Atrocity Propaganda : Fear, Hate & Anger – a diet to die for!

Blog No 206.

Blog 204, Parts I & II described the background to the ideological war between Eastern communalism and western ‘democracy. ’ Ideology I & Ideology II   China under the CCP, seems confident in its direction and in the demonstrable success of its endeavour to make China a better place for its citizens. It appears to welcome the fact that through trade, other nations are also enriched by its progress.

From the CCP’s viewpoint, if the success of a single-party, socialist/capitalist hybrid impresses other nations to the extent that they wish to follow China’s example, so much the better. However, China maintains a strict policy of non-interference in other nations’ affairs and does not attempt to force its system on anyone living outside its borders.

The Chinese system is built around the principle of the wellbeing of the community being of greater concern to their government than the well-being of any one of its individual members. The western nations, in the Christian tradition, have a quite contrary view of the relationship of the individual to society as a whole. Leading western nations seek to minimize the involvement of the state in the lives of their citizens, while allowing them the maximum freedom to act as they would within, what are for the wealthy, ever less-restrictive guidelines. At the extremes, such as are to be found in the USA, untrammeled capitalists can enjoy huge personal freedom at the expense of fellow citizens and other nations.

Under the western model, interest groups tend to coalesce into several competing parties. Progress is seen to result from adversarial struggle rather than consensus. In such societies the wealthy tend to gain political control, which they exercise to their own selfish advantage. A chasm can develop between the life opportunities at the two ends of the wealth scale. This chasm weakens a society’s resilience in the face of adversity, such as climate change is soon to inflict on everyone. Compare the USA and UK’s failure in dealing with the Covid crisis with the success of China and Vietnam!

In addition, the western Christian tradition is one of proselyting. Just as they seek dominion over nature as promised to them in their holy books, leading ‘Christian’ nations seek actively to persuade other nations to follow their system of government. Once again, the wealthy nations that came first to industrialisation were hugely advantaged. These wealthy capitalist societies were well placed to exploit the poorer late-comers to industrialisation. Of the thirty-seven members of the OECD, South Korea stands out as the only nation which is neither predominantly white, nor has a history of imperial conquest. Only South Korea, Japan, Israel and Turkey are not predominantly Christian.

The early to industrialise and mainly western, capitalist nations, as they struggled to determine which of their empires should have dominion over the rest of the world, were never challenged in their supremacy – except from within their own ranks. Ultimately, the USA, emerging victorious and enriched, rather than scarred, from the conflicts with Japan and Germany, was left to lead the others in defeating the sole serious ideological contender to capitalism. The communist USSR that had been so exhausted in its successful struggle with the thousand-year Reich, finally succumbed. For a couple of decades the USA was left to dictate as it saw fit as sole superpower in a unipolar world.

In their hubris, the USA and its western allies failed to notice that China, which though communist, was an economic basket-case and offered no threat to anyone, had quietly learned a lesson from Russia’s demise. Initially, as China set about converting its communist system into a socialist/capitalist hybrid, western capitalism saw nothing in the change other than a golden opportunity to move in and profitably exploit the vast pool of impoverished labour that had then come onto the open market.

It has only been in the last decade that Western political elites have awoken to the fact that the single-party socialist hybrid, arisen from the ashes of Marxist theory, was about to become a highly effective, technological and economic competitor. Though showing no inclination for territorial expansion or for military competition with the American empire in the west, the CCP’s obvious success represented an ideological challenge to the exploitative western capitalist system.  

Dependent on military force and promises of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ to create the conditions among lesser developed countries in which its profit extraction could flourish , the west behaved with cynical pragmatism when required to  support unfree and undemocratic regimes in pursuit of the extraction of profits and the containment of ideological challengers.

Though Russia, as potential prey, was no longer an ideological challenger, western vindictiveness forced it into alliance with China. Western capitalism feeding off the carcass of Yeltsin’s defeated USSR, never forgave Putin for bringing the party to a premature close. Both China and Russia are therefore, regarded as a single enemy to be defeated and if possible, for ease of digestion, dismembered.

As in the previous wars for empire: so in the current confrontation. The first requirement of the ruling elites was to ensure the obedience and consent of their own citizenry, who were required to sacrifice lives and livelihoods to the struggle. Out of the pyrotechnic rehearsals of the two World Wars, has developed a most sophisticated propaganda machine. In these wars, in which the continued existence of the rulers was threatened, the propaganda grew increasingly shrill and ever further removed from objective truth. 

The current carefully coordinated and rising storm of western anti-Chinese and anti-Russian sentiment being placed before and duly ingested by western populations is an indication of the extent to which, as in the wars against Germany and Japan, the West’s ruling elites now feel themselves to be under existential threat. They require that their populations are of the same opinion.

Hence we are starting to see a spate of atrocity propaganda comparable to that of the Bosche’s bayoneting of Belgian babies. Much is made of clearly faked reports of Russia’s use of nerve-agents to poison opposition leaders. (Why could the Russian state not produce a lethal nerve agent on its second attempt?) Repeatedly, western audiences hear of the brutal suppression of the Hong-Kong separatist protesters inspired by the USA’s National Endowment for Democracy. (No mention that no one was killed in the process of ending the violent insurrection.) Genocide in the Chinese province of Xinjiang and the systematic rape of Uighur women is another favorite theme  that according to  Biden’s first conference call with China’s president , we will soon be hearing even more of. 

Though the West is only too familiar with Islamist terrorism (which is primarily a product of western nations’ aggressive actions beyond their borders,) there is no sympathy with the Chinese government’s humane and well thought out campaign to eliminate the danger from within its own borders.  No such obvious comparisons are drawn between for instance, China’s reactions to its Islamist insurrection in Xinjian with the British reaction to a Catholic uprising in Northern Ireland. No comparison is drawn between the Maze and the H-Blocks with Chinese reeducation centers. The same with the role played by Gadhafi in encouraging the Provos compared with that now being played by the USA in encouraging the Uighur and Hong-Kong insurrections.

When called on by their governments, the  war-mongering propaganda system is now so well established that the western media seem happy to promote whatever view of the ’enemy’ their government agencies desire. The sound of breaking glass, as dwellers in glass houses throw stones, is deafening.

In drawing comparisons between the two systems the stone-throwers’ misdemeanors should also be considered. The Afghani wedding parties struck by US drones: the 500,000 Iraqi children dead as a result of US-inspired sanctions, the multiple deaths caused by US ally, India, in its violent repression of Kashmir, its Israeli ally in the Middle East, or its Saudi ally in Yemen should also be tallied. The list can go on endlessly – and nowhere has the evil empire of China dropped a single bomb on anyone!

The central tenet of the west’s prevailing doctrine of neo-liberalism is that the State’s involvement in citizens’ lives should be minimised and as many state functions as possible should be privatised. In the USA, as the nation furthest advanced down this path, the lobby for profit-making out of the privatised ‘security’ industries, with its vested interest in war and preparations for war, has become so powerful that it has now taken over the state’s legislature and executive. Until global public opinion can persuade the USA to bring its now rampant militarisation under control, there is no prospect of global confrontation being replaced by cooperation in international relationships.

This is a time, as none before, when the whole of humanity faces existential peril. It is a time when the nations of the world need to support each other and collaborate in meeting the threats of nuclear war, climate change and pandemics. Madly, at this time of peril for all life on Earth, the US and its western allies are preparing for nuclear war, striving to disrupt and dominate other nations and do all in their power to inspire hate and minimise cooperation between the western bloc and those nations that refuse to kowtow.

Reading List: this blog will offend everything that many western readers have been taught to ‘know.’ Before passing judgement on such an important matter, readers should take an hour or two and follow the hyperlinks below – the last of which ‘Terminus,’ is certainly the most important:

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