Dragged Screaming over the cliff.

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Readers should take a few minutes and study this 2021 Lowy Institute poll in detail. Lowy survey At the start of 2017, Australia and China were close partners. Polls would show that both parties anticipated a golden future for their economic partnership. As the current poll reveals, this relationship has now soured dramatically. There is no obvious reason for it having done so other than deliberate manipulation by government agencies.

I would have found this extraordinary were it not for my having picked up on an early indicator of what was going on behind the scenes. Tony Kevin (15 minute read.)

About two years ago, I was approached by Tony Kevin, a former Australian ambassador, and asked to write a review on his recent book, ‘Return to Moscow.” One of my few academic achievements had been to win the prize for ‘Russian studies’ while a cadet at the RMA Sandhurst. Ever since, I have paid close attention to events within that long-suffering country. With its defeat of Nazi Germany, at a cost of thirty million casualties, Russia has given so much to a West that has scarcely acknowledged the sacrifice from which it has so greatly benefited

In coming to terms with the contents of the Lowy surveys, I regard the blog on Tony Kevin, though posted more than a year ago, as crucial to understanding the massive exercise in public opinion manipulation being conducted by the US and British establishments in their attempt to lure the Anglo-Saxon core of their ambition into an unnecessary and potentially ruinous confrontation.  The Lowy surveys make far more sense when read together with the story of Tony Kevin – and most particularly viewing the eight minute video hyperlink (included.)  Integrity It was published after a hack by ‘Anonymous’ forced Colonel Christopher Donnelly to reveal more than he would have wished for into the calculated war-mongering of the British establishment.

(Once the eye is opened to it, it doesn’t take long to spot the likely academic pressure points of Donnelley’s clusters (try Marie-Anne Brady for instance.) It was indeed serendipitous for the likes of Donnelly, that the start of his campaign should have been launched, just as the West’s main stream media was going through an acute financial crisis. So many journalists become vulnerable to the temptations placed by the Western intelligence agencies in front of their threatened careers. It is all too easy to dress self-interest and career anxiety in noble-sounding garments such as’ freedom’ and ‘democracy.’

This is especially true when the news you want hear is presented to you by apparently respectable opinion-leaders. There seems little reason to take time or responsibility to research matters for yourself when all around you speak with the same voice – and public dissent could both win you public ridicule and endanger your career.

Any casual Google search reveals no end of detail on the deliberate manipulation of western opinion to promote hostility towards Russia and China. Though the media are ruthlessly and willingly exploited in this endeavour, behind it all, are the West’s ever expanding secret intelligence agencies. These, ever since WWII, have all been slaved to Washington’s wishes. Many a much-valued career is involved in keeping this irrational hostility at boiling point.

Provided the choir sings in unison, (and it is under strict financial control) any lie, repeated loud and often enough will become accepted truth. The western public is now so gullible; the lies don’t even have to be faintly plausible. Skripals snoozing

I would argue to all the journalists, who have filled their pages with ’the truth.’ that if they could persuade their readers to believe this, they could persuade their readers to believe the moon is made of cheese.  Novichok, without the antidote, kills in less than ten minutes. How come the inventors of the nerve agent, couldn’t summon a lethal dose – not once, but twice? (They failed again when Navalny survived their alleged ministrations.) How come the chief nursing officer of the British Army, happened to be on the scene immediately after the assassins struck. (A very public, park bench, just down the road from Porton Down, the UK military’s testing site for such poisons.) All these incidents, from 9/11 to Douma, speak of supreme confidence in a propaganda story pre-digested by the flock.  By coincidence, both incidents targeting Russia, happened to occur at the peak of Washington’s propaganda campaigns to persuade the Europeans to abandon the finishing of the North Stream 2  pipeline – and, hopefully, to replace Russian gas with US-sourced LPG.

It could be argued that after 9/11, the rogue intelligence agencies could get away with anything.  (An alternative view of the 9/I1 massacre would see an old man on dialysis in a cave in the Himalayas and fifteen assorted, former Saudi shepherd boys, single-handedly, bring down the world’s most sophisticated air defence system. To see it in proportion, the Mossad would deploy a full team of around sixty well-trained operatives to assassinate a single Palestinian fund-raiser in an Arab country on Israel’s doorstep.)

The west is being led up the garden path by the intelligence agencies it has spawned.  

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  1. EA Blanchette says:

    I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago and have now read several of your posts. Very impressed. Comment: There does not apppear to be a way to contact you directly — your “contact form” doesn’t appear to work.

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