US/Russian competition: Russia at bay.

Blog No. 151. “The man, who sold the bear’s skin while the bear yet lived, was killed in hunting him.” Russian proverb. Introduction: In our neighbourhood there lives a thug we have nick-named Godzilla. He supplements his living by pushing lethal materials into the community and by providing protection and extortion services for the deep-state […]

Thank you Mr Trump, Mrs May & M. Macron for proving my point.

Blog No. 150. The Skripal apparent false flag and the Douma apparent false flag: the most likely explanation for this western indulgence in these acts of aggression and the dangerous failing in the current global system that they illustrate. “In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement […]

New Zealand and the Rule of international Law: erecting the governance architecture

Blog No. 149. “4. When a critical mass of nations is on board with the plan, start implementing the economic changes and erecting the global governance architecture required.” I have written before on this subject at Blog No. 106. What global governance architecture does exist around the globe’s multiple, self-interested sovereign nations is largely […]

NZ and the international rule of law: winning allies abroad.

Blog 148. Introduction. In my Blog No 144 at the start of the series entitled “NZ and the international rule of law”, I set out a route down which New Zealand might travel if it wished to escape the current twin perils of nuclear holocaust and climate catastrophe. This blog deals with the third phase […]

NZ and the International Rule of Law: a Constitutional Convention.

Blog no. 147. You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Likewise, in modern western democracies, you can give a population all the information that should arouse them to political action, but you cannot force their participation. They have first to be motivated, while at the moment, despite the looming […]

New Zealand and the international rule of law: Human Rights with reservations.

Blog No.146. New Zealand’s intelligence services and the Wilfreds as meat in the grinder. This blog is an unplanned for insertion into the series.  It has been inspired at short notice by the, from this government, unexpected contents and tone of a  letter (see footnote below) from the Associate Minister of Immigration. New Zealand poses […]

NZ and the international rule of law: The Media: Part II.

   Blog No.145. Introduction. Currently, NZ society and all other societies are sailing full speed ahead into a cliff-face. An abrupt change of course is urgently needed. As the ship changes course a new horizon will come into view – but in the meantime, we are enjoying the cruise and we haven’t hit the rocks […]

NZ and the International rule of Law: The Media: Part 1.

Blog no. 144. Warning/apology. I must warn my readers that in whichever of  the next few issues are entitled like this one, ‘NZ and the International rule of Law’, the Khakispecs blog will vary from the norm. I had considered taking  a break and writing a Utopian  novel about one of the possible futures that […]

Democracy and the rule of International Law: Part IV.

  Blog No 143. Of my previous ten blogs, at least seven have addressed this pressing problem of global governance. To help focus your mind on the seriousness of the situation, it is worth reading the hyperlink below. It becomes immediately apparent that, given the trajectory humanity is now on, the Paris Accord, as it […]

Democracy and the rule of international law. Part III.

Democracy and the rule of international law Part III. Blog No. 142. Stephen Hoadley is associate professor of Politics and international Relations at the University of Auckland and a frequent writer on US/NZ relations. In the November/December edition of the NZ International Review, he published an article based on an address he had given […]