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For Immediate Release Blenheim                                                     NZ 31/May/18


Wilfred v. Dare – Appeal dismissed / Judicial review under application

On the 8th March 2018, the appeal of Carolyn Dare Wilfred against Judge Conway’s ruling of the 17th March 2017, was heard by three judges of the Toronto Appeal Court. At the end of the three-hour hearing, in the opinion of those present in Court, the judges appeared very favourably inclined towards granting Carolyn’s appeal and Carolyn’s lawyer expressed his confidence that Carolyn would emerge as the winner.

However, her husband, Harmon has previous experience of apparent Canadian government interference in the judicial process and remained considerably less optimistic than Carolyn’s lawyer. The fat lady had yet to sing.

Each day, after the hearing, the Wilfreds and their legal advisors watched the Court’s website on which the decisions, arrived at in the previous week and those due to be released on the following day, are made public. They would still be watching and waiting – were it not for the fact that on the 26th April, after seven weeks, a far longer delay than the average, the cursory ruling was released to Carolyn’s lawyer. Her appeal had been dismissed on all counts. (A judicial review of this decision is now under application based upon critical issues at law and the public interest.)

The singularity is not in the highly contestable nature of the ruling, but in the fact that the existence of the case, let alone its outcome, is never mentioned on the Appeal Court’s Website. (Wilfred v. Dare 2018 ONSC 2532 Divisional Court file No: DC-17-198 20180423.) Furthermore, the summary nature of the dismissal seems inappropriate to a case of this importance in determining the borders between contract law and equitable law where it relates to the oppression of minority shareholders in family owned companies. The silence surrounding this seemingly critical issue at law and in the public interest would appear to be an endeavour to prevent awareness as to a legitimate challenge to Canadian oppression case law. Why else the secrecy? Will this case ever be allowed to set a precedent in law, or are the parties involved so embarrassed, they have opted for a cover-up?

There is another explanation. As a CIA whistle-blower, Harmon can testify to the multi-billion scale and structure of the CIA’s illegal operations outside constitutional oversight. Tied up in his testimony is evidence of the fraudulent activities of the Clintons and their Foundation. Harmon’s is a potential security breach comparable to those for which Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have been responsible. His subsequent treatment by the US, Canadian and New Zealand governments offers prima facie confirmation of the validity of his testimony as illustrated in his latest “closing arguments” submission to the Court of Public opinion on his web site: “Coincidence or Preponderance of Evidence”: .

As demonstrated, all three governments have shown themselves prepared to risk considerable political capital in their attempts to prevent Harmon’s testimony entering the public domain.

It is therefore important to the three governments, allied as they are through the Five Eyes system, that Harmon’s wife should not gain control over significant funds. Were these sufficient to allow the couple to conduct major court actions, supported by commensurate PR expenditure, a major political and ‘security’ embarrassment could ensue.

Further details are available on Harmon’s Website at and by watching a series of interviews Harmon has given to Jason Goodman at Crowdsource the Truth. The following are two relevant interviews: Wilfred v Dare Foods of Canada Part 1 and 2: and

This Press Release is issued by Carolyn’s friend and business partner, Hugh Steadman. He can be contacted at Harmon, at home in New Zealand, can be contacted at and Carolyn, still refused permission to re-join her husband, remains in exile in Canada at cdw/


For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                                                     Blenheim 25/04/18

Immigration department plays games with the Ombudsman’s office.

On the 3rd July 2017, David Ballantyne of Canterbury Legal, acting on behalf of Harmon and Carolyn Wilfred, wrote a seven-page letter to Stephen Vaughan, Immigration New Zealand’s Manager, Compliance and Intelligence.  The letter, in 30 paragraphs, requested that the unenforceable deportation order against Harmon, imposed in February 2011, be lifted. At the same time he requested that the all ports ban on the re-entry of his Canadian wife, Carolyn, be retracted and she be allowed to visit and live with her husband.  Much of the letter was devoted to NZ’s human rights obligations under international law and how they relate to the abuse being inflicted on the Wilfreds.

Thanks to the Ombudsman’s intervention, the deportation order against Harmon was finally lifted on the 7th February 2018 – but in such terms as to be meaningless. The responsible official, Richard Wilson,  claimed that the order could be reinstated on his whim at any time. No reason need be given and he made clear that though Harmon was now technically free to apply for his residential status to be formalised, it would be a waste of his time to make the attempt.

Up to and beyond this ‘breakthrough’ achieved by a  persistent Ombudsman, despite many prompts and even a verbal assurance that a reply was in process, no acknowledgement or reply to David Ballantyne’s very specific and substantive letter was received. In March this year, a complaint about this refusal to reply was lodged with the Ombudsman, who acted promptly and extracted the long delayed response from INZ. This included an apology for the delay in responding to the letter and an assurance that David Ballantyne would receive a full reply by the 20th April.

This reply (amounting to a total of 160 words, of which the first sixty were a reiteration of the apology already given to the Ombudsman) was duly delivered one day before the expiry of the deadline. The writer, to whom INZ’s Manager, Compliance and Intelligence had delegated the task, was a relatively junior INZ official in charge of border control at Christchurch airport.

From: Katarina McNaught <>

Sent: Thursday, 19 April 2018 4:55 p.m.

To: David Ballantyne <>

Subject: Request to reinstate visa wavier status: Mrs Dare-Wilfred [UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear David

I’m writing in regard to your letter of 3 July 2017, regarding Mr Harmon Wilfred and his wife, Mrs Dare-Wilfred. I understand the Ombudsman’s Office may have passed on INZ’s regrets for not promptly responding to the request for Mrs Dare-Wilfred’s visa waiver status to reinstate.  On behalf of INZ I reiterate our apology for not responding before now.

I advise that I have considered the information you have provided and I am not prepared to reinstate Mrs Dare-Wilfred’s visa waiver status.  Mrs Dare-Wilfred’s situation remains the same as when she left New Zealand and I note that the Associate Minister of Immigration declined to intervene in her case on 8 August 2017.  The submissions in your 3 July 2017 letter were considered by the Associate Minister at the time.

Mrs Dare-Wilfred is required to apply for a visa to test her eligibility to be granted a visa to enter New Zealand.  Any new information can be considered at that time.

Yours sincerely,

Katarina McNaught


Immigration Border Operations

Immigration New Zealand | Compliance, Risk & Intelligence Service

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

International Airport Terminal, Ground Floor, PO Box 14-127, Christchurch, New Zealand

Though ostensibly, Carolyn is encouraged to reapply for a visa, Richard Wilson had made it quite clear INZ will never allow Carolyn to visit her husband in New Zealand and that if they are to meet again in their lifetimes, Harmon will have to leave the country. This, even should he dare make the attempt in the face of the ongoing hostility of the CIA and other very powerful figures in the US justice system to whose corruption he has testified, as a stateless person without travel documents, he is unable to do.

Given the insubstantial nature of the above reply, it would appear that the assurances given to the Ombudsman by INZ were for naught and that INZ believes it has impunity to act as howsoever it feels inclined.

This press release courtesy of ; Harmon can be contacted by phone at 03-968-9603 or      Carolyn can be contacted at  .

Previous press releases in this series can be read at    Everything that Harmon states in this interview can be supported by electronic evidence on his website   also supplemented and available as hard-copy supporting documents in the very safe keeping of his lawyer.



For Immediate Release Blenheim 16/03/18

Land of the Long Dark Cloud


This is the third of the Jason Goodman interviews with Harmon & Carolyn Wilfred in the series “Harmon Wilfred: Americas First Refugee”, broadcast live on YouTube every Monday in New York at 7PM Eastern Standard Time (Tuesdays at noon in New Zealand)

This full and on-going YouTube series is available on CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH at

In the first twenty minutes, Harmon retells his experiences in a Canadian underground dungeon to explain why he will never be returning to either Canada or the USA. This is despite Immigration NZ’s and the Ombudsman’s blandishments that this would be a way for him to be re-joined with his exiled wife, whom INZ has dutifully tethered in the CIA’s killing zone.

The remainder of the interview deals with the way in which the treatment that Harmon has received from successive New Zealand governments has mimicked, almost step by step, the abuse meted out to him and his family by the Canadian and USA governments.

The story would suffice to make any New Zealander or Canadian feel ashamed of their country. This feeling of shame can only be reinforced by the fact that the NZ and Canadian media have seen fit to bring neither the mechanics of the Wilfred’s persecution, nor the reasons behind it, to the attention of their respective publics.

Not only is this oppressive silence shameful, it is also cause for serious worry about the fragility of democracy in these two ‘proudly independent’ Commonwealth countries.

This press release courtesy of ; Harmon can be contacted by phone at 03-968-9603 or     Carolyn can be contacted at .

Previous press releases in this series can be read at   Everything that Harmon states in this interview can be supported by electronic evidence on his website  also supplemented and available as hard-copy supporting documents in the very safe keeping of his lawyer.



For Immediate Release:  Posted from Blenheim 1st March 2018.

The face of courageous investigative journalism

Courageous investigative journalism is not just for those brave souls, like Vanessa Beeley, who visit the battle zones in Syria knowing that they are not under the protection of any of the intervening powers.  There is also room for heroism in New York. Hats off to Jason Goodman, who must be fully aware that the risks he is taking could lead to his disgrace, financial ruin or even  suicide, falling under a train or being shot by an interrupted burglar.

When you see the dire content of this first, of what will be, a series of interviews, you can understand why investigative journalists in New Zealand have been so reluctant to interview Harmon or to publish anything other than gross distortions of his reality.

Of course, Jason is an idealistic American patriot striving to overthrow the shadow government that has so successfully usurped his American Constitution. Who in New Zealand, except perhaps some cabinet ministers, realises that it is that same shadow government that is in the process of undermining New Zealand’s observance of international law and human rights?

Enjoy the video – barring the intervention of the grim reaper, there are several more to come.


Does anyone in NZ’s Fourth Estate, the sans couilles, feel there is any need for the NZ public to know how a cabinet dictatorship, runs their opaque democracy?

Harmon can be contacted by ‘phone on 03-9689603 or  Carolyn can be contacted at

Previous press releases in this series can be read at Everything that Harmon states in this interview can be supported by electronic evidence on his website also available as hard-copy supporting documents in the very safe keeping of his lawyer.




For immediate release 14 February 2018

Major failure by New Zealand’s media.

As reported in multiple previous press releases, Harmon Wilfred, a CIA whistle-blower in possession of testimony against Bill and Hillary Clinton that should have had significant influence on NZ foreign policy, has been living in New Zealand since 2001. He has been stateless, without travel documents and unable to leave the country ever since his request for political asylum was rejected in 2006.

In 2011, immediately following a summit between John Key and Hillary Clinton, he was issued with an unenforceable deportation order. In September 2015, Carolyn Wilfred, with the full prior-knowledge of INZ, visited her daughter in Canada. Without any advance warning, INZ issued an all-ports ban on her re-entry – thus separating the couple, with no chance to say their farewells, potentially, for the rest of their lives.

A few days ago (with a new government in power) INZ rescinded the deportation order. However it continues to insist that Carolyn remains in exile and that, even though he has no travel documents, Harmon should leave New Zealand and presumably, thus reside in international waters, or undocumented, attempt entry into another country. In the next few weeks, the Hon. Kris Faafoi, the new Associate Minister of Immigration, is scheduled to reassess Harmon Wilfred’s situation.

Over several years, starting in 2008, a series of deeply calumnious and misleading articles about the Wilfreds appeared in the Christchurch Press. The reporter responsible never once spoke to, or met the victims of his vicious assaults. The articles would seem to have been written to fit perfectly into the CIA’s SOPs for the punishment of those whistle-blowers outside the range of its ‘cleaning’ department: destroy their reputations; rubbish their evidence; make them unemployable and if possible drive them into bankruptcy.

Other than the Christchurch Press articles, which determinedly avoided the truth, there has been a single gallant attempt to reveal the real Wilfred story by a reporter of the ODT. His full-feature article, based on several months’ research through Harmon’s voluminous archives, was inexplicably spiked at the last moment before publication.

With those exceptions, and one or two brief mentions in sundry blogs, the New Zealand media has almost completely ignored the story of the extreme injustice the Wilfreds have suffered at the hands of the NZ government. The same is true of the behind the scenes, political skulduggery in US/NZ relations. The funds poured into the highly suspect Clinton Foundation, other than a brief mention in the NBR, have scarcely earned a mention.

So, finally, the challenge of honest investigative reporting has been taken up in New York.

Charles Ortel, an investigative journalist specialising in financial fraud, has been investigating the Clintons and their Foundation for the past several years. For Ortel, Harmon’s knowledge of the ‘coincidental’ setting up of the Clinton Foundation at the same time as the CIA opened a multi-billion stream of funding for its black-ops, explains much of subsequent events. In his first of several planned interviews, Ortel goes at length into the NZ tax-payers’ funding of some dubious overseas Clinton Foundation transactions.

Broadcast last weekend on Jason Goodman’s New York blog, ‘Crowdsource the Truth,’ Ortel’s ‘Sunday with Charles’ program, featured an hour-long interview with Harmon Wilfred. Within the first few hours, it received thousands of views and multiple comments and appears to be making increasing waves. Despite the complimentary things Ortel had to say about New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, the facts displayed could well prove somewhat embarrassing for NZ. The broadcast, of which more are to follow, should certainly shame the negligent and/or gutless NZ media.

This is a two and a half hour broadcast. There is much, specifically NZ, detail that starts at around the forty-five minute mark. Harmon’s hour-long interview starts about an hour into the programme. So far, in the past sixteen years, no New Zealand journalist, other than the hapless ODT reporter, whose article was spiked, has seen fit to interview either of the Wilfreds.

If the NZ public is kept in the dark about such matters as its government’s heartless abuse of the Wilfreds and the tax-payers’ funding of dodgy international scams such as the Clinton Foundation would appear to be, how can an intelligent and well-informed democracy function?

This is an egregious failure by the NZ media and should be a matter of grave concern to all New Zealanders. What other human rights abuses, mis-spending of public money and secret squirrel deals are taking place behind their backs? In these two instances, it has been with impunity and in broad daylight.



For immediate release   14 November 2017

Double worries in Paradise for the Boys at Dare Foods

Last week saw two new headaches land on the boardroom table of booming family owned Canadian cookie giant, Dare Foods Limited.

The two Dare bothers, Bryan and Graham, who are shareholders and directors of all of the Dare group of companies, learnt that their only sister, Carolyn Dare Wilfred, had lodged an appeal in Toronto Superior Court Case #198/17 against Justice Conway’s ruling of her 3rd of March minority shareholder oppression action, Superior Court case #CV15-11001-00CL. The judgement determined that Dare was not required to purchase her 27.7% shares in the family holding company, Serad Holdings Limited.

Carolyn’s appeal aggressively argues that the decision is not compliant with established equitable legal precedents as follows in part:  “…it is submitted that Conway J. failed to fully consider the evidence adduced at trial when determining the appellants reasonable expectations … of the equitable nature of the oppression remedy…”

“The law is clear – the oppression remedy is not designed to enforce the strict legal rights of the parties, it is ‘focused on concepts of fairness and equity rather than legal rights’”.

Detailed evidence presented in Carolyn’s appeal, consistent with further violations of the fairness and equity principle is the murky history of the Dare family Cayman Island Trust. The recently leaked Paradise Papers revealed that Carolyn’s father, the late Carl Dare, had been up to shenanigans with his hidden 1975 Cayman trust. CBC named Dare as one of five major Canadian entities taking advantage of offshore trusts run by Appleby, the company at the centre of the Paradise Papers scandal, ‘Notable Canadian companies, individuals in the Paradise Papers.’

This is not the first time that journalists have been offered an insight into the tax-inspired, offshore financial activities of the Dare family.  This 2011 press release, ‘Anatomy of a Canadian/Cayman Island Tax Dilemma,’  though subsequently overtaken by events, gave a first public indication of what was really going on with Carolyn’s father and her two brothers.

The devil is in the detail. A trustee company, such as Appleby, accepts a significant sum from a wealthy individual in order to establish (‘settle’) a discretionary trust. On the surface, once a trust is ‘settled,’ all disbursement and investment decisions  are strictly at the discretion of the trustees. Who they  should go to for advice in making their decisions, is also at their discretion.

The offshore trust world is a tightly knit network of ultra-rich individuals and corporations working through a group of well-recognised and “respectable” global trustee companies. If ever one of those companies did not obey the advice from its “advisors”, it would soon be out of business. In short, there is no legal barrier preventing a ‘settlor’ becoming an advisor and, thus, in effect, an onshore de-facto trustee, thereby making the offshore trust structure a tax sham.

At Carl’s death, he had removed Carolyn from his will and designated his two sons as the “advisors” of the Cayman trust, even though they are in clear conflict as beneficiaries with Carolyn.  This move established the second despotic business structure with prejudice toward their sister included in her appeal evidence. As such, all of Carolyn’s requests for beneficial distributions have been denied since she lawfully revealed the unreported trust to the Canadian Revenue Authority in 2011. Therein lays the continuing Dare family pattern of male dominance, retribution, and oppression.

Carolyn says, “There has never been a better opportunity to expose family bullying and discredit deliberate prejudice in rigged corporate structures, as well as exposing wealthy offshore family trusts as a complete scam. Now is the time!”

This press release was issued by Hugh Steadman at    He can be contacted at

This story is also featured in Harmon Wilfred’s documentary website at

.  Carolyn and her husband Harmon can be contacted by email or phone:


Phone:  NZ: 64-3-968-9603, Canada: 416-342-6061



For Immediate Release 30/10/17

Asylum sought to escape from NZ government’s human rights abuse.

Attempting to escape from ongoing abuse at the hands of the New Zealand government, CIA and Clinton whistleblower, Harmon Wilfred and his Canadian wife, Carolyn Dare Wilfred, are petitioning foreign embassies in Wellington for political asylum.

The couple entered NZ on a US and a Canadian business visa in 2001. In 2005, when Harmon’s passport expired, the US consulate confiscated it and told him to return to Washington to collect a replacement. Fearing for his freedom and possibly his life, Harmon renounced his American citizenship and sought political asylum from the NZ government.

In 2006, his plea for asylum was rejected, apparently, because the NZ government did not wish to give offence to its powerful ally. Since then Harmon has been living as a stateless person in New Zealand.

In 2011, immediately following a summit between John Key and Hillary Clinton, Harmon was issued with a deportation order. As he has no travel documents and no country to go to, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) cannot enforce its order. However, the existence of a deportation order against him makes it impossible for him to apply for residency, NZ citizenship, or otherwise regularise his status. The Ombudsman has been considering this case of bureaucratic entrapment for the past three years, but has yet to make a ruling.

In 2015, Carolyn Dare Wilfred, decided to forgo her business visa and apply for residency under Stephen Joyce’s ‘Investor Plus’ programme for foreigners wishing to invest $10 million or more in NZSMEs.

She was falsely informed by NZI that applications under this programme could only be made from overseas. Having informed NZI of her intention to make her application from Canada, in September 2015, Carolyn left for a holiday with her daughter in Ontario, while her new residency application was being processed. Within 24 hours of her departure from Christchurch airport, INZ placed an all-ports ban on her re-entry. When the Wilfreds’ lawyer protested, he was told that it was a bureaucratic error that would soon be rectified.

Since then it has become obvious that it was done with deliberate intent to coerce Harmon to leave the country illegally. Carolyn is currently living in Germany and is forbidden from visiting New Zealand. Meanwhile her husband, without travel documents and forbidden to take employment, is in effect imprisoned in New Zealand. In New Zealand prisons, even mass murderers would be allowed visits from family members. Harmon, who has committed no crime other than to blow the whistle on the crimes of others, is not. This loving couple, both in their sixties, fear that they will never be able to meet again during their lifetimes.

Faced with no other choice, they have embarked on the task of finding another country, which would be prepared to grant them asylum from the abuse of their human rights that the New Zealand government through INZ continues to inflict on them. It seems a forlorn endeavour: why should a third country pick up New Zealand’s neglected international obligations?

Below, I attach a sample of the letters requesting asylum sent to foreign embassies in Wellington.

24 October, 2017

His Excellency ….

Re: Urgent Request for Political Asylum for Harmon Lynn Wilfred and Carolyn Dare Wilfred.

Your Excellency …,

My name is Harmon Lynn Wilfred. I served in the United States Air Force (AF11687501) from 1969 to 1973 under a Top Secret security clearance. From 1996 to 2000 I was contracted as an asset of the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) under the Clinton administration. In 2000, I exposed illegal CIA covert operations to the US Justice Department involving the Clintons. Under constant CIA/Clinton threats and retributions I escaped North America to New Zealand in 2001 with my Canadian wife, Carolyn Dare Wilfred. Today I am a stateless person, exiled in New Zealand with no right to work or travel. Carolyn currently resides with friends in Germany after being banned without notice from returning to New Zealand while on holiday in 2015.

We, Harmon and Carolyn Dare Wilfred hereby request political asylum from the Nation State of …. due to the ongoing egregious violations of our human rights by the United States of America, Canada and New Zealand in collusion. These violations have been officially brought to the attention of the referenced nation states since 2001 and have not ceased. As a direct result, we now face the loss of our family, freedom and safety, including financial destitution as well as being forcibly separated since 5 September 2015 with no redress.

Documented evidence of these violations is hereby attached to this request in hard copy and/or by the included flash drive with live URL evidence links within the documents:

1. Attorney Notice letter to NZ Immigration

2. Certificate of loss of Nationality of the United States

3. New Zealand Refugee Status Decision- Declined

4. Submission of UNHRC Human Rights Petition 1638/2007

5. Acceptance of UNHRC Petition 1638/2007

6. Request for Judicial Review of UNHRC Petition 1638/2007

7. Unenforceable Deportation Order

8. The Harmon Wilfred Story Summary

We will be following this asylum application by phone to schedule personal interviews. Thank you for your compassionate consideration of this urgent request for political asylum.


Harmon L Wilfred Carolyn Dare Wilfred

This press release is posted by Hugh Steadman for Khaki Specs Hugh has been a friend of the Wilfred’s since 2005 and in business with them since 2008. Further detailed information is available on the front page of Harmon’s website

For immediate release Blenheim 18/June/2017

Immigration NZ head obeys Ministers’ instructions and urges ‘inconvenient’ US refugee to break the law.

On 18th May, former policeman and now acting General Manager of Compliance for Immigration New Zealand, Stephen Vaughan, wrote a letter to Harmon Wilfred in which he claimed to be acting on instructions from New Zealand’s Ministers of Justice and Immigration (since confirmed by the Hon. Michael Woodhouse, see letter below.)

INZ is fully aware that Harmon, as a stateless person has no travel documents and that therefore he can neither legally enter another country, nor take up paid employment in this one. Unable to seek employment, Harmon has recently been adjudicated bankrupt by the High Court. In consequence, he is, forbidden by this country’s bankruptcy laws, to leave NZ until 2020.

Despite the above obvious facts of his circumstances and history on file, Mr Vaughan has issued Harmon with instructions that “You should make immediate arrangements to depart New Zealand.” Were he to do as instructed, he would be breaking both New Zealand law and the laws of another country.

Mr Vaughan and his ministers have maneuvered Harmon, so that he is now under extreme psychological pressure to find a way of obeying the NZ government’s unlawful instructions. In short, he is being both incited and coerced by the NZ Ministries of Justice and Immigration into breaking not only New Zealand’s laws, but also the laws of another country. Incitement to break the law is in itself an offence.

After having invested heavily in a high-tech business start-up, Harmon and his wife had been working in Christchurch on business visas ever since their arrival in 2001. When, in 2005, his American passport expired, Harmon applied to the US consulate for its renewal. It was confiscated and he was told to return to Washington to collect a replacement.

Thereupon, Harmon, fearing for his personal freedom and safety, applied to the NZ government for asylum as a political refugee. As a former financial contractor to the CIA and the bearer of testimony of a multi-billion financial laundry established by the CIA and the Clinton Foundation in 1999, Harmon had good reason to believe that his return to Washington would have cost him his freedom and quite possibly (as it already had two others in his team) his life.

Nevertheless, despite the support Harmon received from the UNHCR office in Canberra, INZ turned down his application for asylum. It would appear that the NZ government was anxious to avoid giving offence to a powerful ally.

In like fashion, since 2005, every attempt Harmon has made to regularise his status as resident in NZ, has been turned down. Probably no coincidence, immediately after John Key’s November 2010 summit with Hillary Clinton, INZ issued Harmon, the bearer of inconvenient truths about the Clintons, with a deportation order. Due to his lack of citizenship of any other country, this could not be enforced.

Since then, having this unenforceable (and therefore arguably, illegal) deportation order against his name, has been used by Immigration New Zealand as an excuse to refuse consideration of all further attempts Harmon has made to regularise his status in NZ.

More recently, INZ has forcibly separated Harmon from his wife. In September 2015, having first cleared her travel plans with INZ, Canadian citizen, Carolyn Dare Wilfred, made what was to be a short visit to her daughter in Canada. With no warning and within twenty-four hours of her departure, INZ issued an all-ports, re-entry ban. Ever since then, she has been trapped in exile. Apparently INZ’s intention is that Carolyn, as a tethered goat, should lure her husband into a criminal act.

On 16th June the Honourable Michael Woodhouse, Minister of Immigration himself wrote to Harmon

Dear Mr Wilfred,

On behalf of the Minister, thank you for your email requesting a meeting. We understand that Immigration New Zealand have corresponded directly with you regarding your circumstances and the Minister supports the content of that letter.

Diary commitments prevent a meeting at this time. However, the Minister will be in Ottawa, ON Canada, on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 June and would make arrangements to meet with you there. Please advise your preferred date and time.”

The above begs the question: is this just a cruel mocking of his victim’s torment, or is it a conscious attempt by someone, who considers himself to be above the law, to coerce or incite Harmon Wilfred into breaking both the laws of New Zealand and of Canada? A kinder and simpler  (but improbable) explanation would be that New Zealand has an idiot as its Minister of Immigration.

This press release was issued by Hugh Steadman. He can be contacted at Harmon Wilfred has a website at This and other press releases in this string can be found at Stephen Vaughan can, in theory, be contacted at His letter to Harmon Wilfred was on INZ letterhead with no postal or email address and no telephone numbers. The above email address was given by MBIE, but no acknowledgement has yet been received from an email sent to it on 1st of June.


Press Release: 16/05/17

Trump sacks Comey leaving New Zealand in the firing line

With President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, the Washington political scene is left in shock. In its wake, informed speculation has it that Comey’s seemingly dormant investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server and the alleged corrupt pay-for-play Clinton Foundation dealings with New Zealand’s and other foreign governments, is in process of being resuscitated.

Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s recent memorandum to President Trump recommending Comey’s dismissal, made no bones about its justification.

“I cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails… The director was wrong to usurp the Attorney General’s authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without prosecution”.

Following the announcement of Comey’s dismissal, GOP representatives in Congress are demanding that both the email security breach scandal and the alleged unlawful activities of the Clinton Foundation should be assigned to a grand jury.

As far back as 27 November, 2016 it was reported that President Elect Trump would ask his newly appointed Ambassadors to pressure governments that had contributed to the Clinton Foundation to commence their own investigations of these alleged pay-for-play abuses of power.

New Zealand is in the firing line, not only because its government contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, but because it has ‘imprisoned,’ in an apparent attempt to silence, a key witness in the money-laundering case against the Clintons.

Since his request for political asylum was rejected by the NZ government in 2005, Harmon Wilfred, a former CIA financial contractor, has been resident in New Zealand as a stateless alien. During the last Clinton administration, Wilfred was unwittingly, involved in the structuring of a multi-billion dollar Clinton/CIA black ops funding “bank.” He is now offering his testimony to the FBI investigation.

For the past eleven years, attempts by Harmon to normalise his status, to obtain travel documents and the right to seek employment in this country, have been turned down by successive New Zealand governments. Harmon and his wife, Carolyn Dare Wilfred, a Canadian citizen, lived together in Christchurch from 2001. In September 2015, she flew to Canada for a three-week visit to her daughter. Immigration NZ abruptly and without notice issued an all-ports ban on her return.

Since then, the couple have been forced to live apart with the NZ government refusing to give any indication that they will ever again be allowed to reunite. Harmon is convinced that he and his wife’s maltreatment is the result of an “understanding” between the CIA, the Clinton’s and the New Zealand government.

With President Trump’s recent appointment of Scott Brown as Ambassador to New Zealand, Wilfred is looking forward to meeting with Ambassador Brown to offer his assistance in his investigation of the National government’s $13.7 million commitment to the Clinton Foundation. Wilfred intends to finally vindicate himself and reunite with his wife and family.

This press release is posted by Hugh Steadman for Khaki Specs  Hugh’s email is Further information can be obtained direct from Hugh or from Harmon Wilfred

Press release: 17/04/17

Carolyn Dare Wilfred’s Good Friday crucifixion.

Appropriately, Good Friday was chosen by the National government to hammer another nail into Carolyn Dare Wilfred’s crucifix.

Carolyn is a Canadian citizen now living in Germany. She has been exiled from her husband, Harmon, and their home in Lincoln, for the past twenty months.

In September 2015, with Immigration New Zealand’s (INZ) full knowledge and approval, Carolyn left NZ for what the Wilfreds supposed would be a short visit to her daughter in Canada. Within twenty-four hours of her departure, INZ issued an all-ports ban to prevent her re-entry into New Zealand.

Ever since, despite the existence of a visa waiver agreement with Canada, INZ has consistently refused to allow her back into the country to visit her husband. Her latest application, to be allowed entry on humanitarian grounds for at least a short conjugal visit with the husband she loves, was rejected by INZ’s London office at the end of last week.

The excuse proffered by INZ was that Carolyn had overstayed by 43 days her previous business visa, under which she had been living in Canterbury for the previous sixteen years. Her lawyers dispute this claim and say that the timing of her departure to Canada had been decided upon in full consultation with INZ.

Harmon, formerly an American citizen and CIA ‘Asset,’ has been stateless and without a passport since 2005, when his application for political asylum was turned down, lest offence be given to a powerful ally. Since then successive NZ governments have refused to regularise his status. INZ issued him with a deportation order in 2011, which, because of his lack of travel documents as a stateless person, cannot be enforced. In short, he can neither legally depart NZ, nor legally arrive in any other country.

Also, living under a deportation order makes it legally impossible for Harmon to apply for residence or NZ citizenship. He is therefore, as apparently intended, doomed to perpetual imprisonment in New Zealand’s gilded cage, perpetual separation from his wife and, seeing he is forbidden to take up employment, perpetual poverty.

As Harmon is unable to travel without documents and Carolyn is banned from entry into New Zealand, the loving couple, both in their sixties, face separation for the rest of their lives. Those members of cabinet responsible, who are well informed of this case, are ‘comfortable with the situation.’

There is a much bigger story behind this but a Press Release is not the place to tell it.

This Press Release is issued a by Hugh Steadman, a director of the Prenzel Distilling Company of Blenheim, in which Carolyn Wilfred has been a 50% shareholder since 2008. I can be contacted on 03-5786545 or at



Press release: Blenheim, New Zealand  February 14th, 2017


The love story of  Harmon & Carolyn Dare Wilfred: summary press release

 Starting in Toronto on Monday 27th February, a seven-day hearing is scheduled for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (commercial list). Case # CV-15-11001-00CL

Carolyn Dare Wilfred, one of the three siblings who inherited the Dare Foods business, is suing her two brothers, Bryan and Graham Dare, for their oppression of her as a minority shareholder. If it makes it to court, the public will be able to gain a behind-the-scenes peep into the cookie empire’s shenanigans and a sorry tale of greed’s triumph over family loyalties and Canadian business ethics.

To understand the background to the story – here is a brief summary:

Canadian business leader and family magnate, Carl Dare, who passed away two years ago, left his iconic company to his three children. Subsequently, he disinherited his daughter because she refused to leave the man she had deeply fallen in love with and married.  Although it was too late to undo the pre-marital share allocation, the brothers, following their father’s wishes, have done all in their power to deny their sister any benefit from her shareholding (probably worth around C$50 million.)

Carl Dare objected to Carolyn’s American husband, Harmon Wilfred. Harmon had blown the whistle on a CIA and Bill Clinton money laundering scam. In retaliation and to discredit his story, Harmon was expertly and corruptly branded as a criminal by the US in 1998. Subsequently, in fear of their lives, the couple fled to New Zealand.

Looking behind the legal façade of the formal hearing at the Toronto Superior Court, there is an incredible story of love’s triumph over adversity, such as few couples have ever had to face. It is the story of Harmon Wilfred, stateless in New Zealand and now forcibly separated from Carolyn for over 17 months;  a man too honest for his own good, put (and still being put) through hell by corrupt authorities in the USA and NZ, and only surviving that hell thanks to the love and staunch support of his Canadian wife.

I am dismayed by the treatment the Wilfred’s have received at the hands of so-called democratic governments, and trust that the Canadian legal system is less vulnerable to outside pressures and corruption than the USA has proved to be.

If anyone, who reads this press release wishes to know more of the background prior to the court hearing, they are welcome to contact the writer. I have written several articles on the subject – all of which are too long to include in a press release. My name is Hugh Steadman, British born but now a New Zealand citizen and resident, I am a friend and business partner of the Wilfreds.

Name: Hugh Steadman Address: PO Box 701, Blenheim 7240 Phone: +64 35786545 Email:


Press release. Blenheim NZ. 18/10/2016

NZ Government continues torture of its secret prisoner.

 Last week the Ombudsman announced a further delay in its investigation of the NZ Department of Immigration’s abuse of Canterbury resident and Canadian citizen, Carolyn Dare Wilfred. Prior to that, there had been two previous, six-week extensions by the Ombudsman’s office of its decision not to allow Carolyn’s lawyer access to the government’s response to the questions it had posed on her behalf.

‘ Why should Carolyn, on what was to be a brief visit to Canada, continue to be blocked at the border to prevent her return to her home and husband in Lincoln?’

Carolyn and her husband Harmon have now been forcibly separated for nearly fourteen months. The couple had been living in New Zealand since 2001.  Harmon, a de facto stateless refugee and CIA whistle-blower, had entered NZ on his American passport in fear of his life. In 2004, when Harmon approached the US Consulate in Auckland for renewal of his passport, it was confiscated in an attempt to force his return to the US.  Rather than risk liberty and life, Harmon renounced his US citizenship.

Ever since, he has been living with no travel documents and is thus, unable to leave the country. Successive New Zealand governments have refused Harmon’s repeated attempts to have his status regularised through the issue of citizenship for stateless persons under the New Zealand 1977 Citizenship Act. NZ’s refusal in this respect contravenes its treaty obligations to the UN in regard to Human Rights and the treatment of stateless persons.

Last year, on sale of her shares in a NZ company, ITTelenet Ltd., which she and Harmon had founded and of which she was a director, Carolyn’s, business residence visa expired. Carolyn, a wealthy heiress in her own right, applied for permanent residency under Steven Joyce’s ‘Investor Plus’ scheme. This scheme grants permanent residence to any foreign passport holder of good character, who undertakes to invest more than $10 million in NZ SMEs. It allows applicants multiple re-entries into NZ for the initial year, to enable them to seek out suitable investments. (Not that this concession should be relevant in Carolyn’s case, as there is a visitor visa waiver agreement between the NZ and Canadian governments.)

NZ Immigration informed Carolyn that application under the Investor Plus scheme had to be made from overseas. In September last year, in order to comply with NZ Immigration’s instructions and having informed Immigration of her intention, Carolyn left Christchurch to visit her daughter in Toronto, from where she could complete her application. Within 24 hours of her departure (and though she is of impeccable character and without even a parking ticket to her name) NZ Immigration issued an all-ports notice that she was to be refused re-entry into New Zealand.

Initially, Immigration informed Carolyn’s protesting lawyer that it was an administrative error that would soon be rectified. Fourteen months later, it still hasn’t been. The Honourable Michael Woodhouse, Minister of Immigration, has subsequently (and seemingly in cruel mockery, as he well knows that Harmon has no travel documents) suggested that he didn’t know what reason the couple had to complain, as her husband could always join his wife in another country, if he so wished.

Harmon is in effect, a prisoner of the New Zealand government.  He is neither permitted to find employment and earn his living in New Zealand, nor to travel outside it.  Though imprisoned in what might appear to be a gilded cage, with no end in sight, his sentence appears to be for life. Now New Zealand has deliberately separated him from his much loved spouse, again with no end in sight and possibly, given the lack of interest shown by their adopted country, for the remainder of their lives.

Why it is thought necessary, or even amusing, to inflict this extreme psychological torture on the couple, would appears inexplicable. That is, until the nature of Harmon’s whistle-blowing is understood.  Harmon’s crime was not only to make public the magnitude of the CIA’s illegal money laundering operations, but also to draw attention to the depth of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s personal involvement in the operation. Whether on instructions or as a good mates’ gesture of good-will, the Wilfreds appear to be victims of vengeful retribution meted out by the NZ government on behalf of agencies of the US government.


This Press Release is issued by Hugh Steadman, a founder and director of The Prenzel Distilling Company of Blenheim, of which the Wilfreds’ holding company is a 50% shareholder. Readers wishing to know more of this situation are invited to read my blog No. 108  (others of my blogs that refer are Nos. 90, 96, 101 & 105.)

Harmon Wilfred can be contacted at:PO Box 69219 Lincoln, New Zealand Phone:  64 3 968 9603 Fax: 64 3 322 4074 Mobile:  64 21 326 448 E-mail:


Press Release: Blenheim NZ: 15/08/2016

clip_image001The CIA / Clinton Foundation Covert Money Laundering Connection

Recent reports show the Clintons amassing funding of up to three billion dollars with at least two billion of this having been received since the Clinton Foundation’s inception in 2001. “Where did the money come from?”

Harmon and Carolyn Dare Wilfred

Christchurch, New Zealand, August 15, 2016

In 1997 Harmon Wilfred was contracted by the CIA to establish a covert, $6 billion, funding project in concert with the Clintons (The Clinton Presidency.) He was told the purpose was to provide humanitarian aid in Central America.

Wilfred later realised the intended purpose of his mission was to provide funding for CIA Black Ops outside any government accountability or congressional oversight. He informed the US Justice Department; only to be told at an October 1999 meeting in Toronto, by Bill Clinton’s personal attorney, Gregory Craig, that the President was directly involved and therefore the Justice Department would, or could, do nothing about his whistle blowing.

Over the next three years, Wilfred was arrested in Canada on trumped up extradition charges from the US, incarcerated in maximum security prisons in Canada and the US, and like Edward Snowden, managed to escape to Hong Kong. From there he and his Canadian wife, Carolyn Dare Wilfred, continued their flight, finally arriving in New Zealand August, 2001.

By 2005, the charges against him in the US had either been dismissed or had expired by statute of limitation, leaving him with no criminal convictions. Wilfred officially renounced his US citizenship rather than obey an instruction to return to Washington to renew his American passport. He is now essentially exiled in New Zealand as a stateless person. He has been forcibly separated from his three children for 18 years and now, from his wife, who was forced out of New Zealand to Canada in September, 2015, apparently as a result of US pressure on the NZ government.

Desperate to be re-joined with his wife, Harmon Wilfred has issued this press release with a plea “I know this sounds bizarre, but please believe me, my story is backed by incontrovertible evidence on my documentary web site”.

With the 2016 US Presidential election now in play and the bona fides of the Clinton Foundation being openly challenged in the US media, Wilfred has sent an open letter to Donald Trump outlining the Clinton’s role in this massive covert racketeering and money laundering scheme. He has good reason to believe that another Clinton presidency will mean the end of all hope of restoring his family and regaining his freedom to travel outside New Zealand.

Wilfred is in contact with Peter Switzer of the US Government Accountability Institute and director of the documentary ‘Clinton Cash,’ as well as with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn’s Congressional probe into the Clinton Foundation. He is also in communication with the office of US Federal Attorney for Southern New York, Preet Bharara to assist his current criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Wilfred says, “The coincidental timing of the first CIA/Clinton covert funding and the creation of the Clinton Foundation as well as the common personalities, high level political connections, national security implications and the preponderance of the accumulated evidence more than justifies an investigation to ferret out the Clinton Foundation money laundering connection. In any case, I believe my evidence alone may justify criminally convicting the Clintons. It’s now time to call the Clintons to account and end my family’s 18 year nightmare”.

Underpinning Wilfred’s evidence are the following historical documentaries listed and linked on the Lumina Diem home page:

  • Clinton Cash: by Peter Schweizer and the Government Accountability Institute. An expose’ on the corrupt pay for play scandal between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Foundation
  • The New Clinton Chronicles, Part 1, 2, 3 and 4: by Larry Nichols. Investigations into the alleged criminal activities of then Governor Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton
  • The Mena Connection: By former CIA Operative, Terry Reed. Exposes the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra and drug running. Reed reports in his documentary that by helping the CIA set up its secret “black” operations involving the Clintons, he unwittingly compromised his family’s safety, ultimately forcing them to become fugitives. This is the same terrible pattern of Clinton/CIA retribution used against the Wilfred family.
  • What the World Must Not Know: by Hugh Steadman. This is a recent article in the New Zealand blog Khaki Specs focusing on the Clinton conflict and providing some guidance through the Lumina Diem web site from the reader’s perspective.

For questions on this press release please contact Harmon Wilfred

E-mail:, Toronto Freephone* to New Zealand 416-342-6061

*Please be aware of the time difference to New Zealand when you call Harmon’s Toronto number. The best time to call is after 3 PM EST which is after 7 AM New Zealand time (next day).

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