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James Comey swears

Blog No. 128.

My attempt to keep to a fortnightly blog schedule has come under severe strain this past two weeks. I have been caught between an olive harvest, the PR demands of my wife’s newly established addiction clinic and fresh and apparently separate initiatives by the government and Fairfax Media to attack my business partners, Harmon and Carolyn Wilfred. No doubt there will be more on that last story in a future blog.

In the meantime, rather than leave my readers with nothing to chew on, I recommend they should read the four articles by other writers hyperlinked below. The first and second deal with the insider struggle to unseat President Trump. The third provides a quick resume of the steady collapse of the American imperium in Eurasia. The fourth deals with the rapidly developing crisis over Qatar following Trump’s recent and already notorious Middle Eastern jaunt.



The battle in Washington between the two factions into which the ascent to power of Donald Trump has prompted the players in the American deep state to divide themselves, is hotting-up. In the paleo–conservative Trump corner, we have those who accept the fact that the world should be multi-polar in a glorified international free-for-all. In the neo-liberal, neo-con corner, occupied by the military, diplomatic and intelligence establishments, are those players, fighting for a uni-polar world – with that pole firmly planted in the USA.

Both parties are in error. The global community does indeed require a single and unified governing institution to manage certain specific aspects of global affairs. At the same time, the last thing a unipolar world would need is for it to be governed from Wall Street and Washington. The American deep state’s neo-liberal ideology offers the privileged few unlimited individual freedoms to exploit the Earth and all that lives on it (including and most particularly, their fellow human beings.) Left unopposed, these ideologues would be on course to destroy civilised life well before the century is out.

A key player in the current Washington faction fight is James Comey, the former and recently sacked head of the FBI. In what promises to be a most spectacular media extravaganza, Comey is currently giving evidence to a Senate hearing about the dysfunctions of Trump. This spectacle is scheduled to be live streamed across all major American TV channels.

James Comey, the honest and honourable cop, is ushered forth to perform a key mission on behalf of the neo-liberal and neo-con faction of the deep state. This blog will tell you more about Comey and his association with the Clinton camp. After Hillary’s continued endeavours to do all in her power to bring down the Trump presidency, one can well understand why Trump could should wish to oust Comey from such a crucial position.. https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/roger-stone-the-incredible-mr-comey/#more-91527

Here is another version of the same story, but written from the opposite corner https://www.alternet.org/6-most-remarkable-quotes-james-comeys-prepared-statement-trump-investigation?akid=15706.19264.ReOqp6&rd=1&src=newsletter1078049&t=3

One Belt: One Road: One trend


Eurasian developments.

Another blog worth a read is from Pepe Escobar of the Asian Times. Ever since Pepe’s writings in part inspired me to start the Khaki Specs site, Pepe has been recording, with no attempt to conceal his glee, the seemingly irreversible rise of the star in the East. As one end of the see-saw rises, the other seemingly will fall – unless both parties abandon their seats and meet in the middle for a round of fisticuffs! https://www.atimes.com/article/eurasian-integration-meets-america-first/

To anyone who has been following my blogs, this article’s contents will hardly come as a surprise. The anticipated consequences of the disillusionment of the USA’s allies (or as some would have it, ‘vassals’) with Trump’s disruption of the established international order, are becoming increasingly obvious.


The Qatar – Saudi showdown.

The third topic of major current interest is the development of Trump’s Middle Eastern policies. As well deny Trump’s role as a mover and shaker in global affairs as that played by  a bull in a china shop! Apparently, he has no concept of the probable consequences of his utterances in regard  to ME affairs. Despite his visit to the Pope at the end of the Middle Eastern trip, Trump, clearly has yet to adopt the cautious tread of an angel. Talk about fools rushing in!

En route to beatification

Qatar must have long anticipated this show-down with the Saudis. The medieval anachronism that is the House of Saud, fears and hates the long-established and, in more recent times, Qatari and Turkey backed, Moslem Brotherhood. the Saudi rulers recognise an existential threat to their throne in the MB’s political MO and savoir faire. (this is in contrast to the violent terrorism represented by Al Qaeda, which though spectacular, is seen as posing far less threat, as they believe it to remain largely under Saudi financial and religious control.)

A couple of years back, there were reports that Erdogan managed to balance Turkey’s GFC (Global Financial Crisis) induced deficit with a no-interest loan of billions from Qatar. Now it looks as though Qatar’s long-sightedness can expect its due reward?

It will also be interesting to see Oman’s position. Oman has recently fallen out of favour with the Trump regime. https://www.agsiw.org/why-the-trump-administration-should-reconsider-oman/ The Trump mob differ from Obama in not appreciating the usefulness of Oman’s neutrality vis a vis Iran. Ever since Talib bin Ali al-Hinai’s Saudi and Aramco backed rebellion in northern Oman in 1957, the Omanis have viewed Saudi bullying with extreme caution. If Qatar is allowed to fall, will Oman be next to enjoy the benefit of Saudi’s warrior princeling’s recent arms purchases from Trump? The Omanis have the best of the Gulf armies and could well come out in support of the al-Thanis.


There is a deal more of interest going on in Syria with the US attacking Bashir al Assad’s and his Shiite allies’ forces as they attempt to combat al Qaeda and ISIS, but I’ll save that developing situation for another blog.

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