Climate Change Denial

Climate change denial. Blog No 134. The perfect example of a self-fulfilling prophesy is to be found in humanity’s continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels as though there is no tomorrow. It guarantees that there won’t be. The bulk of climate change denial is emanating from the USA. This is where expenditure by the […]

Emergency: nine one one.

  Blog No. 133.    In emergency: dial 911. As was recently pointed out to me, is it purely a coincidence that the date 9-11 should also be the US emergency services telephone number? If it is not a coincidence and if it was the old man with the beard that chose the date, Bin […]

The SIMPOL Solution.

   Blog No. 132. The literature on humanity’s current political and economic direction is almost universally dystopian. No one seems able to write a Utopia that can factor in the all too obvious direction in which latter-day capitalism is dragging human civilisation. Salient characteristics of the current age include undiminished expenditure on increasingly lethal weaponry; […]

NO is not enough

Blog No. 131. Having read no end of reports praising Naomi Klein’s ideas and active engagement in the global oxidation lagoon into which humanity is being dragged by latter-day capitalism, I decided it was time to read something she had written. I ordered her two most recent books and opted first to read the shorter […]

Climate Change or Climate Catastrophe?

Blog No. 130. This blog, minus the picture of the two, trusting dinosaurs, is due to be published as an article in the July/August issue of the New Zealand International Review, the house journal of the NZ Institute of International affairs. I stand by my claim that “…as the 21st Century moves on, climate change, […]

The NZ Cabinet is above the Law.

  The NZ Cabinet is above the law. Blog No. 129. As I will be in Australia for most of the next fortnight, I am bringing the posting of this blog forward. Life will become less turbulent after that and the next blog will be posted on Saturday 8th July – inch’a’Allah. Last week, the […]

A fortnight’s potpourri

    Blog No. 128. My attempt to keep to a fortnightly blog schedule has come under severe strain this past two weeks. I have been caught between an olive harvest, the PR demands of my wife’s newly established addiction clinic and fresh and apparently separate initiatives by the government and Fairfax Media to attack […]

How billionaires fix democratic elections.

Blog No. 127. I have written many times about the exceptional treatment that my friends and business partners, Harmon and Carolyn Wilfred, have received at the hands of the New Zealand Immigration Department. There is no doubt that their treatment has been exceptionally harsh and represents nothing short of a prolonged and deliberate abuse of […]

Nuclear jeopardy

Blog No. 126. Trump supplanted? In my last blog I demonstrated how the Trump presidency appeared to have surrendered its foreign policy to the demented zealots of the American deep state. Trump had entered office with sound instincts about the redundancy of the conflict with Russia and the folly of allying the USA with […]