America’s Deep State

Blog 178 The Deep State. I have just read:- ‘The Killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States of America.” Book by Paul L. Williams and Rodney Howard-Browne. The fruits of freedom-loving capitalism, red in tooth and claw, unconstrained by socialist sentiment! There is nothing in this book that would not be found […]

Global Governance or Global Government?

Blog No 176. Because of the worry that a world government would either start out as, or soon degenerate into a totalitarian dictatorship, advocates of constitutionalised cooperation between states have preferred to use enhanced ‘global governance’ as their stated goal. It is important to distinguish between global governance and global government. Global government inspires visions […]

Perfidious Albion

Perfidious Albion Blog No. 175. Some readers of my past blogs dealing with the activities of the British Government’s Institute for Statecraft and its appendage, the Integrity Initiative, might still be reluctant to accept the full extent of the duplicity of the British government. Such doubts should be finally laid to rest by a reading […]

Introducing Paddle Now

Blog 174. “Every Kiwi should take up a paddle.” Khakispecs will continue as a blog commenting primarily on global affairs. Its postings will probably become more intermittent and a selection of guest authors will be featured, but its main function will continue to be that of an observer. Social activism will be directed through a […]

The next step

Blog 173. “Every citizen should pick up a paddle.” As I indicated in my previous blog, having now returned to my keyboard, I am redirecting my energy. Were I simply to pick up where I left off and continue with the Khakispecs blog unchanged, I would not have been short of themes to write about. […]

Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. PART IV

Blog No. 169. In this blog I attempt to answer the second of my two questions. The first question had concerned the way in which senior servants of the state had managed to establish dominance over government ministers in setting aspects of NZ’s foreign policy. The second question concerns the manner and purpose for which […]