Syria again.

Blog No 94

Aleppo – where the US State Department’s chooks come home to roost.

This is to continue on my current path of writing brief blogs referring to other people’s articles and allowing readers to keep themselves up-to-date with some of the main emerging (or long emerged) themes of current affairs. In last week’s blog I quoted Robert Sakwa’s article on the American drive to push its NATO satrapies into confrontation with a Russia, which has had the temerity to question whether or not America should be the sole arbiter of how global affairs are conducted.

This week I return to the Syrian front and have selected three articles for your delectation. The first is an eyewitness account written by a doctor working in Aleppo. This should be read in conjunction with my previous blogs on media distortions – such as

Dr Antaki, in this article, originally written in French, reinforces my previous claims regarding the extent of Western public ignorance, brought about by an orchestrated misinformation campaign about what is actually happening in Syria.

One of the problems facing the world today is that the lower echelons of American, foreign policy decision-makers, be they employed by the State Department, or the Pentagon, fall victim to their own side’s propaganda. (However, one can rest assured that there are some in positions of power and influence in America, who are fully aware of the reality on the ground. These, cynically eminences manipulate their colleagues’ understanding to further their own, clearly defined agenda of global dominance.)

The second is an article by Gareth Porter, an acknowledged expert on American involvement in Middle Eastern affairs.

In this article, Porter details the US sympathetic relationship with al-Qaeda associated organisations in Syria – this symbiosis is a recurrent theme in any investigations into America’s Middle Eastern operations. It would appear that the would-be, Masters of the Universe regard fanatical Islam as a valued adjunct to their global strategy.

The third article, by Alastair Crooke effectively links America’s Syrian front to its aggressive European strategy. Negotiating in bad faith, the Americans strive to maintain the original goal of their intervention in Syria.

With an eye to the future

As with the impending disastrous climate change, so too it is with all-out nuclear war. Other than a mass movement of revulsion and a determined refusal to travel the road down which the reckless merchants of greed are leading their docile flocks, there is nothing to prevent either one, or the other, or both, taking out mankind.

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