Democratic follies

Western publics gulled into war in which everyone loses. Blog no. 158. I promised a blog about Trump’s two summits, the one with NATO leaders and the other, with Putin in Helsinki. I also promised that after Helsinki, I would comment at greater length on the Russia, Israel and USA triangular relationship in the context […]

Trump saves the World

Trump saves the world. Blog No. 157. I strive to post a blog every second Saturday. The next posting was due next week. However, so much is on Trump’s current itinerary that there is no way there will have been sufficient time for the outcomes of his momentous meetings to emerge and be given due […]

The Tangled Web of Middle East Politics.

     Blog No. 156. All the time, often in the foreground and always in the background of global affairs, there is the East meets West fault line that runs through the Middle East. I thought it might be helpful to have a country by country review of how each contending country stands. Such a review, […]

Summitry – consummate and inconsummate.

  Blog No. 155. Suddenly, the arena of global affairs is filled with multiple gladiatorial spectacles. In the recent period we have had major summits in Quebec, Singapore and Qingdao. In the Middle East, the US has torn up the Iran nuclear deal, there are plausible reports that the US neo-con faction is contemplating the […]

Mocking the rule of international law:

Quoted from ‘The Jewish Press.’ “U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley hosted a “Friends of the U.S.” reception Wednesday to thank the 64 diplomatic envoys whose nations did not support the UN General Assembly resolution in December 2017 rejecting President Donald Trump’s December 6, 2017 recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” […]

Naughty Israel!

    Blog No. 153. With Trump totally reliant on Zionist money for his re-election, much has been happening in the Middle East. We have had heroic Israeli Defence Force snipers deliberately killing and maiming hundreds of unarmed civilians on the Gaza side of the so-called frontier between Israeli occupied Palestine and unoccupied, but besieged […]

Trump fires two shots – one into each foot!

  Blog No. 152. Trump’s Nobel prize: two shots – one into each foot! So a lot has been happening in the past fortnight! The dates had been fixed for the summit of hopeless expectations between wannabe Nobel laureate, Donald Trump and the wannabe dischargee from the economic leper-colony, Kim Jong-Il. Then, as if to […]

US/Russian competition: Russia at bay.

Blog No. 151. “The man, who sold the bear’s skin while the bear yet lived, was killed in hunting him.” Russian proverb. Introduction: In our neighbourhood there lives a thug we have nick-named Godzilla. He supplements his living by pushing lethal materials into the community and by providing protection and extortion services for the deep-state […]

Thank you Mr Trump, Mrs May & M. Macron for proving my point.

Blog No. 150. The Skripal apparent false flag and the Douma apparent false flag: the most likely explanation for this western indulgence in these acts of aggression and the dangerous failing in the current global system that they illustrate. “In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement […]

New Zealand and the Rule of international Law: erecting the governance architecture

Blog No. 149. “4. When a critical mass of nations is on board with the plan, start implementing the economic changes and erecting the global governance architecture required.” I have written before on this subject at Blog No. 106. What global governance architecture does exist around the globe’s multiple, self-interested sovereign nations is largely […]