NZ foreign policy, the Clinton connection and John Key’s resignation.

 Blog No. 115. John Key’s background. A couple of weeks ago, I published Blog No. 111 on outgoing President Obama’s foreign policy record. In view of last week’s sudden announcement of NZ Prime Minister, John Key’s resignation at what would appear to be the height of his adoration by a grateful nation, it might […]

2016 – Loose ends

   Blog No 114. 2016 – Loose ends. I am currently working on a blog discussing the function of the Ombudsman within the New Zealand constitution. In working to end the NZ government’s persecution of Harmon and Carolyn Wilfred, an appeal was made by their lawyer to the Office of the Ombudsman. The outcome […]

A Trump Presidency

Blog No. 113. My friend and business partner, Harmon Wilfred took $30 from me, when he won his bet that Donald would trump Hillary in the US election. I had gambled that the CIA, together with the embedded oligarchy, would never allow such an outcome and would if need be, fix the polls. They certainly […]

Halford Mackinder’s Heartland theory.

    . Blog no. 112. Halford Mackinder 1861-1947. I was brought up in a small village on the outskirts of Gainsborough, an innocuous, Lincolnshire market town on the River Trent, with a 19th Century population of little more than 8,000 souls.,_Lincolnshire   I share that Gainsborough origin with a certain Halford Mackinder, whom, though […]

Obama’s Foreign Policy Record.

Blog No. 111. George Kennan, who died aged 101 in 2005, was perhaps the wisest of the wise men, who influenced American foreign policy during the Cold War. Capable of developing his ideas in the light of experience, he was a realist preaching pragmatism and common sense. As a giant among dwarfs, he stands in […]

Climate Optimism

Blog No. 110. There has been a spate of good news in regard to Climate destabilisation. In the first week of October, in Strasbourg, the EU block of countries voted to ratify last December’s Paris Agreement on climate change. Prior to that decision, more than sixty other countries, including the USA, China and India, amounting, […]

US Military goes rogue.

  Blog No. 109. I think we are overdue for an update on the Syrian situation. I refer you also to my previous Blogs No.70, 77, 78 & 94. Blog No 70, started the series with a specific warning about the extent of the misinformation being deliberately generated in the Western media. Blog No […]

New Zealand: Uncle Sam’s obedient satrapy.

Blog. No. 108. I am an immigrant to New Zealand. I came here with my family in 1985, determined that our three children would have a better future in New Zealand than in an England, at that time, dominated by Margaret Thatcher. Margaret was wallowing in the chauvinistic adoration brought on by her triumph over […]

Quo Vadis? How to instigate a sea-change.

  Blog No. 107. Happily, humanity’s dire future is not in the hands of the ditherers and the ignorant. Sadly, it is in the hands of the selfish and materially ‘successful.’ It now, urgently needs taking out of the hands of the neo-liberal opinion leaders and reallocating to opinion leaders active and committed to a […]

Quo Vadis? War and other government prerogatives.

  Blog No. 106. A. An immediate start can be made. Blog No. 102. offers a list of changes that need to be made to the way humanity conducts its affairs if it is to retain a future. Individuals, by their own actions and life-style decisions (given a sufficiency of others doing the same) can […]