Blog No. 170.

This will be the shortest blog ever. It is addressed to those who have come to expect a fresh, Khakispecs blog every Saturday fortnight. I apologise that the routine is about to be disrupted. There will now follow a possibly prolonged period of no (or perhaps occasional and erratic) blogs.

Basically, what has happened is that I have had a return of the leukemia, from which I had been in complete remission for the past six years. I am now going to have to concentrate on my treatment and my recovery, which my specialist assures me, will ultimately, be complete.

In the meantime, no doubt, the international ballet will continue its macabre performance with little radical change. The current, half-baked coup in Venezuela and the craven and docile conduct of the Europeans in its support are a clear enough indication of this.

In New Zealand, I see no possibility for any significant change being generated by the present government, or its opposition. This decline and the steady absorption into the American Empire will continue until there are serious changes made to our sadly, unwritten constitution. All those who opposed the Waihopai installation on the grounds of its inevitable invasion of Kiwis’ privacy and the ‘wrongness’ of us so blatantly spying on our Pacific Rim neighbours, appear to have fallen for a feint.

Those were only minor considerations in the American plan. The long term goal was not to gather intelligence, but to draw the country into subservience to the Empire. It appears NZ has swallowed the bait – hook, line and sinker. Will any leadership ultimately emerge with the courage to drag us free?

When I return, I have no doubt that there will be plenty to write about. For the time being I am hors de combat.

Regards to you all.

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