Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. PART IV

Blog No. 169. In this blog I attempt to answer the second of my two questions. The first question had concerned the way in which senior servants of the state had managed to establish dominance over government ministers in setting aspects of NZ’s foreign policy. The second question concerns the manner and purpose for which […]

Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. PART III

Blog No. 168. I concluded my previous blog https://khakispecs.com/?p=4225 with the following two questions: How has NZ allowed a group of senior civil servants to seize control of aspects of its foreign policy? How have they come to adopt a mind-set in which NZ, has to continue fighting what should have been a long-defunct, Cold […]

Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. PART II

Blog No.167. Given the timings of the Christmas holidays, I have decided to bring the posting on this blog forward by a week. Post-Christmas blogs will be delayed accordingly. As will be apparent to any of my readers, after my experiences with the Wilfreds, my respect for Immigration NZ has been at a low ebb […]

Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. PART I

Waihopai – NZ’s Trojan horse. (Immigration NZ and the SIS – its garrison.) PART I Blog No. 166. As I blocked out the first draft, this blog looked as though it would grow into something far too long to inflict on readers at Christmas time. It will, therefore be broken down into three separate blogs, […]

A country like New Zealand could save the world.

Blog No. 165. What was to be the theme of this fortnight’s blog has been a toss-up between the most recent shenanigans of the NZ SIS/Immigration NZ cabal and Khakispecs’ first venture into Print. With immigration, it is not just about the Wilfred’s that I will be writing this time around. I have also been […]

The National Endowment for Democracy

Blog No.164. “The crisis that we are facing today [requires] our best effort, and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds, to believe that together with God’s help we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us. After all, why shouldn’t we believe that? […]

Going supernova

     Going supernova Blog no. 163. The brilliant point of light is the explosion of a star that has reached the end of its life, otherwise known as a supernova. Supernovae can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime…..Theoretical studies indicate that most supernovae are triggered […]

NZ’s pursuit of the ‘Rules-Based System.’

Blog No. 162. Wayne Mapp, a former National Party Minister of Defense, published a sensible and mildly cautionary article in the September/October 2018 issue of the house journal of the NZ Institute of International Affairs, the NZ International Review. The former minister was writing about the Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018 recently released by the […]

Same old: same old!

  Blog No. 161 Over the previous month my personal life has been subject to considerable disruption. We have sold our home of the past eighteen years and, together with our menagerie of two dogs and three elderly chickens, moved and settled into a new house on the other side of town. Throughout the move, […]