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The Khakispecs blog is in the process of making a significant change of direction – from observation & commentary to a more active role. Over the first four years and 170 blogs the site accumulated over a thousand subscribers. A significant proportion of these subscriptions were probably spammers. Others of the current subscribers may well not be interested in following the new direction.

Rather than subject the latter group to posts of little interest to them, and, at the same time, to clean out the spammers from the data base, the list of subscribers will be refreshed.

To that end, at the end of August, the current subscriber data-base will be wiped. Those wishing to remain should re-subscribe. Please take the opportunity of this blog and all subsequent blogs to do so. You will find that this time around the subscription system has been modified to include a double opt-in with a view to excluding the spammers.

Thank you.

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