NZ’s seat on the Security Council – Blog No. 8.

Recently, Dr Kennedy Graham, Green Party spokesman on international affairs, made a speech to parliament. In his speech, Dr. Graham addressed the question of what New Zealand might attempt to achieve on behalf of all the nations of the world, during its tenure of a seat on the Security Council. He called for New Zealand […]

Who will rid me of this troublesome journalist? – Blog no. 7.

Spring has sprung in Marlborough. The grape vine is sprouting the first flush of green leaves and flowing with the sap of rumour. The vine has it that during the recent ten-hour long police search of Nicky Hager’s house, the officers of the law fulfilled their allotted tasks with a zeal that would make swell […]

Why Mass Surveillance Sucks… – Blog No. 6.

Following Snowden’s appearance on Dotcom’s flopped ‘moment of truth’ there can be no New Zealander who is not aware that their every electronic communication is open to Big Daddy’s eavesdropping. However, I have noticed that by no means all New Zealanders seem to consider that Snowden, by his revelations, has done them a particular favour. […]

Lessons from the last election: the Green Party’s position on the NZ political spectrum – Blog No. 5.

Dr Kennedy Graham, Green Party spokesman on foreign affairs, recently had an op-ed published in the Auckland Herald: ‘Why Green isn’t just a shade of red?’ Basically, he argues that the NZ voter is wrong to place the Greens as being left of Labour on the political spectrum. His gist is that sustainability and environmental […]

No More Truth Telling Mr Hager! – Blog No.4.

I’ve been on a business trip down south for a few days – paying no attention to the news. I noticed among the two hundred or so emails awaiting me on my return, one detailing the recent police raid on Nicky Hager’s home. Prior to reading Hager’s most recent ‘Dirty Politics,’ I had read his […]

Fools Rush In – Blog No. 3.

Alas for New Zealand: a democracy without an effective opposition party is in effect a dictatorship and subject to the whim of whoever is dominant in Cabinet. Right up to the election there was no chance that New Zealand would enter the fray against the Islamic caliphate. Just a couple of days after the election, […]

Public Misperceptions – Blog No. 2.

Recently, Dutch aviation investigators published a preliminary report into the downing of Malaysian Airlines MA-17. A full report is not scheduled until 2015. One might well anticipate that a greater sense of urgency should prevail. Not only for the sake of the relatives of the victims, but also because it was on the strength of […]

Land Sales – Blog No. 1

Given the most recent instance of sales of agricultural land to foreign interests, the media has been awash with politicians positioning themselves for the impending election.  In every instance they choose to play on the gut feeling of keeping New Zealand for New Zealanders. Where is the rational, as opposed to emotive, explanation of why […]