Stratfor’s envisioned coming decade. – Blog No. 31.

    When in my previous blog, I came to summarise the contents of the Stratfor (‘the Shadow CIA’) vision of the next ten years of global developments in international relations, I was more than surprised. Stratfor’s five yearly analyses are highly respected and are influential opinion formers in helping to set the foreign […]

Stratfor’s ten year forecast – Blog. No 30.

Strategic forecasting – Stratfor   Stratfor is a most influential publisher. “ Stratfor’s vision is to be the most respected provider of predictive intelligence services. Our core philosophy centers on the understanding that transformative world events are not random and are, indeed, predictable. Building on nearly 20 years of experience as the world’s premier […]

New Zealand joins the war against ISIS – Blog No. 29.

It is clear that New Zealand’s entry into the Iraqi civil war is a war of our government’s choice, rather than one of national necessity. In the case of asset sales by the previous Key government, even though the majority of the country was against them, Mr Key could claim that he had a mandate […]

What is ISIS? – Blog No. 28.

  Now that the New Zealand government has taken the lamentable decision to enter the Islamic civil war in Iraq, it would be useful for readers of this blog to have a better understanding of the enemy the country has decided to confront: who are they and what are they fighting for? In February 2015 […]

International news in New Zealand’s media. – Blog No. 27.

                My previous blog dealt with the problems faced by the Main Stream Media (MSM) in America. Similar problems are evident in New Zealand – but on a far smaller scale. In a small country such as New Zealand, it is a real struggle for an independent media […]

Private control of the Western Media – Blog No. 26.

    An independent and diverse media, capable of presenting to the public a wide range of differing interpretations of the truth, is the foundation of democratic government. In a healthy democracy there should exist a multiplicity of differing opinions and lively debate. Courtesy of a healthy media, the citizens’ informed opinions can be developed, […]

Udo Ulfkotte and Western Media Bias – Blog No. 25.

I have become increasingly interested in the reasons why completely different versions of reality emerge from the ‘independent’ western Main Stream Media (MSM) and from the Moscow controlled ‘propaganda’ channels (Russia Today, etc.) The vast majority of Americans and western Europeans believe that Russia is aggressive, is trying to re-establish the Soviet empire and is […]

Credit Rating Agencies – Blog No. 24.

  As an indication of the rising threat to the USA’s monopolistic control over the global financial system, a less momentous, but also significant announcement, was made on the same day in January 2015 as the European Central Bank’s decision to embark on its EU shattering programme of Quantitative Easing. This announcement came from Hong […]

The Euro fault line opens up – Blog No. 23.

It seems largely to have escaped the notice of the media in the comfortable Hobbitland of New Zealand, but on the 22nd January two noteworthy external events occurred: one an earthquake that should have shocked the continent of Europe and the other, a slight tremor that should have been felt in the USA and serve […]

Background to Charlie Hebdo – Blog No. 22.

As a naïve and ignorant adolescent, growing up in the 1950’s and crouching under the newly developed nuclear threat, I read both Tolkien’s ‘Hobbit’ and his ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. In my anxiety and ignorance, I read into them the story of the gallant, truth-seeking, democracies of the West pitted against the evil hordes […]