Emergency: nine one one.


The Pentagon after the attackers had struck the least damaging point available (under renovation, with most staff re-located.)The Army’s audit office and records were the main casualties.

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In emergency: dial 911. As was recently pointed out to me, is it purely a coincidence that the date 9-11 should also be the US emergency services telephone number? If it is not a coincidence and if it was the old man with the beard that chose the date, Bin Laden sure did his prep-work and studied his intended victims’ psycho-settings to good effect!

Setting the Zeitgeist. Each era in international relations seems to have its defining event, its moment of heroism, folly, or greed, which lays down the tracks along which future history will run. Within the past hundred years, you can look at the vengeful Treaty of Versailles of 1919 followed by the Reichstag Fire in 1933  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichstag_fire that had so many similarities to the 9/11 event  and set the world up for the rise of Hitler and WWII and the forty or so million deaths that ensued. The dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945 was the seminal moment that has placed all subsequent generations on notice of their potential obliteration. (All, for no reason other than to prove a point. It wasn’t the bombs, but Stalin’s entry into the war, which forced the Japanese into surrender https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/05/30/the-bomb-didnt-beat-japan-stalin-did/ ) Another such event (this time with a slow-burning fuse) was Mao Tse-tung’s Red Army’s 1948 triumph over Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang forces, the full implications of which are only just starting to become apparent.

The downing of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent Russian overthrow of their Soviet dictatorship in 1991, also had the potential to set the Zeitgeist for a new era. Theoretically, this should have marked the end of the Cold War and the global community’s entering into a prolonged era of peace and growing prosperity. However, in the event, it was not to be the collapse of communism that set the tone of the post-Cold War world, but the 9/11 attack on the US Constitution that was to follow it just a decade or so later. Consequently, despite Russia’s best efforts, we have a return of the Cold War and emphatically, no peace bonus – quite the opposite – this year’s US defence expenditure is estimated to exceed one trillion dollars. https://www.pogo.org/straus/issues/defense-budget/2014/americas-one-trillion-national-security-budget.html This was in 2015 under Obama – Trump is now feeding it steroids.

9/11’s baleful influence. The 2001 terrorist assault on the USA was the trigger of much of what has happened ever since. As a direct consequence of this crime against the American people and the rest of humanity, millions of lives have already been lost and billions more blighted. From the current, post 9/11 state of American foreign policy making, one can anticipate more needless anguish to come. Given the scale of the crime, the most remarkable fact about it has been that the Americans, despite their democratic constitution, have been unable to insist that the crime be subject to a proper criminal investigation.

The most unlikely conspiracy theory ever, goes like this. An, old man, apparently in very poor health, was sitting in a cave in Afghanistan, when he issued his orders to a team composed mainly of Saudi Arabian citizens with only cursory pilot training. Without any assistance from any other national intelligence agency (except for allegedly and most improbably, that of Bin Laden’s arch-enemy, Saddam Hussein) these Saudi super-ninja’s then entered the USA, hijacked four aircraft simultaneously and flew them with unerring accuracy through the world’s most heavily defended airspace, to hit three of the most spectacularly symbolic bull’s-eyes that the USA had on offer.

One of these, the Pentagon, could not help but result in a war of which the consequence would be the old man’s annihilation. The sinking of the USS Maine and Pearl Harbour were previous alleged surprise assaults on the USA’s armed forces, each of which had similar consequences of raising the patriotic Golem of outraged American retaliation – and the subsequent, forceful expansion of its empire.

The real conspiracy. As one might expect of any other reasonably well-informed observer, I have always viewed the 9/11 conspiracy theory put forward by the US government as being most improbable. One of the virtues of the American system, which still holds true, is that people can, and do express views that are at odds with their government and contradict whatever its official version of events might be. Though the US government has done (and is still doing) all in its power to suppress and distort discussion on 9/11, a huge volume of such ‘truther’ literature exists and is constantly being added to.

Long ago, I made up my mind that, given this was an inside job (probably between high placed personnel within the American, Saudi and the Israeli establishments, who all pass the litmus test of ‘who benefits’) there was and is no chance of there ever being a proper criminal investigation into the attack. Therefore, as a general rule, I no longer bother to read the arguments being put forward by those persistent souls, still doggedly searching for the truth in vain hope of justice one day being done. (I mention Israel, though the Toronto Report avoids such a controversial suggestion. Of all the beneficiaries of the removal of Saddam Hussein and the establishment of US control over Israel’s other enemies in the region, it was Israel that had the most to gain. Though the Toronto report avoids all mention, there is no shortage of other ‘Truther’ documentation that points strongly to Israeli participation in the events of 9/11.)

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon sent me an advert for a list of 9/11 books they had on offer with appropriate reviews. As I had a long journey ahead of me, I surprised myself by choosing one to download onto my Kindle. It was published in 2011 and contained a summary of all that had been learnt about the event in the previous ten years. ‘The 9/11 Toronto Report.’ https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B073FLZ6CN/ref=pe_2601930_246412230_em_lm

It is by no means an exhaustive encyclopedia of all the arguments of false-flag activity, but represents a fair summary of the main contentions. The testimony it recorded, which I found most compelling, dealt with the argument that large quantities of explosives had been skillfully placed within the Twin Towers, WT7 and the Pentagon prior to the visible assault.

If this deduction is correct, whoever placed the explosives had to have had prior knowledge of the impending public spectacle of the airborne assault. Given that until that point, outside the Middle East,  the odd back-pack of sugar and fertiliser had been the standard al Qaeda terrorist weapon of choice, the expert placing of state-of-the-art explosives in these high security areas would not have been a task within the capability of Bin Laden’s heroic ninjas. It involved tonnes of explosives. These appear most probably to have been manufactured in the USA and, in the case of nano-thermite, probably in one of the faculties of the US defence establishment and its contractors. Their placement would have involved a colossal number of man-hours. The anthrax attacks that (conveniently?) coincided with, and added to the population’s panic around the 9/11 events, also used toxins manufactured under a US defence department programme. That particular crime appears to have been properly investigated by the FBI and here is a report on their findings – believe it or not! https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/19/AR2010021902369.html )

An equally compelling justification for my conclusion of a false flag operation is the Toronto Report’s recording of the deliberate destruction and/or concealment of evidence and the US government’s persistent refusal to order an exhaustive criminal investigation. I would challenge anyone to read this book, which is publicly and readily available, and come to a different conclusion. Since at least 2011, the information contained in the Toronto Report has been available to all those US government officials involved in dutifully presenting an alternative version of events

Where are the whistle-blowers? Once one reaches the conclusion that it was an inside job, one has to ask “Why have no convincing whistle-blowers appeared to bring out the truth behind the event?” The fact that this hasn’t occurred, is a favoured argument of those who would like us to believe that the official story is the true story and that the ‘truthers’ are completely off-mark.

Their case is strengthened by the number of people, who must have been involved in the plot prior to its enactment. In total, before and after, there must have been several thousand participants and accomplices after the fact.

As in all good intelligence operations, the need to know would have left very few of those involved with an overview of the whole operation, or even an understanding of that part their particular role was to play. Though many more would have only been involved in the cover-up that has followed, these would have been mainly civil servants and other employees whose job and mortgage payments required nothing more of them than that they should shut up and do what they were told.

Many of those involved would have been under military discipline, oaths of allegiance and signatories of secrecy agreements. They would be fully aware that a leak could cost them their freedom, or, in some cases, their lives. Given all the disincentives, no one, who is aware that they were accomplices to a mass-murder, is going to rush into the public domain to fess up!

Estimates have it that there was a total of over 600,000 people, who, at one time or another, worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb during WWII, https://blog.nuclearsecrecy.com/2013/11/01/many-people-worked-manhattan-project/ but no leaks occurred, despite the future adverse consequences of their project that must have been apparent to at least some of those working on it. Out of the 30,000 or 40,000 employees of Snowden’s NSA, at least 1000 or more, over time, would have known about the illegal surveillance programme on which only one of them, Edward Snowden, blew the whistle. Of the multiple war-crimes that were inevitably committed by the US armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan (over an estimated 1.5 million troop years) only Chelsea Manning springs to mind as a whistle-blower – and look at her reward!

Then having decided to blow the whistle, how does one make oneself heard? I have practical, first-hand experience of Harmon Wilfred, who, like Edward Snowden, was a former CIA asset and decided to blow the whistle. This was on a scam involving billions of dollars being laundered outside Congressional oversight to be used in kick-backs to the Clintons (and probably other senior members of Bill Clinton’s government, well placed at the trough) and for funding black-ops overseas.

No newspaper will publish Harmon’s story, or draw attention to his Website. (Not even New Zealand’s independent Otago Daily Times, which recently pulled a comprehensively researched article by a respected investigative journalist just a fortnight before it was scheduled for publication.) In the meantime, having fled to New Zealand in fear of his life, the NZ government, apparently in obedience to requests received from the US government, has torn up its international obligations to respect human rights and has refused to allow him any formal residential status, travel documents or even permission to work. Furthermore it has taken steps to separate him from his wife for the past two years – with the apparent intention that this should remain their situation until death do them part. Manning got his life sentence and so did Wilfred!

With these examples in front of them, it is hardly surprising that there are so many Americans with permanently closed lips.

Where is Putin? The only part of the story that has me questioning my judgement about the insider job is the position of Russia. Russia has a world class intelligence service and is quite capable of knowing, the truth about what happened on 9/11 (or of finding it out if its curiosity to date has been insufficient – how about offering a billion dollar reward and a palace in the Crimea?) That knowledge, with evidence placed incontrovertibly on public record, would not only render a huge constitutional favour to the American people, but would also greatly hamper the ability of future American governments to conduct hostile operations against Russia and other countries. Perhaps the chess players are biding their time.

The gulls! Behind all this is the undeniable tendency of the American (and most other populations) to accept lies from their leaders. As detailed in others of my blogs, the western media is hopelessly in thrall to the CIA’s PSYOPS department and the population hopelessly gullible when it comes to being asked to swallow false and toxic information.

Unquestioningly swallowed are demonstrably un-proven stories of the Russians manipulating the US elections as a justification for the USA’s waging of economic- and possibly, further down the track, hot-war. (Whereas, it is Israel that blatantly manipulates American elections and America that blatantly indulges in organising regime change in other nations.) Climate change, doesn’t represent a problem: Saddam Hussein intended to spread anthrax throughout the West: Bashir al Assad uses nerve gas to punish his electorate: Iran, in marked contrast to others, a country, which has never attacked any other nation, is the main conduit for terrorism and mayhem in the Middle East: the billions of armaments sold to Saudi Arabia to destroy the Yemen are for self-defence: America’s assaults on other nations are intended for nothing more than to spread democracy and support human rights: the American 1%, which forms the ruling class, have nothing but the American people’s best interests at heart: Bush Jr’s 9/11 Commission tells the story as it was and all other versions are simply ludicrous ‘conspiracy theories.’ The gullibility is infinite and a democracy based on it has to be in serious jeopardy.

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