Conspiracy theories Part III (of III.) – Blog No. 19.

  The Malaysian Airlines conspiracy. The unfortunate airline lost two aircraft in a short period of time and both have given rise to conspiracy theories. MH 370, which disappeared without trace on a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, was by far the more mysterious and has excited many weird and wonderful conspiracy theories. Much […]

Conspiracy Theories Part I (of III) – Blog No. 18.

I have one correspondent who regularly sends me emails claiming that I am a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ meaning that I needlessly search for explanations behind events at variance with the obvious truths available in the Western media. If writers can be labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ all that they write can be dismissed under the same heading. […]

Conspiracy theories Part II (of III) – Blog No. 17.

 Conspiracy Theories Part II (of III).   The preceding post, Part I, tells the official story of the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York. This part looks at how it and two other cases might look through the eyes of a conspiracy theorist applying the same four-questions methodology set out in that post. […]

The Festive Season – Blog No. 16.

  This is just to wish all, who read this, time for a pause for thought as the world closes down on 2014 and opens up to 2015. Exactly one hundred years ago, as the nations of Western Europe were tearing each other apart at the behest of their political leaders, the common man in […]

Malcolm Fraser, former Australian PM, has got it right! – Blog No. 15.

The former Prime Minister of Australia appears to have gone soft in the head – or is he the only one in step? Could it be that the Australian  (and new Zealand) democracies have followed Western Europe in becoming so apathetic that they have allowed their polities to become dominated by an alien and aggressive […]

Returning Terrorists – Blog No. 14.

At a time when New Zealand is passing ‘under-urgency’ new laws enabling the SIS and police to have intrusive powers that adversely affect the privacy and travel rights of New Zealanders, it is interesting to see how other countries are dealing with the problem of returning ‘terrorists.’ Extract from The Guardian on 5th December. “Two […]

Religious War in the Middle East – Blog No. 13.

  Islam’s Civil War At the end of WWI, the victorious Entente Powers re-ordered the Middle East. Out of the allies’ total of six million military deaths, seventeen thousand (0.28%) were New Zealanders. Unsurprisingly, given the sacrificial ratios, New Zealand had little say in their decision making. Thus New Zealand is hardly responsible for the […]

Jewishness – Blog No. 12.

As Jewishness is transmitted through the bloodline of the maternal side, I know I am Jewish thanks to the tale my grandmother had passed on to my mother. This was of her mother’s earliest recollection of childhood. Evidently the family name was Hirsch and they must have been living in Armenia, I assume in Yerevan, […]

On which side of the wall will the sun shine? – Blog No. 11.

The other evening, I got into discussion over a glass of Sauvignon with an acquaintance I have known for some time. Knowing him as I do, I would regard him as far better informed and more politically aware than the average pedestrian in High Street New Zealand.  I was somewhat surprised therefore when he told […]

Subsidiarity and NZ’s State housing. – Blog No. 10.

The government has recently announced its intention of selling off New Zealand’s $5 billion of state-owned housing stock. In the government’s previous term, $5 billion of state owned assets were removed from the ownership of all taxpayers and placed in the hands of sixty thousand or so of the better off. These sales were made […]