Baiting the Bear

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Bear Baiting,
Thomas Mclean, Henry Thomas Alken (English artist, 1785-1851) 1820

As hinted at in my last week’s blog, I am coming to the end of this initial cycle of blogs. I set out nearly two years ago, to satisfy my curiosity about what it is that makes the world tick the way it does. Ninety+ blogs later, I am finding that the events and trends, which I select for analysis, offer little new insight, but merely reinforce trends already discerned. I now need to take time out to sort the impressions gathered and to reflect on the world as it is.

At the same time, because of my personal involvement in the affairs of the Wilfred’s I am finding myself under increasing time pressure. I will nevertheless, continue with my blog, albeit in a manner less demanding on both your and my time. For a while, my blogs will consist of other people’s writings with a few personal comments added. I do not anticipate that any of these future postings will call for any drastic revisions of the reality my previous blogs have covered – patterns already apparent will simply become more pronounced.

When I was about ten years old, in the early 1950s, my father was posted to the British Army on the Rhine. (BAOR.) He commanded a transport battalion consisting of both German Service (GSO) and Mixed Service Organisation (MSO) personnel. I was just of an age when my juvenile mind was starting to comprehend that Europe had leapt out of the fire of WWII and into the frying pan of the Cold War. This was a time when my parents would have had a good understanding of the threat posed to European civilisation by the stand-off between the two external nuclear armed blocs.

My father returned from work one evening and bemusedly recounted to my mother a remark made to him by one of his Latvian MSOs. “We Latvians greatly regret the need for a third world war, but it is an inevitability in order to liberate our country.” At that time the Latvian population would have been less than two million.

I don’t know why that conversation should have lodged itself in my young mind, but it came back, when I read the following article by Richard Sakwa. In one or other of my previous blogs on the USA and NATO’s deliberate provocations against the Russian Federation, I may well have quoted from Sakwa’s excellent book on the Ukrainian crisis. I would doubt the credibility of any of the current commentators on the current crisis in Russian/NATO relations, who had not taken the trouble of reading this book.

Richard Sakwa

Here is Sakwa’s most recent article on the crisis.

The possibility of the next President of the USA being Hillary Clinton is reason enough for alarm. The fact that she has already announced her intention of using both Condoleeza Rice and Madeleine Albright as her close advisors in international relations, is good reason for terror. The real and present danger of a Clinton presidency should galvanise thinking people to vote for Trump as being by far the lesser of the two evils – at least as far as those living outside the USA are concerned.


This is the sort of stuff that Sakwa is writing about. These reports are regularly appearing in the blogosphere – but far less so in the mainstream media, where it is so much business as usual that it hardly warrants mention.

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    • khakis5_wp says:

      Yes – you are spot on. Alastair Crooke is a very well informed commentator. I have in fact just finished writing my blog for posting on Saturday. In it I refer readers to this very same article. In accordance with the dictates of Clausewitz, the American military is maintaining the original aim it had when it set about planning the overthrow of the Assad regime all those years ago (2006 – or whatever earlier PNAC advocacy date you care to choose!)

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