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I have just read:- ‘The Killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States of America.” Book by Paul L. Williams and Rodney Howard-Browne.

The fruits of freedom-loving capitalism, red in tooth and claw, unconstrained by socialist sentiment!

There is nothing in this book that would not be found in an extremely diligent, careful and pains-taking search of the internet. However, that is the long way round: it is far easier to download the book.

With their more than 1000 footnotes (and a well-informed reader’s own confirmation through cross-checking with lesser known facts that are known to be accurate) the reader can be assured that the authors have done their due diligence.  

Their thesis is that the USA and the Western world are controlled by a financial cartel – often referred to as ‘the Deep State.’ This cartel, with its globalist ambitions, has dragged the USA into two world wars and multiple other conflicts in the search for world domination and control over global resources. To achieve its aim the cartel has bamboozled the American public and diverted it from its own best interests. While the beneficiaries have become ever richer, the average American has become increasingly impoverished.

Though far better articulated and thought out, the gist of the book’s argument is remarkably similar to that echoed by Donald Trump in his bid to become President. The Cartel exercises its power through its ownership of the Federal Reserve and its hold over such institutions as the Presidency, the media, the CIA, the Committee on Foreign Relations, the State Department, the Pentagon and the minds and pockets of Neocon politicians. To make America great again, the cartel’s powers and global ambitions need to be curtailed. Americans needs to abandon both multi-lateralism and multi-racialism, bring the troops home and revert to their old values of apple pie, plentiful manufacturing jobs (secured by tariffs and restricted immigration) Christian morality and their traditional religiosity (which so far, hasn’t unduly inhibited their governments from ending or ruining the lives of millions beyond America’s borders.)

The current struggles, first to discredit and now, to impeach President Trump, together with the USA’s constant yo-yoing between an aggressive military position and withdrawal, indicates just how well entrenched the cartel is to defend itself against any assault on its ambition.

The initial chapters of the book are the ones that will be least familiar to the modern student of international relations. They deal with the metamorphosis of good old fashioned British Imperialism into a vision held by an extremely wealthy Cecil Rhodes, imperialist extraordinaire, freemason and occultist. Rhodes advanced his vision of a globe ruled by an Anglo-Saxon elite forged from the extremely wealthy on both sides of the Atlantic. The vision included the ultimate return of the American colonies to the British monarchy! Rhodes’ gilded elites would govern the whole world for the benefit of its less fortunate inhabitants and to the extreme benefit of those who had had the initiative to make their fortunes and seize the power.  

Rhodes died relatively young in 1902, but by then his vision had been taken up by the vastly wealthy tycoons leading the growth of the burgeoning US economy. Banking and industrial empires, such as the Rothschilds and those of Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and Vanderbilt, joined forces. Cementing their alliance through shared ambitions, criminal conspiracies, joint stock-holdings and intermarriage, they used their huge fortunes and powers of patronage to dominate American political life.  In keeping with Rhodes’ original vision, their aim was to gain dominance over the whole world and its resources – with no holds to be barred in the endeavour.

The cartel was instrumental in the foundation of both the League of Nations and the United Nations. It saw these globalist organisations as necessary steps on the road to the world government that they, through their immense wealth and grip over national economies, would ultimately control. It was the cartel which profited from the growth of the armaments industry, and to that end worked to prolong the First World War and engineer the entry of the USA into both WWI and WWII. The UN was constituted to ensure that, despite its ostensible main function being the prevention of armed conflicts, it would be powerless to prevent the cartel’s subsequent war-mongering activities.

Since the end of WWII, the cartel has worked to ensure the continuance of endless conflict. Such conflict serves the dual function of allowing money to flow into the cartel’s vaults and at the same time, break down national groupings with a view to making them that much easier to propel into the arms of a global government: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan (for Big Oil’s Pipelines and the CIA’s opium trade) the Balkans, Iraq, Libya, Syria: the list is interminable.

The book is notable as a dire warning that huge, private, fortunes, if permitted to develop in the first place, need to have their powers to influence political decision-making kept to an absolute minimum. It is also remarkable for its unabashed advocacy of national selfishness. There is no mention of climate change, nor of the human suffering that will continue long after America has retired to splendid isolation behind its own borders and has ceased deliberately contributing to the sum of human misery beyond them.

Wars and their consequences, climate change and the sustainability of the planetary ecosystem will continue to be threatened with or without the USA’s active participation in their prevention. The challenge of our time (and one that we will be leaving to our children) is how to develop a globalised system of governance that, while avoiding the disasters that have befallen the American system, works for all humanity and not just for American citizens.

Needless to say, the authors’ one-eyed solution would not work for American citizens either. Like it or not, those living it up in the American citadel will still remain vulnerable to the disasters which beset other nations. A nuclear winter resulting from a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India will starve millions irrespective of the passports they hold: California will continue to burn and Florida be inundated as a consequence of actions far beyond American control.

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