Madness of the Dinosaurs: the pending war.

Blog 198. I can’t help entering into a deep depression whenever I read of Australia’s leadership’s self-sacrificing obeisance to the demands of its new step-father. This morning I read this Reuters report; ScoMo’s thoughts The report on ScoMo’s latest kowtow to Washington. “ …the paradigm through which the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison now […]

Australia’s daft Foreign Policy

Blog 197. A New Zealander with Australian grand-children, looks askance at Australian foreign policy. To help preserve its global economic dominance, your American ally appears prepared to fight China to the last dollar in your treasury.  As a New Zealand resident and citizen, with two young grand-children being brought up in Australia, I look on […]

Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Blog 196 The facts of this tentative treaty are readily available on Wikipedia Treaty The Treaty was adopted by the UN General Assembly in July 2017 by a vote of 122 States in favour (with just the Netherlands voting against and Singapore abstaining.) 193 UN members would have been entitled to vote.  69 states did […]

The South China Sea and other aggressions.

Blog 195 South China Sea For foreign news, the west’s English-speaking mainstream media draws its stories almost exclusively from just two international news agencies, Toronto-based Reuters and New York-based Associated Press. Both of these are heavily exposed to influence by western intelligence and psyops agencies. It is therefore not surprising that New Zealand and Australian […]

Leaving the western alliance – Part III

Leaving the Western alliance – Part III Blog No. 194.  Previous blogs and Parts I & II of this blog have looked at the reasons why NZ can and should depart from its allegiance/subservience to the USA’s western alliance. When the time comes, it is anticipated that NZ will opt for neutrality, rather than entry […]

Leaving the western alliance – Part II

Blog No. 193.  This blog assumes that the reader has first read Part I. Previous blogs have referred to the crises facing all humanity: pandemics; environmental collapse; climate change; high-tech nuclear war. None of these can be effectively addressed while the institutions of global governance are in their current state of anarchy. A major […]

Leaving the Western alliance – Part 1

Blog No 192. Clark interview  Helen Clark interview: Geoffrey Palmer’s comment says it all – joining the Five Eyes was in no way a democratic decision – we now need one to get us out. 4 minute read Not totally subservient NZ did’t join other Five Eyes members protests over Hong-Kong: It should be noted […]

RIMPAC: thoughts for senior officers participating in RIMPAC

On the 14th May 2020, the contents of this blog were sent to Ron Mark, NZ’s Minister of Defence. Neither the article nor the covering letter that argued for a reconsideration of NZ’s commitment to the US alliance received an acknowledgement. Today, it is open to the public. Blog No. 191. I was recently asked […]

The Thucydides Trap

Blog No 190. Today there are three existential perils facing humanity, nuclear war, rapid climate change and pandemics. These are currently prioritised in the NZ population’s thoughts and endeavours in reverse order. The current Covid-19 pandemic is of the most immediate concern and, following that, assuming it dissipates and ceases to be a problem, will […]

An unresilient system

Blog 189. It is the debt we already carry that makes the porter’s task so impossible. Of the many, many articles being written about the current Covid-19 pandemic, I have found one particularly enlightening. It was written by Georgi Marinov, a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University. Having been born in communist Bulgaria, Marinov writes […]