Madness of the Dinosaurs: the pending war.

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I can’t help entering into a deep depression whenever I read of Australia’s leadership’s self-sacrificing obeisance to the demands of its new step-father. This morning I read this Reuters report; ScoMo’s thoughts The report on ScoMo’s latest kowtow to Washington. “ …the paradigm through which the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison now views China has shifted dramatically… The relationship is no longer shaped just by trade, but by a stark view emerging widely inside this continent-spanning country – that Beijing poses a threat to Australia’s democracy and national sovereignty. Discussions about China inside Morrison’s cabinet now revolve around the need to preserve sovereignty and fend off Chinese efforts to sway Australian politics…”

One can imagine the brain-stem storming at ScoMo’s cabinet meeting, as they make preparations for what might inadvertently result in the extinction of their (and our) kind!

How do Chinese army units, thousands of miles away on the Chinese mainland, or its Navy, mainly confined to the South China Sea, threaten Australian sovereignty and its ill-functioning democracy? How can China be viewed as a greater threat to Australian sovereignty than the multiple American military bases and spy stations that Australia has clutched to its bosom and welcomed onto its soil? As for ‘Chinese efforts to sway Australian politics,’ LOL! The whole Reuters article is an illustration of just how successful the USA has been in swaying Australian politics.

This is greatly helped by the fact that 65% of the newspapers read by Australians are owned and controlled by Robert Murdoch, an Australian Zionist, resident in the USA. Murdoch also owns Fox News (from which fount it would appear much of Trump’s foreign policy is drawn.) Australian coup   

 “Among capital city and national daily newspapers, which are by far the most influential in setting the news agenda, News Corporation titles accounted for 65% of circulation in 2011. Fairfax Media, the next biggest publisher, controlled just 25%. Those figures may have shifted slightly since then, but there is no doubt that News Corp Australia is our most dominant player – as academic Matthew Ricketson pointed out in The Conversation’s media panel blog, it owns 14 of our 21 metro daily and Sunday newspapers.” Murdoch

(It should be noted that at the time of (and ardently advocating) the invasion of Iraq, Fairfax (25% of Australian and considerably more of NZ readership) was owned by Conrad Black, another ardent North American Zionist, who also owned the UK Daily Telegraph and The Jerusalem Post.)

No, indeed, ScoMo’s, proudly independent and sovereign Australia is under no one’s sway!

As if the Reuters article was not sad enough, the next article I read placed me in even deeper depression. It was by a correspondent whose work I have always admired, MK Bhadrakumar. bio and this is his article Asian NATO

In the meantime, shrill nationalistic voices pave the way by playing up a Himalayan border incident in which blows, but no shots were exchanged. On closer study, it seems to have been the consequence of a deliberate provocation of China with a view to helping justify India’s move towards Washington By Jingo!

This is all part of Washington’s containment of China plan * Containment

It is all bad news for Australia Self-harm It is also bad news for the world and for New Zealand, which is historically, culturally and economically tied to its larger and more boisterous sibling across the Tasman. As I have pointed out in previous blogs, South-China-Sea Australia, with open eyes, is eagerly participating in Washington’s decision to encircle China and if possible, to strangle its economy. Given the speed of Chinese economic progress, immediate action is required if it is to be prevented from overtaking America in just about every field of human endeavour – other than ownership of nuclear warheads and now obsolete warships!

ScoMo repeats the West’s propaganda mantra that China is an aggressive power that poses a serious military threat to neighbouring countries as far away as Australia (2,500 kms!) (This, when China hasn’t the capacity to make an opposed landing on what it sees as its own, Taiwanese territory, just 160 kms from its coast.) A simple review of the facts of aggression shows that peace-loving Australia’s armed forces have killed multiple ‘foreigners’ (‘legally’ and ‘illegally’) while invading Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan alongside their ‘essential’ ally, the USA. However Australia’s kill-list is dwarfed beside that of its ally in many more countries and in many more acts of aggression.

Together, the USA and its allies have forced millions, including many US citizens, into poverty. In contrast, China has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and its armed forces have never invaded or killed anyone in a foreign country. (The exception was in 1979 when Chinese forces briefly crossed the Vietnamese border in response to the latter’s invasion of Cambodia.) Yet the West’s media and leaders continue to spout this rubbish about Chinese aggression on the Goebbels principle that even the biggest lie with the loudest voice will becomes accepted truth, if repeated sufficiently often.

The justification for this increasing drum-beat to war is the preservation of America’s global domination over the rest of humanity. The last time a similar situation arose was prior to WWI when Britain, the then global superpower, feared that Germany was about to overtake it in both technology and trade. Over the preceding decade and a half, it encircled Germany with a series of secret military pacts with France, Belgium and Russia.

When the breakout of war was successfully engineered, Germany was indeed crushed (at a cost of approx. 38 million casualties shared among the combatants.) The greed of the victors in that war led directly to WWII, which killed 70-85 million (3 out of every 100 humans.) On this occasion, the newly invented nuclear weapons accounted for less than 250,000 of the tally.

The American greed for world domination that emerged as a direct consequence of allied victory in 1945, is now well on the way to generating WWIII for the preservation of its own economic and military dominance. History is repeating itself as the USA responds to the same motives that inspired Britain to initiate the series in 1914 and with the same tactic of encircling its opponent with multiple military bases and allies. Now that all parties are possessed of an abundance of nuclear weapons, a fast approaching WWIII would wipe out not millions, but billions and will end human civilisation as we know it.

What can New Zealanders do to survive in this madhouse? The first holding operation is to put all NZ’s diplomatic muscle into prohibiting nuclear weapons. Nuclear prohibition   In the longer term the only possible move NZ can make that might ward off this threat, is for its leaders to pluck up the courage required to leave the aggressive Western alliance. NZ’s opting for neutrality would add strength to Australian voices arguing against their country’s headlong rush to the cliff-edge. Should the dinosaurs experience an epiphany, they might then lead Australia to follow into neutrality and independence.

At that point, the USA might realise that its plan to crush China is no longer feasible. It would have to abandon its exceptionalism and revert to finding a modus vivendi with other nations and acting within the confines of international law. American society is now so militarised and its economy so dependent on the profits of its industrial-military complex,* that such a change of direction will may well tear the American state apart. Given its so favourable geographical position, no other power is ever going to invade the USA. It will thus be up to its citizens to establish a society and governmental system that is easier to live within and, for other nations, easier to live with.

*‘Understanding the War Industry’ by Christian Sorensen, just published by Clarity Press.

* What is the Rand Corporation? Rand

To demonstrate sacrifices India is called on to make for the privilege of applying Trump’s sanctions to Iran and joining the USA’s Quad alliance. An article by Pepe Escobar and a couple of maps that clarify things.

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3 thoughts on “Madness of the Dinosaurs: the pending war.

  1. Laurie Ross says:

    Yes it is the military/industrial multinational corporations that perpetuate warfare for profit and the politicians in the US and in most countries continue to aid and abet this mindset.
    New Zealand made a noble start to liberate itself from this historic pattern of warfare in the 1987 with the Nuclear Free Zone Disarmament and Arms Control Act. This was the result of intense political lobbying by a phenomenal number of peace groups in public education and mobilisation of political will. The NZ Nuclear Free Zone campaign was successful because it transcended party politics and empowered the people to achieve the vision of Nuclear Free NZ for humanity and the world.
    Now it is time for NZ to develop a pro-active International Peacemaking Defence and Foreign policy for the 21st century, that upholds the true ideals of the United Nations for Peace and Disarmament.
    NZ simply needs to speak truth to power and say ‘We will no longer play wargames.’ Imagine if NZ diplomatically rejected the whole warfare ideology, preparation, practice, training, investment and cultural indoctrination for future wars and presented positive alternative forms of cooperation, security and economic activity in a new global ‘Peace Industry’

  2. Cameron Leckie says:

    All politics is local. Neither the United States or Australia can afford a war with China. All the bluster, tit for tat trade and diplomatic actions etc I think (maybe hope) are ultimately aimed at domestic audiences. The typical create an external bogeyman to distract from domestic issues approach. It is an extremely dangerous approach with the potential for an ‘accident’ to trigger something that gets out of hand.

    It is also an approach which is unlikely to succeed in the long run. It seems very clear to me that the United States is undergoing the early stages of a Soviet Union style collapse. The contradictions of the American empire have caught up with it. China and Russia, as they long as the avoid conflict which from my take is that they are doing as much as possible to avoid despite endless provocations, will end up in a much more powerful situation viz a viz the US and Australia within a decade or so.

    In which case Australia will find itself in a very vulnerable, and entirely avoidable situation. Australia’s policy towards China seems to lack any form of sensible strategy and will have unfortunate consequences for our future.

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