commercial opportunity voluntarily relinquished by New Zealand.

Action on all the above fronts is urgently required.


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