The first hundred days: the netting of Donald Trump.

Blog No. 125. President Trump’s hundred-day, ‘honeymoon’ period has just drawn to an end. As forecast in a previous blog on the subject of his domestic policy, he has been enduring a rocky ride. Several of his most publicised best intentions, his policies on immigration and the trashing of Obamacare, appear to have already […]

Decline of the Fourth Estate and investigative journalism: Part II: an enhanced role for the Ombudsman?

  Blog No 124. Part I to this blog can be found at Constitutional Matters. The New Zealand constitution differs from the Westminster model in that it no longer has a counter-balancing, second parliamentary chamber. Recent societal changes include the decline of investigative journalism and the rapid decline in grass-roots party membership. Associated with […]

Decline of the Fourth Estate and investigative journalism: Part I.

Blog No. 123. Many years ago, attending a business luncheon in London, I found myself sitting next to an executive of a Russian shipping company. We got into conversation and found that we both had past military service in common. I had spent ten years in the British infantry and he had been conscripted into […]

The World after Trump: Part II. Foreign policy outcomes. Blog No. 122 This is the sequel to Blog 121, ‘The World after ‘Trump Part 1: domestic policy outcomes.’ “We will serve the citizens of the United States of America, believe me… There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency, or a global flag.” “My job is not […]

The World after Trump: Part I. Domestic policy outcomes.

Blog No. 121. The world after Trump Part 1. Domestic Policy outcomes. After just a short period in office, questions are already being asked about how successful Trump will be in reaching the ambitious domestic objectives he has set himself. The declared aim of his presidency is to give America’s struggling ‘upper working class’ full […]

Has NZ’s Ombudsman been nobbled?

  Blog No. 120. In 1962, New Zealand was the fourth country after Sweden, Finland and Denmark to appoint an Ombudsman – though many other countries have since followed suit. Before reading this blog readers should spend thirty seconds to bring themselves up to speed with the history and role of the NZ Ombudsman. […]

Trump’s paleo-conservatism.

 Blog No. 119. I have decided to add yet one more to the pile of commentaries on the growing turmoil in Washington. President Trump certainly sees himself as a new broom. He has hit the Oval Office running, with a mass of executive orders, appointments, dismissals and other indicators of directions in which he intends […]

Trump’s election null and void? Part II

  Blog No. 118. In my previous Blog No. 117, I covered the Clinton/CIA campaign to overturn the electoral decision that placed Trump in the Oval Office. It is interesting that even Obama, now acknowledges that Wikileaks acquired the emails as a result of ‘leak’ and not of the ‘hack’ that the US media […]

Trump’s election null and void? Part I

Blog No. 117.       I finished writing this blog on Wednesday 11th Jan and intended to post it on Saturday 21st, the day after President Trump assumed office. On Thursday, I heard of the new Moscow dirty-dealings,  ‘dodgy dossier’ assault on Trump’s appointment. In this  Guardian article, the foreign country, in which John McCain […]

Climate optimism: the Agrarian Disruption.

 Blog No. 116 Blog no 110 dealt with the impending ‘Solar Disruption.’ and the extent to which it would be insufficient on its own, to solve the looming climate problem. Its inadequacy was summarised in this hyperlink, which was quoted in that blog Just recently, my attention was drawn to the following article: […]