Blog 200: Part IV: Duped!

There is now open, but not yet kinetic, confrontation. In the red corner we have the Eurasian alliance of China and Russia. In the blue, we have the Western alliance of NATO, the other Five Eyes countries (including NZ) and sundry subordinated states. With the MIC having invested so heavily in the US election, there is little chance that a change of president will be allowed to change the highly profitable policy of confrontation.

Though New Zealanders live in a relatively remote corner of the world, they cannot ignore the danger of a cold war confrontation that could mutate into a nuclear war. Below are four suggestions as to the reasons for the current ignorance and apathy of the NZ public in regard to the current danger.

  1. The natural human tendency to bury, or postpone unpleasant thoughts (such as self and loved ones being incinerated!) We would prefer not to know until present events overtake us and it is too late, or they come up so close behind us that we are alarmed into just-in-time activity.
  2. The enormous financial and political power of the interests vested in ensuring the majority of bamboozled citizens remain silent & uncomplaining. The MIC and other beneficiaries of the inequality in US society, including Wall Street, corrupted politicians and party machines, wish to continue their excessively profitable ride on the war- making gravy-train. The last thing required is public curiosity, or the protests from tax-payers that would ensue were they to realise the extent to which they were being scammed. The chooks are best kept well fed, innocently entertained and should not be scared lest they be put off lay!’
  3. The above interests exert effective control over the mainstream media and thus, of the public’s perception of reality.
  4.  Failings in our education system and constitution.

Item 1 above speaks for itself. Item 2, has been dealt with in earlier parts of this blog. Item 3, calls for, an audience lulled into a complacent passivity.  Meanwhile, the actors on stage create events, decide how they should be interpreted and then, with consummate artistry, lodge that make-believe in the public mind.

The American system, enthralled by the actors set out in 2.above, is well placed to ensure its illusory view of reality infects others of the western alliance to which NZ is currently committed.

Not many of the happenings around the world, real and sometimes ‘created,’ are beyond the influence of the MIC. If an event or development is seen as a potential contributor to the militarisation of society and the drive for profitable conflict, it will immediately become subject to suitable interpretation by the western MICs’ PR machinery.  

Many such events are the deliberate product of cooperation between the MIC and the western intelligence agencies that are integral to it.  Conflict and regime change in the Ukraine, Latin America and the Middle East, and the build-up of tensions and armaments in Asia that is of immediate concern, all bear the hallmark of western MIC and intelligence agency involvement; so too does the distortion with which these happenings are interpreted by western publics.

Where justification for conflict is lacking, false flags are flown. Previously the most profitable false flag was the Gulf of Tonkin incident Tonkin   that inaugurated a vastly profitable expenditure of munitions over North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Subsequently, this earlier benchmark of profitability has been exceeded by the ‘War on Terror,’ inaugurated by the destruction of the Twin Towers. Given the multiple and apparently intentional failings of the investigation that followed the event, there is a high possibility that 9/11 was a false flag conducted by a foreign intelligence agency with the connivance of elements within the US government. Independent, international watchdog agencies such as the OPCW are subverted to give false accounts of events ranging from Saddam Hussein’s non-existent WMD to gas attacks in Syria and false readings of Novichok in blood samples taken from the Skripals and Navalny. OPCW fraud

Western governments openly operate dedicated propaganda and PSYOP agencies that lead and fund operations such as the UK’s White Helmets, tasked with the production of distorted and often totally false news to justify the West’s continued military and subversive attempts at regime change in Syria. The double-speak naming of the UK FCO’s ‘Integrity Institute’ epitomises the cynicism with which the leadership of the western world manipulates the sheeple under its control. Outed by Anonymous, the director was forced into damage control. Integrity  The question the sheeple need to ask is whether the media sheep-dogs are taking them to the shearing-shed – or is the drive going to end up at the freezing works?

The success of all the above depends on the MIC’s ability to manipulate the mainstream (MSM) and social media. This has been achieved by capitalism’s successful consolidation of the MSM into basically just two Press Agencies feeding international news into a total of ten or eleven major news and entertainment conglomerations. Social media in the western world is almost entirely under the control of a handful of US companies, which were first off the block and which cooperate fully with the MIC. ‘Enemy’ outlets are prevented from operating in the west and the whole is subject to surreptitious censorship, while also serving as a collecting point for data on the population. With so little diversity, it is relatively easy to contaminate all media with news items and opinion pieces that further MIC ambitions.

Journalistic outlets that work against the interests of the MIC are relentlessly persecuted. The Guardian newspaper was punished for its revelations regarding Edward Snowden by having MI6 raid its offices and supervise the smashing of its hard-drives. Shortly thereafter, it was forced into receivership and sold to new owners more acceptable to the British establishment. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, accused of ‘espionage’ for revealing US war crimes in Iraq, is currently in front of a British government court and likely to die in prison. A clear indication of MIC control is the support of Assange and for journalistic freedom of speech that is conspicuous by its absence from the western media. Cowardice For those who are determined to seek the truth, a search of the blogosphere and small independent media outlets such as Scoop can reveal much – but how much longer will that route to the truth remain open in face of the MIC’s onslaught?

The Assange case serves as a reminder that it is as much sins of omission as of commission that mislead public opinion. That the western media is ‘free’ is a carefully maintained illusion. As Noam Chomsky states:-

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum—even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”

When he talks of ‘the spectrum of acceptable opinion, he is referring to the Overton window. Window

Journalists and writers who attempt to move out of the window face career disaster and being de-platformed. This blog perfectly illustrates the point. Kevin   

Another former ambassador turned rogue is Craig Murray. His reporting on the Assange case has been the exception that demonstrates the MIC’s determination that MSM journalists not venture into that show-case demonstration of American war crimes and the manipulation of the British justice system. Here he records his de-platforming by the MIC’s social media giants.  Murray

As the above Tony Kevin hyperlink would indicate, it is not just journalists who get de-platformed – authors too! Amazon Here Jeff Bezos signals he stands with America and its deep state leadership. The population has to remain within the cocoon of illusion that protects it from thoughts at odds with the MIC’s narrative.

What journalists write and what they self-censor is subject to awareness of what is good for their careers and what their employer wishes to read. Mr Murdoch’s control of 50% of the Australian media leads to articles resisting climate change, championing Israel and denigrating China.  Initially the control exercised over journalists was a crude system of reward and punishment (Google ‘Operation Mockingbird’.) Subsequently it has become more subtle, with free international travel offered as ‘educational incentives’ (of course not ‘bribes’) and conforming articles rewarded with further career-helpful access to privileged information.

The media keeps on reporting the figure of between 1 and 3 million Uighurs imprisoned in China’s western province of Xinjian. Two minutes of Google research reveal “The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,833 state prisons, 110 federal prisons, 1,772 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,134 local jails, 218 immigration detention facilities, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, civil commitment centres, state psychiatric … “

ASPI, the Australian MIC think-tank already referred to, claims to have discovered through satellite imagery 380 detention facilities in Xinjiang. The reader’s conclusion has to be either that, in contrast to US facilities, the Chinese confinement centres are horribly overcrowded. Alternatively, as the Chinese authorities claim, sections of the population identified as ‘at risk’ of terrorist indoctrination, are detained for short ‘re-education’ programmes of approx. 1 month duration. Assume the re-education programme didn’t start until 2017 (long after the first Saudi sponsored, Uighur Islamist terrorist attack in the 1990s) 1 million detainees in 380 centres would imply less than 30,000 detained at any one time (in facilities averaging less than 100 inmates.)

 To present this fact as 1 million Uighurs being imprisoned at any given time, a figure repeated multiple times in western media, is totally and deliberately misleading. Here is an example of just how damaging to MIC ambitions the Blogosphere can be – and what good use can be made of the social media by the MIC. Faking it For the MIC, the great advantage of social media is its ability to ease the acceptance and rapid spread of false information. Information seen as coming from a friend or personal acquaintance is that much more likely to be viewed as credible – and repeated.

 Failings in our education system and constitution.  In New Zealand, as should be the case in any putative democracy, political leaders are drawn from the ranks of every-day citizens. Except in exceptional cases, their awareness of the world about them is as restricted as that of the milieu from which they are drawn.

That awareness is largely derived from the history and current affairs (and if exceptionally fortunate, ‘peace’) education offered in the curricula of NZ’s schools and from whatever knowledge is to be gleaned from the Main Stream Media’s entertainment oriented offerings. The net result is a legislative body that is severely lacking in knowledge about the international situation and/or expertise in its handling.

Of course, the cabinet has access to ‘privileged’ information. However, that is largely derived through NZ’s membership of the Five Eyes. Any reliance on the information served up through this connection and by the US and NZ nationals enjoying the ride in that particular carriage of the MIC gravy-train is a dangerous act of unjustified trust. The truth is that NZ pays a large sum in tax-payer money and international reputation for its membership of the Five Eyes and would be naïve if it considered the information (and instructions derived from its associates) accurate and/or designed with NZ’s best national interest in mind.

The education system, the distorting power of the MSM and a constitution that allows too little room for expertise in the conduct of foreign relations are in urgent need of a review. Below is the hyperlink to an Asia Times article that demonstrates the extent to which NZ’s allowing itself to be bound to an alliance with the USA is a serious mistake. A system that can make such a mistake is in need of urgent reform. A good place to start would be a review of the mechanism by which Lange’s cabinet could commit NZ to the Five Eyes with zero public, caucus, or even cabinet consultation.

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2 thoughts on “Blog 200: Part IV: Duped!

  1. Laurie Ross says:

    This is another stunning act of ‘free thinking’ analysis and masterful writing about International Affairs and how the mainstream media narrative easily manipulates public thinking. It takes an enormous amount of time, energy, knowledge and intellectual acumen to expose the limitations of MSM. Thankyou Hugh for doing this. I think MSM does a good job within the political parameters it has to abide by, but some vital views are minimised and not given the platform they deserve. This is most obvious in maintaining the status quo of the Military Industrial Complex as a fait accompli, as if there is no choice and perpetuating the illusion that people support government spending billions of dollars being on warfare.

    However, I wonder if you are too lenient in your judgement of China’s violation of human rights and lay all the blame on the US and Western countries for the abuse of power etc.
    Even though castigation of the US is valid, we need to be more diplomatic and balanced in how we present the issues to the NZ public and politicians. Otherwise we are dismissed as extreme Left Wing Radicals with a biased rigid mindset.
    This human tendancy to mass deception, polarisation, aggression, lies, distrust or plain hostility is a problem in all countries, cultures and historical times. We are wise to reflect on the ‘human condition’ and realise that what is required is a transformation or evolution of consciousness. This is only possible by people who are already operating at higher levels of intelligence, knowledge, genuine goodness, creative imagination and power who are dedicated to helping humanity re-affirm higher universal values.
    It is difficult to overcome ignorance and apathy in the general public because most people are not interested in alot of serious reading, thinking and hard intellectual work involved. Those who do have an interest are easily misled by popular charismatic figures, questionable information and wrong reaction to the status quo they oppose.
    However, it is desirable to try to collaborate with a group of authentic individuals who can compliment each other in a renewed collective endeavour to guide political policies in Defence, Foreign Affairs, Education, Economics, Environment, etc
    I still have hope that New Zealand could be braver, speak more truth to power in the international arena, to save the world. This involves learning how to think ‘outside the box’ in new ways that challenges the current belief system but also requires non-partisan, skilful diplomacy and patience to be effective.

  2. hugh steadman says:

    In regards to balance with reporting on Chinese matters: China has no history of aggression or meddling in other countries’ domestic affairs – the USA,UK and other colonial white powers have a well-recorded (and inadequately acknowledged) history of such interference.
    One of the ways in which the USA tries to interfere and has openly announced the current presidency’s desire to effect regime change, is through claiming to be the city on the hill when it comes to human rights abuse (LOL) while China is the city in the deepest valley. The US has developed a sophisticated mechanism for spreading deliberate falsehoods with the intent of overthrowing a Chinese government that has the willing and even enthusiastic consent of the vast majority of the Chinese people – (in marked contrast to the extent of popular approval the fractional US government enjoys!)
    Chinese human rights abuse is nowhere like as severe as western propaganda makes out. Because this false view of reality is so widely accepted by westerners, is the result of such evil intent by western power elites and is likely to have such an adverse affect on global developments, I feel bound to bring that discrepancy to the notice of people reading my blogs.

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