Nuclear Disarmament: Part III: Climbing the Utopian Ladder.

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A previous blog proposed the establishment of a NZ Strategic Policy Institute (NZSPI.)  NZ Think Tank This would be a think-tank modelled on Australia’s ASPI, but with a huge difference. The Australian think tank is funded by governments actively involved in confrontation with China and by major defence corporations that benefit from that confrontation. A cursory Google search shows that ASPI’s recruitment of academic ‘expertise’ and its output of ‘thoughts’ is devoted to mongering military confrontation between East and West. The tune played is that chosen by the ASPI’s pay-masters.

In contrast, the NZSPI’s function would be to monger peace and conciliation. Its mission would be to advise NZ leaders how best to achieve peace and security on a global scale and to produce supporting materials for media dissemination. Its funding would have to come from sources with like interest. Currently, NZ has a Minister for disarmament. The NZSPI could function as his supporting ministry until such time as sufficient progress towards disarmament had been made to justify the establishment of a new Ministry for Peace and Disarmament.

New Zealand, in common with the vast majority of its western allies, is not a fully functional democracy. Had New Zealand a fully functional democracy, it would have a government buoyed by an alert and well-informed electorate that, instead of short-term domestic policies designed to score points over other parties, would permit it to adopt a longer-term, world-centric policy. 

As things are, while all humanity is quarrelling in a foundering, rudderless, skipperless boat, New Zealand seems content to neglect its potential to play a leadership role. In short, it appears content to go with the flow induced by the American military industrial complex (MIC.) This ruling cabal, it could be argued, lies not only at the root of the nuclear threat, but is also a major contributor to the rampancy of the Covid pandemic and Climate disruption.  Military-Industrial

Had New Zealand the moral courage and the truly independent foreign policy that it questionably lays claim to, it could make a difference. By uniting with others to remove the threat of a nuclear Armageddon, it would simultaneously help create the global governance structure that could solve so many other problems. New Zealand politicians might then have made a major contribution to humanity’s chances of still being represented at the 2100 New Year’s celebrations.

Here follows a plan based on an ultimate mission of removing all nuclear weapons from the control of individual nations. The plan is perfectly achievable in the early stages. Inevitably, it becomes increasingly Utopian in vision as it moves further into the fog-banks of more distant events.

  • Outline:-
  • New Zealand’s disarmament Minster/Ministry of Disarmament, with the full support of the cabinet, would adopt as a short term-mission, a doubling of the current tally of fifty states currently party to the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW.)
  • This, to be followed by a campaign to persuade all other non-nuclear states to become parties to the treaty.
  • With the vast majority of UN members and their populations fully on board, the UN could be forced into reforming its constitution and erecting a system of collective security that would subsume and reassure all nations.
  • Only after such a system of collective security is put in place, will it be possible to persuade the nuclear armed states to accede to the treaty.
  • Background.
  • The current situation in regard to the TPNW and in relation to both NZ and overseas, has been covered in the first two parts of this blog. The biggest challenge that will face political leaders trying to execute this mission is the determination of the USA’s MIC to rule the world and extract every last dollar out of its besieged population. This is being done through using the control the MIC currently exerts over the minds of people and politicians around the globe to ensure ‘allied’ nations cooperate in its pursuit of its self-interest. This recent blog deals to the subject Brain-washed  Here is how a Pulitzer Prize winning  journalist’s views the situation in the USA War on truth   
  • The NZ mainstream media is as much in thrall as is that of the USA and generally fails to publish opinions that lie outside the envelope of MIC acceptability. It is unsurprising that most NZ members of parliament and the vast majority of the electorate have their thoughts contained in the same restrictive envelope.
  • After the TPNW comes into force, the parties to the Treaty will be well placed to acquire new signatories. They will be justified in affirming that nations not-working towards accession have neither the well-being of their own, nor of other peoples at heart.
  • As more nations accede to the Treaty, other non-nuclear powers will be motivated to become parties and nuclear powers, as they see their soft-power diminishing, will realise that they could end up standing alone and unloved.
  • What are the countries currently under nuclear umbrellas?  Which are the easiest to wean from under it? In a blog written at a time when there were still only 44 ratifications of the treaty, an attempt was made to indicate the height above ground of the different fruit. Picking order No doubt, those more familiar with current relationships between states will want to significantly modify the proposed prioritisation.
  • Phase I. Execution: At least doubling the number of Ratifying States:-
  • To gain an insight into just what determined small states can achieve, it is worth reading the histories of Ireland, in regard to remaining neutral and advocating disarmament within the war-obsessed EU, Costa Rica, in regard to disarmament and human rights and Liechtenstein, in regard to the criminalisation of aggression. The NZ International Review of July/August 2020 contains inspirational case studies of all three.
  • It could be that in order to first identify and then have the courage to pursue  its mission, the enlightened New Zealand government will have to find a way of directly releasing the grip that self-serving MIC interests currently hold over the nation’s consciousness. This blog, though now dated and much in need of revision, might help inspire sensible debate on how this could be achieved. NZ media solutions
  • Embark on the most difficult task of releasing NZ from the Western alliance. Close the Five Eyes connection, expel known operatives of foreign intelligence agencies and dismiss from positions of authority New Zealand government employees suborned to another government’s cause.
  • Multiply NZ’s diplomatic capabilities. Use this expanded capacity to seek international friends among the other signatories of the TPNW, the Pacific Forum, the G77 and the Non-Aligned Nations Movement.
  • Endeavour to establish substantial allies prepared to share our mission. Looking at parties to the TPNW, Ireland, Austria and the Holy See in Europe; Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand in Asia, South Africa and Nigeria in Africa, Mexico in the Americas, all spring immediately to mind as potentially pro-active allies.
  • Work to fund and establish a Treaty secretariat and organisation hub. This will have to be funded on as modest a scale as possible with initial funds coming out of the scanty budgets of the parties and further funds possibly raised from NGOs. Zoom rather than airline tickets and domestic, rather than international salaries will be in order. As the movement develops and anti-nuclear publics need to be appeased, non-party states may wish to help with the funding as a demonstration of good-will and their intention, that when a sufficiency of security had been provided, they too could become parties to the Treaty: Japan and China spring immediately to mind.
  • Start negotiations with non-ratifying signatories: in this phase work almost exclusively with those 36 nations that have signed the Treaty, but have not yet ratified. Thereafter, approach those that in 2017 were among the 122 signatories of the UN resolution adopting the Treaty but have subsequently neither signed not ratified it.
  • Phase II. Execution: Working to reduce nations’ requirement for a nuclear umbrella.
  • Start negotiations with Russia and China for them to accept non-aggression pacts with   nations seeking to abandon the West’s nuclear umbrella.
  • Put diplomatic effort into getting the EU to rely on a Europeanised French deterrent rather than the USA‘s umbrella.  
  • Working with NGO’s and UN to develop a blueprint for collective security that would be acceptable to all nations except probably the USA, Israel and the UK as the last hold-outs.
  • Phase III: Execution. Irresistible Public censure of nuclear possession.
  • Full PR assault on the hold-out electorates.

Footnote: About a month or so into the new all-Labour government, the first indications are that the three parts of this blog will almost certainly prove but fond imaginings. It would seem that the new, Ardern government has not the least intention of revising its relationship with the USA. When bad- cop Trump has been replaced by good-cop Biden, proclaiming his love for peace and the climate, NZ politicians will remain as putty in the hands of the USA’s Military Industrial Complex. The MIC, happy that a more photogenic face is fronting for it, will continue with the same policies of rooking the US tax-payers and other duffers while working for and maximising the profits to be derived from international insecurity.

Looking at the white supremacist ideology epitomised in the exclusive membership of the Five Eyes club and NZ’s new Foreign Minister’s recent welcoming of the expansion of its powers of mischief- making, it would seem that the meme of the Anglo-Saxon right to dominate still prevails. Jacinda, like any successful politicians, has to accept the political reality. If she wishes to extend her current reign beyond the statutory three years, she will do nothing to upset the solid phalanx of racist, right-wing voters, who voted National in previous elections and still have difficulty in abandoning the idea that Anglo-Saxon civilisation should have primacy. Leadership will have to be found elsewhere – perhaps among the many once colonised nations, rather than their colonisers.

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