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The Honourable Murray McCully

Recently and to the publicly expressed disappointment of New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, who was chairing the meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia vetoed a Malaysian-sponsored motion on MH17. The motion, while classifying the plane’s downing “as a threat to peace and security,” called for the establishment of an international tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for the downing of the flight over the Ukraine. In fact no one should have been surprised by Russia’s veto, as the intention to cast it had been announced well in advance.

That the Chairman allowed the motion to get on the agenda, was simply an expression of New Zealand’s support for the current western campaign of vilification against Russia and its leaders. (Ironically, amongst other factors, the dairy price, on which New Zealand’s economy is largely dependent, is now suffering significantly from the increased competition in the global market-place from subsidised EU production, which has been diverted from the Russian market as a result of the sanctions resulting from the vilification campaign in which NZ has participated. What goes around comes around!)

Unsurprisingly, as no doubt was intended by the powers that arranged for the motion to be brought, the Western media reacted with stories implying that Russia’s veto was an indication of its responsibility for the outrage. Click: Australian outrage.

pilloryVitaly Churkin, Russia’s representative on the Council gave two reasons for his country’s veto. Firstly the event was over and done with, was most unlikely to be repeated and could not therefore, be classified as the threat to global peace and security, under which heading the motion was lodged. More importantly, as the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation into the causes of the crash was not yet completed, no one could say with any confidence how the aircraft had been brought down and unless that was known, it would be impossible to allocate blame.

Churkin went on to state that despite its casting of a veto on what Russia saw as a political, rather than a legal manoeuvre by the western powers to implicate Russia in a crime that it denies, “Russia stands ready to cooperate in the conduct of a full independent and objective investigation of the reasons and circumstances of the crash.”

In a previous blogs I went into some detail on this disaster. Click: MH-17. At the end of that blog, I quoted with admiration a hyperlink to the Berlin based, investigative blog- site ‘Correct!v.’ I like to think that I am only seldom had – but in this case I was. I subsequently entered into correspondence with the author over points in the story that didn’t quite ring true and came to the conclusion that he was either a CIA asset, or at least someone in thrall to the CIA, as per Udo Ulfkotte. Click: Udo. I became convinced that Correct!v’s story, that it was a regular Russian army BUK missile unit, working in close support of a regular Russian army tank unit operating in eastern Ukraine, which had brought the aircraft down in error, was a fabrication – both pure and expert.

So now we have three different mechanisms by which MH-17 could have been destroyed and seven different scenarios as to how the operation was conducted.


1. A modern BUK surface to air missile, as currently in service with the Russian army.

2. An older version of the BUK missile as currently in service with Ukrainian army units. (The two BUK versions have distinctive shrapnel patterns and penetrative shapes.)

3. Cannon fire from a fighter aircraft – possibly preceded by a heat or radar-seeking air-to-air missile, which could have taken out one of the engines prior to the aircraft going in to deliver the coup de grace. Click: Air-to-air. (Don’t take this report as decisive – there is so much propaganda a being put out by all parties involved, that nothing should be believed – probably not even the final Dutch Safety Board report!)

Python 5-2
BUK system








1. A regular Russian Army BUK missile unit operating in Ukrainian territory – claimed by one US propaganda source and highly unlikely: a tragic and highly inconvenient mistake.

2. A Ukrainian rebel group using a modern BUK system provided by the Russian military: again a mistake. (As claimed on Australian TV – complete with subsequently demonstrated to be doctored film sequences.)

3. A Ukrainian rebel group using an obsolescent BUK system captured from the Ukrainian armed forces: again a mistake.

4. A Ukrainian army unit using a BUK and downing the aircraft either by mistake, or as a deliberate false-flag operation.

5. Another false-flag – this time, a BUK fired by an irregular Ukrainian military unit operating under a local warlord, such as Dnepropetrovsk region, oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyi Click: Igor.

6. A Ukrainian air force Sukhoi fighter aircraft operating under orders from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence or of the Interior – a false-flag without US connivance (like the al-Ghouta gas attack in Syria, which was almost certainly carried out by American allies without American prior knowledge, but to involve the USA in the war.)

7. A Ukrainian air force Sukhoi fighter aircraft operating under orders of the Ministry of the Interior, but this time as a false flag to implicate Russia and to get the EU to sign on to sanctions and with American connivance and encouragement.

Until it is determined which mechanism was responsible, any attempt to mount a tribunal to apportion blame would, as the Russians claim, be nothing but an exercise in hot air.

I have to admit to having grave doubt as to the impartiality of the Dutch Safety Board’s (Joint Investigation Team’s) investigation. A year ago they were able to announce (what was absolutely obvious from the photographs taken immediately after the event) that the aircraft fell out of the sky because of multiple holes made in its fuselage by high velocity metal projectiles. A year later, while one would have expected some urgency in the investigation as the full venom of the West is targeted on Russia, with grave economic and security consequences for all parties involved, the DSM have still not announced the exact nature of those high velocity objects. This is even though the fuselage has been recovered and some of those objects must have been lodged in bodies and soft furnishings. Were I the Russian government, I would be deeply suspicious of this prolonged delay and almost total lack of transparency.

If and when the DSM does ultimately publish a report on the matter, I would view its findings as dubious in the extreme – unless, at the same time, it opens up the evidence, on which it bases its findings, to independent scrutiny by agents and institutions uninvolved in the investigation. There is simply too much at stake in the investigation, for there to be no risk of any great power tampering with its findings. The whole justification for the current effort to destroy Russia’s independence from domination by Washington, hangs on these findings. The American instigated sanctions, currently roiling the EU and Russian economies, could never have been put in place had the Europeans, without waiting for proof, not been panicked into accepting that Russia was to blame for the massacre.

MH!& Investigation
Fragment of MH-17 under investigation

Furthermore, in casting their veto over the suggestion that their reputation should be left in the hands of a tribunal organised by the UN, or any other western judicial body, the Russians have good reason to doubt the impartiality of any outcomes. To see Western based courts siding with notorious criminal oligarchs who looted the Russian nation, would give the Kremlin sufficient reason to worry. Click: Yukos and Click: Khodorkovsky.

More frightening still, are the implications of this report into the extent of CIA and other USA Agency penetration and influence over the International Criminal Tribunals in Rwanda and Yugoslavia and by implication of the International Criminal Court (even though the USA steadfastly refuses to itself become a signatory.) Click: ICC suborned. I consider this to be one of the most demoralising reports on international affairs that I have ever read.


For more details on the investigation into MH-17   Click: Veto details.

And here is a stop press addition to the literature!

For those interested in how the mainstream media cunningly manipulates readers’ opinions, this extract from a book by Dr Michael Parenti, acknowledged as an expert in this subject, will make interesting reading. Click: Mind manipulation.

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