Quo Vadis Khaki Specs? – Et tu Clinton Foundation?

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Blog No.101.

I have now completed the blogging cycle that I had originally embarked on in my attempt to reach an understanding of the world in which my grand-children will grow up. At the end of the two years, as those who have read my most recent and hundredth blog will understand, I have unearthed little cause for optimism. The future of my grand-children’s generation appears bleak in the extreme. I cannot help but ask what would be required in order to make it less so?

Having had in the back of my mind the intention to step-off the treadmill of writing a blog a week, once the century had been reached, I have now decided to continue for just a little bit longer. Firstly, I will endeavour to answer that last question. Secondly, I know I won’t be able to resist commenting on the developing crisis in American politics, which will have such profound   repercussions for all the people of the Earth.

It appears beyond absurd for someone in my situation and with my obvious limitations, to embark on an attempt to offer solutions to a global problem of such enormous complexity. However, my blog seems to average around a hundred unique visitors each day (though many will be accidental visitors, rather than readers.) Perhaps some of those readers will feel inspired to comment on my proposed solutions and together we could develop some more practicable ideas? It would be good to attempt a useful contribution to all those multiple other efforts, which are going into the resolution of the same set of problems. To that end, my next blog (Blog No.102) will consist of a list of what I see as objectives to be achieved in light of the dire situation described in Blog No. 100.

Seeing that war is listed in my last blog as one of the dominant perils facing our global civilisation, in the remainder of this blog I will bring my readers up-to-speed on the possible outcomes of the presidential campaign in the USA. The current rivals for the Oval Office leave those helpless (and without much hope) observers from outside the USA to answer the classic question: would they rather drink piss, or eat shit? (It should be noted that while Hillary is eager for war, Trump is eager to deny Climate destabilisation and apparently determined to take no steps to address it – back to the classic question!)

Before he made such an ass of himself after the Democratic convention, Donald Trump looked as though he was in with an excellent chance. Since then, with his party falling into further disarray, his chances are looking less sanguine. The only thing that now seems likely to stop Hillary achieving what would, to her, be the exceptionally profitable position of President, would be publication of further significant revelations from the likes of Wikileaks, or from some other media outlet deciding to run with such as the Harmon Wilfred story (as in my Blog No 96.) For the Clintons, there is no shortage of greed scandals waiting to attract public attention. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton_Cash and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM This U-Tube doco., while rather hysterical in tone, leaves little doubt that a future President Mrs Clinton will dance to the tune called by the 1% Masters of the Universe (while charging them, and everyone else, like a wounded bull for her performance.)

In the last couple of days, newspaper reports have emerged that the FBI has established a special unit to investigate the Clinton Foundation and some of the specific allegations made in the Clinton Cash documentary. It appears that these will all centre against Clinton deals, which the Republican Party views as endangering America’s national security. It is extremely doubtful that they would address the possible laundering function of the Foundation, as set out at the end of this blog. The neo-con Republicans and their allies in the FBI would almost certainly view Clinton assistance to the CIA in funding its illegal operations away from Congressional oversight, as being a patriotic endeavour meriting the turning of a blind eye rather than investigation.

clinton foundation donations
Where it comes from

Looking at the source (The Wall Street Journal, a key disseminator of misinformation), there is no reason to accept that the chart on the left, at approx. $60 million, represents a significant fraction of the fortune chugging through the accounts of the Clintons’ Foundation. Note this chart refers only to ‘individual donors.’ There is no mention of corporate and governmental donors.  Nor will Bill’s share of the proceeds from Harmon Wilfred’s $6 billion Mitsubishi Bank note (and the ten similar but larger that were to followed) have had to undergo an auditor’s scrutiny. Was Bill Mr 1%, Mr 2%, or Mr 20%?The Clintons must be very seriously rich – but would appear to have every intention of getting much more so. This article on the subject was posted this month: https://spectator.org/shut-it-down-the-clinton-foundation-is-too-corrupt-to-exist/

Where it ends up

A fellow New Zealander, Tim Beal, has just written two excellent articles, in which he compares the probable foreign policies of a President Donald Trump and a President Hillary Clinton.

https://www.zoominkorea.org/the-dangerous-year-2017-part-1/ This is on Trump – probably the more amusing and less dangerous option.

https://www.zoominkorea.org/the-dangerous-year-2017-part-2/ This is on Hillary, who should scare the bejesus out of anyone with half an insight into the current state of international affairs. As Beal points out, a US supported South Korean assault on North Korea will almost inevitably bring China into a military confrontation with the USA.

More frightening than North Korea, is Hillary’s recent announcement that her first priority, on entering office, will be to remove Bashir Assad from power. This will entail perilous confrontation with both Russia and Iran and the abandonment or deferment of plans for the eradication of the Islamic State and other Al Qaeda Islamist/Terrorist fronts. It is doubtful that the EU will either welcome or survive the creation of tripled or quadrupled numbers of refugees flowing out of Syria to escape the massacre of all non-Sunni religious groups, which would follow Hillary’s’ achievement of her ‘tonto’ (in the Spanish sense) ambition. No wonder Republican Neocon Hawks, or rather vultures, such as Nuland and Kagan are deserting Trump and moving over to the Clinton camp in anticipation of fresh mountains of corpses to be pecked over.

Hillary is clearly deficient in her ability to draw lessons from past mistakes. Look at the mess that Libya now finds itself in. https://khakispecs.com/?p=1243 Above everyone else, this was Hillary’s war – and she reveled in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgcd1ghag5Y Now Libya, years after the event, like the American interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, all of which she fully supported, is still presenting a daily bonanza to the American armaments vendors, from whom she is no doubt receiving  a quid pro quo. Sadly, Hillary is not the only female American foreign affairs ‘expert’ Valkyrie, who revels in such profitable interventions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omnskeu-puE As Tim Beal points out, among other female hawks, such as Condoleeza Rice, Madelaine Albright is going to be chosen as one of the closest of Hillary’s foreign affairs advisors.

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of escorting Doug Casey around the Marlborough Wine Festival. https://www.caseyresearch.com/team/staff/doug-casey Doug is not a man whose views I share, but he struck me as having applied great intelligence to the development of the solipsist philosophy by which he lives – in style! Since then I have always read articles he writes on the occasions that I encounter them – usually in investment magazines. Here is what he had to say recently when interviewed about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. https://www.internationalman.com/articles/doug-casey-on-president-hillary-clinton-world-war-iii-and-the-deep-state The first half of the interview deals entertainingly with the current presidential race in general. In the second half, Doug gets down to specifics on the subject of ‘crooked’ Hillary.

Freedom is such a lovely word!

If American empire is going to take the world down this track, humanity would be far better off without it. Humanity now faces a choice between Donald and Hillary, as to which should be given control over a button with the option to destroy life on Earth. If this is the culmination of ‘democracy’ as we know it, it is a system, which has spectacularly failed us. Either that, or else it is our mass apathy and willingness to allow our thoughts to be manipulated by the most greedy and selfish of our species that has spectacularly failed democracy. In either case, the resolution of the problem of democracy needs adding to our list of ‘must does.’

There is a postscript that needs to be added to this blog. Harmon Wilfred, (see Blogs Nos. 90 & 96) having seen the U-Tube ‘Clinton Cash,’ referred to above, says that he thinks I have probably got the Clinton foundation all wrong. For him , the key is the date on which the foundation was established – 1999. This is the last year of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the same year that the Mitsubishi note was cleared for US$15 billion and two years before Harmon fled Canada in fear of his life. Harmon believes the foundation was most likely set up as a front through which the Clintons, through their multiple and often dubious international contacts could launder the note (and successive notes?) not only on their own behalf, but also to solve that particular problem for the CIA.

This is the email I received from Harmon.

Hello Hugh,

I watched the Clinton Cash documentary last night and it became obvious to me that there is a direct relationship between the completion and funding of the first $15 billion tranche of the Clinton/CIA covert funding deal (“CCF”) in 1999 and the entire Clinton cash strategy.  First of all, the Clinton Foundation was first created and funded in 1999, Clinton’s last year as President.  It only makes sense that the Clinton’s were using these international deals to launder and invest the money from the CCF through his new found political and corporate syndicate.  In the India example the donor actually admitted that the money contributed to the Foundation was not his.

The continuation of this process has been assured by the fact that there were originally 32 of these multi-billion dollar bank notes issued of which 11 were assigned to the CIA by 1999 through Central American countries and the balance were in process to be obtained.  This was confirmed to me by a meeting in Colorado Springs with a member of the Rothschild family, Shamuel Emanual Abijah (code named ”The Principle”) who met with me in my Colorado Springs office and showed me the 32 notes in high resolution copy and revealed to me at the time that it was his family that caused the original notes to be issued in the 1960”s.  Although his family was upset that the CIA had obtained possession of 11 of these notes (bearer bonds), as the bonds were already exposed to private trust intermediaries, they were compelled to cooperate and take part in the deals.  The first bond transacted at a value of $15 billion in 1999 was the smallest of the 11 notes scheduled for transaction. I was told that due to the size and nature of each transaction they would initially limit them to one per year.

It’s easy to see how the Clinton’s would become the brains of the laundering and investment strategy of this operation controlling all transactions through their Foundation and utilising their political clout and their long standing political/corporate syndicate oligarchs to funnel billions throughout the international scene in order to accomplish the covert and overt deals of the organization.

I will add more detail to this as I have time to recall other related meetings and documentation.



This is what Harmon has subsequently posted on the Lumina diem  homepage www.luminadiem.com :

MAY 18, 2016…OPEN LETTER TO DONALD J TRUMP / The Clinton/CIA Covert Global Cash Connection 

 Q: What do you get when you combine the Clinton/CIA Covert funding operation with the Clinton Cash Connection?
A: A politically legitimised billion-dollar global money laundering crime syndicate with the CIA as the enforcement arm.

If Harmon’s insight is correct, then the world does indeed have  a problem. It would appear that the Clintons have worked their way into a position in which they are highly vulnerable to blackmail by the CIA, or at least by some of its senior officials. Likewise, those officials will be held in thrall by knowledge the Clintons will be holding over them. Consequently, with unlimited funds at its disposal, we have a solid and unshakeable, amoral, criminal alliance operating outside constitutional constraints which, assuming Hillary’s November election to the US presidency, will control the American Empire and the most powerful economic and military forces in the world.  

In regard to domestic American policy, Bernie supporters and Trump supporters can eat their hearts out. They are history. The future will be written by the new, ‘full-spectrum, global dominatrix,’  (Pepe Escobar’s delightful phrase – see hyperlink below) to whose banner the USA’s martial and mercenary elites are now flocking.    https://observer.com/2016/08/clinton-abandons-sanders-progressives-to-court-the-establishment/

Escobar believes that the foreign policy of the Israeli/Saudi axis will be taken fully on board by the new President –  not only the hapless populations of North Korea, Syria and Russia, but also the Iranians should be fastening their seat-belts.  Here is Escobar’s (written in his standard entertaining style) view of the consequences of a Hillary presidency for those living outside the USA  https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45259.htm



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