Perfidious Albion

Perfidious Albion

Strange bedfellows in Douma

Blog No. 175.

Some readers of my past blogs dealing with the activities of the British Government’s Institute for Statecraft and its appendage, the Integrity Initiative, might still be reluctant to accept the full extent of the duplicity of the British government. Such doubts should be finally laid to rest by a reading of this article. False flags, White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights etc. – all purest fabrication by western governments determined to cling to power no matter what the cost in manufactured misery and human lives.

Here are just two extracts from the above lengthy and meticulously researched report into how the West has nobbled the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Warfare.

9 UK-led information operations associated with alleged chemical attacks

From combining all available information, it is now clear that several entities involved in reporting and documenting alleged chemical attacks have their origin in a covert programme launched by the UK government in 2012. In this programme, like a low-budget theatrical production, the same actors reappear in different roles. For instance Hamish de Bretton-Gordon (HdBG) appears successively as covert agent collecting samples for Porton Down, as independent chemical weapons expert quoted in the media, as the founder of a small business setting up an NGO to collect evidence for the OPCW, and from 2016, described as a “former spy”, in the role of a humanitarian worker coordinating a network of hospitals. It is likely that this programme would have attempted to co-opt OPCW staff, especially UK nationals.

9.1 Ministry of Defence: Targeting and Information Operations

In June 2012 the UK government established a covert StratCom programme on the Syrian conflict, overseen by former Lt-Col Kevin Stratford-Wright in the Targeting and Information Operations directorate of the Ministry of Defence, later renamed as Military Strategic Effects. Stratford-Wright described this programme as “the UK’s largest of its kind since the Cold War”. Metadata revealed that tender documents for provision of media operations for the “moderate armed opposition”, issued in 2013 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, were created by Stratford-Wright. This contract was eventually awarded to a company named InCoStratset up by Paul Tilley, another former Lt-Col who had been working with Stratford-Wright in the Targeting and Information Operations directorate.

Seeing how the OPCW has been turned into a tool for western conflict initiation one cannot help wondering about other such institutions – the Dutch Joint Investigation team’s inquiry into the downing of MH-17 over Ukraine for starters! Our media is raddled with fake news planted by the paid agents of our ‘democratically elected’ governments.

The danger for NZ is that our amateur ministers and naive politicians, lacking an independent, honest and competent intelligence service, are taught to believe every word of it. Have fun Googling the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft – cynical double-speak to deceive a population regarded justifiably, given the representatives it has elected, as moronic.

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